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10 December 2017


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Peter AU

Is Trump pro zionist or pro Jewish? If Trump wants to "make America great again", he will have to break the zionist hold on the US.

Charles Michael

I must admit I never was a believer in the so-called various Peace process, and always considered Israel as un-willing to conced any state-hood to the Palestians.
On top of being unwilling to relinquish its 67 conquest, except Sinaï.

So in some way this charade, very confortable for US allies in Europe, US moral citizenry, being over has the merit of clarification. And is not changing reality on the ground.
But the necessity of his charade, and keeping it alive for so long,will need some kind of you design; and that's a tall order, that IMHO only the UN could and should be charged to propose. Going back to a modicum of respect for International Laws would be a real change.

Meanwhile the most unconfortable positions will be for the KSA and Emirates leaders, specifically in their relations with African and Asian muslims.
This in the fresh background of the Syrian war.

Yes, Colonel Lang I think I know what you mean by Honor and lost of self-respect.

Note: there were lot of reference to the Israel wars of 48 and 67. One, the most totally inspired by colonial thinking seems to be erased from memories: the 56 Suez Canal. How's that ?


I don't think it is Trump's intent to give the Israelis all of Jerusalem, I took his statement to imply the opposite. Through lack of knowledge, as well as poor, perhaps deliberately so, advise it has been portrayed as being so. Not for the first time Trump has misunderstood the subtly required for diplomacy, but I do not think Trump's statement is what people think it is.


iowa steve

Disturbing pictures. Thank you for the link.


Yes- giving control of the third most holy city in Islam to the Zionists is a slap in the face for every Muslim on the planet. Neither does it reflect very well on the Saudi Royal Family, being the official custodians of the other two holy cities.

Makes you wonder what the Saudis have been promised in return for acquiescing to the loss of Jerusalem, and whether USA or Israel have any intention of delivering on this promise.



No. Recognition cuts the ground out from under future bargaining over the city's status in return for a pious wish that the two sides can work something out between them. The problem is that the Palestinians have nothing to bargain with. pl



IMO you are an apologist for an extreme Zionist viewpoint. Palestinians will now be gradually pushed out of the city altogether. The US now supports annexation of all of Jerusalem. pl


Dear Col Lang,

The word honor is little used in the modern world and to make sure I understood your meaning and intent I searched and found a website named "The Art Of Manliness" which discusses honor in depth from the ancient world and the North and South concepts of honor in the Civil War era, to the 'sad' lack of honor in our age of narcissism.

Here are a couple of quotes to recommend the site to your readers:

"As we’ve mentioned many times, for honor to exist there must be an honor group that enjoys intimate, face-to-face relationships (only those who truly know you can judge your reputation for honor), and a shared honor code – one that everyone in the group understands and has agreed to uphold."

"The apex of traditional honor is experienced by those platoons that engage in combat firsthand. As Junger puts it, “For some reason there is a profound and mysterious gratification to the reciprocal agreement to protect another person with your life, and combat is virtually the only situation in which that happens regularly.”



Would love to hear your suggestion on how to break this hold? You must know this country' Governance, Industrial, judicial, information and to some extend the military services has been deeply penetrated by Pro Israel neocons, and zionist israeli firsters. IMO will take generation to reverse what took place in last 70 years, unless the greed wakes the angry redneck patriot American up which IMO unfortunately will end up in blood of many innocent or not so innocent Americans. In a way history repeats itself.


Apparently blowback has begun. It appears a Bangladeshi has killed himself trying to set off a suicide vest this morning in the A Train in New York.


My point is more if Trump has been sold a lousy deal what happens when he realises this?



If you do not instinctively know what real honor is as a human personality characteristic I could not possibly explain it to you. pl

ex-PFC Chuck
Is Trump pro zionist or pro Jewish? If Trump wants to "make America great again", he will have to break the zionist hold on the US.
He will also have to break the hold on the USA political system of the FIRE sector (finance, insurance, real estate), which he'll never do because that's where he came from and to which he hopes to return.

