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03 November 2017


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That would be "leaked" emails, not "hacked".


I live across the river from NAS Jax. Hearing the F-18s yesterday brought a smile to my face.

The chief emotion I felt was delight at the piranhas beginning to eat each other. Tulsi Gabbard in 2020, please.


Thank you for this post!

Trump remains, however, encapsulated in Borg antibodies and is apparently pursuing Borg policy.

Unless you count re-upping in Afghanistan and saber rattling on Iran & NK, as yet there are no major action on which to judge him on foreign policy. I hope future deeds match more the Trump of the campaign than the post Flynnistration President of recent months.


While not individually illegal on their face, I wonder if the finance shenanigans fall under the heading of a conspiracy to violate Federal campaign finance laws? It is my recollection that sometimes the money resided in state accounts for only a few hours before being transferred to the DNC and Clinton campaign.

Trump is a one man disaster, but he is our elected disaster. 'Soft coup', abetted by hysterical, clueless Dems, seems to describe what has been attempted, and continues.

Next Tuesday will be instructive. In Virginia in 2009 the Dems ran a campaign about nothing (Seinfeld would have approved) and lost. That was a harbinger of Dem losses in '10, '12 (at the state level), '14 and '16. If Northam loses a similar contest, it will be a measure of the ongoing cost to the Dems from failure to reform.

Ishmael Zechariah

John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!
Ishmael Zechariah


You should put up the numbers of Twitters manipulation. According to its testimony twitter hid 48% of all tweets with the #DNCleak hashtag and 25% of tweets using #PodestaEmails. That was a massive, massive manipulation. It was not against fake news or some conspiracy theory. It was against the spreading of hard facts that spoke against Clinton.


"A genuine soft coup has been attempted and come to naught. "

A coup has come to naught. No paper reaches Trump without having pasts Kelly's desk. The anti-Russian campaign the military (together with others) are pushing is hitting with full force. The military budget (Senate version) was increased by nearly 10%. These ain't policies Trump would have pushed on his own.

Seamus Padraig

"Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole."

Words to live by! Great piece, PT.

Eric Newhill

IMO, Brazile is revealing all of this because she is a leftist ideologue to the marrow. Valerie Jarrett - Obama's political mother - wants Clinton out of the picture b/c Clinton is just a self-serving plunderer. The true believers need to clear the way for the revolution.

I begin to think that Clapper is some kind of One World govt true believer who sees the USA, as a distinct and proud cultural entity, a barrier to the glorious utopia. There is something seriously wrong with that guy.


"Brazile's allegation is over a Joint Fundraising Agreement that Clinton signed with the DNC in August 2015, and JFAs are standard operating procedure for presidential candidates - Trump signed one with the RNC, and Bernie Sanders did, too, in November 2015."


Account Deleted

Here here PT for highlighting the right of the Constitutionally elected asshole/moron/[adjective] moron to remain there. Now the ratting has started the swamp appears to be on course to start draining itself.

My question: Where, legally, can this go from here - how close might we be to actually locking her up? Bets anyone on this now happening before Trump's impeachment?

Despite the alarming and distressing nature of the unfolding evidence of shenanigans, IMO democracy and the America will emerge the better for it. And Trump will go down in history as the man responsible - now there's a legacy Mr Obama.

blue peacock


As you note:

Here is the truth of the last year:

Hillary Clinton and her cronies tried to manufacture a narrative that Donald Trump was under the control of the Russians in order to discredit him. They were shocked when he won and pressed the Russian narrative, with the full cooperation of the CIA and the NSA, to try to derail his inauguration.

Is this role of the CIA, NSA & FBI unusual? Why would they get involved in domestic political matters?

Another story that is not getting much MSM attention but seems to be gaining some traction in alternative media.

"...Obama's approval of the Uranium One deal seemingly landed the Clinton Foundation some $145 million in donations and a $500,000 speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton from a very thankful Russian bank....one thing that you probably don't know yet, primarily because of the Obama administration's proactive attempt conceal such information, is that despite repeated assurances from Congress and Obama's Nuclear Regulatory Commission that U.S. uranium reserves wouldn't leave U.S. shores, it, in fact, did..."


This story is interesting because the FBI under Mueller, for some reason closed their investigation on all this.

