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17 December 2017


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PA -

"OBOR has been an evidently working strategy for nearly 20 years."


I guess that puts to bed the idea that it was a strategy proposed by Xi Jinping in 2013.

But I wonder if Xi may have gotten the seed of the idea back in 85 when he spent a few weeks in Iowa. Muscatine ain't as big a transport hub as Atlanta or Penn Station but it still sits on important industrial/agricultural transport routes.

But I never understood why they call it One-Belt-One-Road when there are actually six separate corridors. The new terminology seems to be BRI or B&R.


OBOR will be the tangible aspect.
https://www.aiib.org/en/index.html will be the money aspect.
There are four Western institutions that the BRICS nations will have to circumvent to obtain independent economic sovereignty.
The World Bank and the IMF have already been duplicated, SWIFTE and BIS need to be duplicated.
Russian, China, Iran, and just today Pakistan are moving away from the $ as the instrument of settling accounts.

different clue


I think of it as the One-Ball-One-Chain All-For-China Prosperity Sphere.

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