London Bob

Apparently the dumbbell thinks that the Israelis will feel some sense of obligation to follow his lead because he gave them something valuable. In fact they will just pocket the gain and ask for more. pl


try this: https://scholar.colorado.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1700&context=honr_theses">https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1700&context=honr_theses">https://scholar.colorado.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1700&context=honr_theses
Apologies for the extraneous link above; I don't know where that came from.

Yes, indeed, the body-building movement functioned all over Europe, and England; it was the Edwrdian "age of men." Teddy Roosevelt reflected the same impetus.

The ubiquity of the muscle-movement, that is, it was not just Germany that Nordau mimicked, is one reason I disagree with your suggestion that "both Germans and Jews wanted to be the master race." The reality is more nuanced and complex, and in desperate need of having decades of propaganda pared away, as you also may conclude if the above link works!

You may also be interested in Etan Bloom's research on Arthur Ruppin, the "creator of Hebrew culture in Palestine." Ruppin was born and educated as a lawyer in Germany, and was a prize-winning eugenicist; he set down the criteria for "human material" necessary for the "new Jew" who would be permitted to make aliyeh to the Palestine colony https://tinyurl.com/yca5vbmc One group of E. European Jews had to be sent back home.
Speaking of eugenicists -- Benzion Netanyahu taught at Cornell University, where a club for the study of eugenics included about a dozen young Jewish men.


Col: They only thing the Palestinians have is time and non-cooperation. That is the their leverage. Israel needs to find a Palestinian to give away Palestine. The US and the Europeans needs such an "accommodationist" figure.

Eric Newhill

Charles Michael,
Oh for the love of god, "On top of being unwilling to relinquish its 67 conquest, except Sinai" - The Arabs refused to accept Israel's right to exist and attacked (see '67 war) in attempt to wipe it out. The Arabs lost the war. In fighting in self-defense, Israel pushed the Arab lines back into and then past what, in Orwellian terms, is called "the occupied territories".

So the Arabs executed a war of aggression with aim of destroying Israel, lost and, in the process, lost territory. Just like an Arab to start a war , lose, and then ask for his land back.

Such people can be negotiated with? Good luck.

I am banning myself from this blog now. In addition to becoming a playground for anti-American leftists, an ugly anti-Semitic trend is also emerging.


Trump did this AFTER MbS called Mahmoud Abbas to the Riyadh woodshed and told him what the deal is that the Palestinians will be offered. HE must take it or MbS et al will find a replacement for him as leader. They are, of course, thinking of Mohamed Dahlan, who has been living in the UAE. Dahlan is also chummy with El Sisi. The Arab autocrats agreed to this idea secure in the belief that they can crush any serious public rebellion over it. For that reason they signed on, agreeing that they will utter a few words of dissent and then move on. Of all of them, though, Jordan is the most vulnerable.

The deal is pretty crummy: NO/NO right of return for anyone, no Jerusalem [though MAYBE Abu Dis], continued but slower settlements, NO contiguous territory, just the bantustans that exist now, with the Israeli military remaining at the borders of each bantustan. That is it for the "little open prisons" as they are called. As for the BIG open prison, Gaza, just silence so far.


You have always sounded like a member of the Pamela Geller/Ann Coulter grafted wing of the "alt right", so your hysterical nature when it comes to Jews is no surprise. No country has a right to exist


According to the NYT, he apparently lived through it.