My questions to those who have the expertise of how DC and in particular the intelligence agencies work is, is it routine for them to shape domestic political matters and how compromised are the FBI & DoJ? Is Mueller's special counsel investigation a feint to prevent the potentially more explosive investigation about the roles of the FBI, CIA, NSA in illegal or proscribed activities in influencing domestic political matters?

Trump is tweeting this morning that there should be a DoJ investigation of "Crooked Hillary", but how can the DoJ investigate the intelligence agencies when some in the top ranks of government may be implicated? Where do you all think this leads to? A big nothingburger or big enough to shake our political-governmental foundation?

Bill H

And yet the media narrative continues to be that Russia "meddled with" and/or "altered" the election. The Senate parody belabors the horror of millions of tweets and Facebook posts.

But, if any significant portion of the electorate is using Facebook and/or Twitter to inform their vote in a presidential election, then this nation has problems far, far greater than anything than the Russians can do to us.


The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus?


I see an article this morning claiming that Brazile referenced the wrong document to support her argument, claiming she was using a 2016 document after Hilary won the nomination and mistakenly believing it was from a year earlier. I have no idea if this might be true, but caution that as in all these things the real truth sometimes is well disguised beneath the froth. I agree with BabelFish, Tulsi for 2020.....


You know, it's actually worse than that. Hillary and Barack might take some of the well deserved blame for consciously weakening the democratic procedures of the nation, but who were their primary financial and media supporters? Those who were the kingmakers of Obama and (both) Clintons were (and are) well aware of what was happening at the DNC and why.


PT, bravo the last paragraph is the gold, worth a billboard on Sunset Blvd.
“ A genuine soft coup has been attempted and come to naught. The fact that there was a coup attempt should raise the hackles of all patriots. This must not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.”


Can you clarify. Obama is accused of paying back money slowly. This is corrupt why?



'Trump Was Right, The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus'

easily my favorite sst article title this year :) ...

also, strongly agree with your closing remark. it's obviously the thing that grates the most with these guys...


So is Trump going to clean out the IC and the FBI?
A lot of those "very important" people need to get real jobs.
The silver lining though is that no matter how treasonous these people are, their incompetence makes them minimally threatening.
Unfortunately Trump -with an attention span of seconds - is not likely to clean out this rats nest.


Trump's Luck strikes again.

I think Mueller has a lot of people running scared, the way they are tossing the Clintons under the bus.

This diversity visa stuff is really highlighting how the Democrats (and their GOPe allies) are basically the party of third world immigration and they're more than happy to import zillions of turd worlders with an 8th Century mentality as long as they can be counted on to pull the lever for a D.

Trump is going to be President Forever if these guys keep it up.


The headline is misleading, since the election was not rigged in the manner claimed by Donald Trump. As far as Donna Brazile, it seems she is interested in selling her book. Not all that unusual with professional politicos.

The reality is that Trump won due to about 77K voters, out of 134M, in 3 counties in 3 states gave him a majority there and thus he won the Electoral College vote. He still lost the popular vote with almost 3M votes.

Now about a 1/3 of Americans approve of him and nearly half (49%) thinks he has committed a crime and should be impeached.

As they say: Be careful about what you wish for, you may get it. Of course, it now seems that Trump has validated the Peter Principle.

different clue


Reducing aid to the CLEJ ( Cannibal Liver Eating Jihadis) in Syria to the point where they may be rendered comprehensively defeatable is an achievement, even if not totally major. It is a defeat for the Borg and the GAJ (Global Axis of Jihad.)

different clue


If the few Bitter Berners and Sanderistas who live in Virginia were to vote Third Party so that their voting presence could be seen and known, and if their defection could be seen to be the difference which got Northam defeated; then the Bitter Berners and Sanderistas could welcome the hatred of the Clintobamacrats. They could revel in that hatred. They would gain power against the Clintobamacrats from a visible demonstration of their ability to prevent a Clintobamacrat from winning a State gubernatorial election.

different clue


A mere punctuation problem, of course. Still, it did remind me of the long-ago headline . . . " Truck upset, kills driver."


The CIA was long ago exposed as a serial violator of its legal boundaries -- it routinely interfered in domestic affairs in the fifties and sixties, for example, as exposed along with numerous other outrages by Senator Frank Church and his investigations during the Watergate era.

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