In my recent experiences, more than ever before, when one talks to better informed non jewish everyday, and every walk of life Americans, one hears and comes with the feeling that they blame the recent decades of American policy shortcomings, on US’ policy of protecting Israel ( before was blamed on communism). They think their country’ might has been stolen or captured to serve a minority’ interest and not the nation as whole. This self thought blame game, naturally in their mind looks for the responsible person/party for forcing of this damaging path to their country. The country that they grew up to believe and be proud of her righteousness and moral standing. IMO, this is where the real danger to Jewish and non natives Americans is, blaming the US policy mistakes on a group of minority citizens. What if the majority of the country elect an extremist nationalist like Hitler. Do the US Jewish community ever think about that? Do they really think they have enough control not to betterlet something like that to happen? They think twice, Is not that similar racial or ethnic blames never happened here or elsewhere before. They should know better, not to wake the angry majority up by extracting and owning everything this country ever got and made. Unfortunately greed has it’s own mentality.

Yeah, Right

Eric Newhill said: "The Arabs refused to accept Israel's right to exist and attacked (see '67 war) in attempt to wipe it out."

No, that's nonsense. The arab armies were mobilized in 1967, sure, but they were dug into their foxholes when the IDF ran over the top of them all the way to the Nile river.

It is pretty hard to launch an invasion when you are dug in, and pretty much impossible to wipe out your opponent when the only time you get out of that fixhole is to run in the opposite direction.

Eric also said: "The Arabs lost the war."

That's very true. They were nowhere near as good as the IDF, which both they and the IDF knew full well. Which is why the Arab forces were dug into their foxholes, and why that really didn't help them much in the end.

Eric also said: "In fighting in self-defense, Israel pushed the Arab lines back into and then past what, in Orwellian terms, is called "the occupied territories"."

That classic "self-defense blitzkrieg", hey? Nice trick.

Eric, in 1967 the Arabs were rattling their sabres at Israel. Furiously.
But that's what they were doing: sabre-rattling. They were not going to attack, precisely because they were dug-in and, furthermore, knew perfectly well that they had no chance if they did attack.

Israel started the Six-Day War, Eric. I can even tell you the precise time they started it, because their Pearl-Harbor style surprise attack on the Egyptian airforce was times to the minute.



In a nutshell, always, always taking it too far, grasping power and using it for Tribal Purposes. This has the net effect of clearly establishing them in the majority's mind as parasites - takers and never givers or even fellow citizens. Thus, they enter the danger zone. Without fellow-feeling and reciprocity, the society's welcome is withdrawn, and every - and I do mean every - action or attitude goes under extreme, and largely unsympathetic scrutiny. The ultimate "own goal". When things reach such a pass, the ever-recurrent squawk of "anti-semitism" not only loses its power, but it can instead become a badge of honor to be thus characterized.


sorry, have to correct this.

Israel secretly was building an atomic bomb to use in a fight against Egypt. Egypt suspected that Israel was going to invade Egypt and massed troops on its borders to stop this, but they got the timing wrong by a year and were inadequate. One week after Israel finished its bomb, it invaded Egypt early and successfully. This was also the time that Israel bombed the USS Liberty spy ship, and Pres. Johnson ordered the rescuers to hold back [perhaps through concerns Israel would set off its atomic bomb? It's still not making sense otherwise.] The United Nations has never recognized territory gained through a war-of-aggression land grab. But Israel has successfully pushed the canard that "we invaded and grabbed land in righteous self-defense", and if this is repeated often and loudly enough, then that's all you get to hear.

Note that Israel is now primed to invade both Lebanon and Iran in righteous self-defense; and the Senate has already passed SR65 as a blank check to back them up. "What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your fellow-man".

whitewashed version: bomb magically appears fully developed in middle of war "for a demonstration":


Thank you for your reply. I said about the 'love hate between Jews and Germans' with my tongue in cheek. There may be some anecdotal evidence that the Jews have more respect towards Germans than for example towards Poles. This may have deep historical roots, I do not want speculate too much, and not take too much place in this blog; other than mine comments bring much more information. Your comments are valuable and I look for those, as well Vietnam Veteran's, Babak's, Kooshie, and and and... On another topic - I disagree with Eric Newhill's statement that this blog is becoming anti-Semitic - absolutely not, he is not able to be objective, that is all.

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