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14 November 2017


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Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

Will a school massacre be sufficient distraction? These things happen with increasing regularity and never with much real reason or motive other than 'becuz guns'. MK Ultra never went away. It just got a new name after the typically convenient fire destroyed all the records Congress was asking about.

Eric Newhill

But...But...the Rooshins spent $250 big ones on face book ads!!!! The evil dastardly despicable Rooshins are wrecking our democracy!



Got some evidence that the shooting in that highly regulated state of California was done at the behest of the Left? Just because James Hodgkinson was a "Bernie Bro" does not mean Bernie approved his attempting to assasinate James Scalise and numerous members of the US House of Representatives. Now you might posit that the "Resistance" and the media narrative ginned up enough emontion in some people on the edge that they went right on over; but that would be a different story altogether.


If you Google it you can find photos of Weinstein Trump and their wives looking all happy to gather. What do any of these photos prove, Nothing. If you like the Rooshins so much, go live there for a few years.



How about Yankees?


Hi Fred,

I'm a little baffled by this posting.

I'm not sure what the point is except perhaps to note that people in positions of authority or power often abuse that authority or power in ways both evil and wrong. I think that Weinstein is a despicable man. Although Moore has not been proven to have behaved as despicably, I've heard enough to decide that he is a man of low character. In my opinion, anyone in their thirties, man or woman, who makes sexual advances on a teenager needs to take their moral compass in for repairs.


The Twisted Genius


I think we're seeing a seismic change in how our society is viewing the boorish behavior of powerful men. This is just the beginning and it's going to entangle a lot more dirty old bastards. Weinstein's dead. Spacey's dead. Moore's a zombie who just doesn't realize he's dead. Four accusers from the WAPO investigation. Then another one with a signed yearbook. Two former cops talking about banning a creepy thirty something DA from a mall to protect girls. It's the pompous hypocrisy that's really over the top. Of course, pompous hypocrisy seems to be the norm among the rich and powerful.

BTW, I like your new avatar. Did you score some quality shrooms lately?



I figured if I was going to write about the media coverage of the Utopia at the end of the rainbow that is La La Land what could be more symbolicly harmless than an avatar of me as a little kitty carrying a peacemaker while out riding a Unicorn. Not sure where I found that thing actually, but it is rather cool. Don't know much about Moore other than what is now in the press. The uniformity of the coverage, and memory holing of everthing else, sure is timely.



Quotation marks look like this " "

"British Common Law, which was a common oral tradition of law developed in the pre-Christian era."

How should one understand what all that fuss was with Sir Thomas Moore and who was that guy with the Church of England? Then there's Charles I and the Lord Protector. (I seem to think even he got a statue at some point. I'll have to write about that.) But that's all a few centuries into the Christian era in Britian. There were plenty of additions to British Common Law over those centuries. Here's a convenient and entertaining place to start to un-revise your history:

The Twisted Genius


Moore got caught in the wake of SS Weinstein as it plowed into the reef at flank speed. The victims are emboldened by numbers and are finding the courage to step forward and speak. If Weinstein didn't happen, Moore's accusers would still be silent. He was a piece of work long before this latest revelation, but this was just the icing on the cake. You're right. These kinds of stories are going to dominate the news for some time.


"British Common Law, which was a common oral tradition of law developed in the pre-Christian era.”

No, It wasn’t.


SEWER, not Swamp

Sewer, not swamp, is the most accurate description of US political institutions. Sewers are fetid, putrid environments that breed every type of disease, virus and bacteria. It is home to rats of the most degenerate and vicious kind that live and procreate in the excrement of mankind. How do you clean a sewer? You can’t! Like a cesspool, it must be thoroughly flushed out and neutralized, and even then it infects the greater ocean of humanity since it travels the ocean currents and touches every shore.

It is patently unfair to compare the US political establishment to a swamp. Swamps are vital ecosystems, vibrant with life and essential to the well being of the earth's ecosystem. Swamps harbor unique wildlife and organisms as well as serve as a filter for land based detritus. Moreover, swamps serve as a sink against the worst inundation and run-off in times of flood. When connected to the ocean, they serve as an essential breeding ground for fish and other marine lifeforms, and are an important buffer against destructive oceanic tsunamis.


I don't understand this at all.


On the subject of English Common Law - What we know today as Common Law emerged in England after the Norman conquest and evolved through the middle ages.

Looking further back 9th century England was divided. We had English England and Danish England (north & east England). When king Alfred beat the Danes he developed a code of law that was based on the bible but Danish England effectively continued with Danelaw. Even the kings after Alfred recognized Danelaw due to the language, cultural and custom differences between the two parts of the land. Danelaw was still predominate in many parts well into the 11th century.



I should have added that there is no such thing as British Common Law only English Common Law.



if you like Weinstein so much, go live with him for a few years. Suddenly these evil Rooshins don't look all that bad anymore...


I think men and women from all parts of the country are quite capable of behaving horribly.


"British Common Law, which was a common oral tradition of law developed in the pre-Christian era."

This is yet another instance of you asserting complete, total, and absolute twaddle as fact.

Wrong - about as far wrong as it's possible to get.

British common law developed during the Middle Ages as a part of the drive to centralise political authority and justice. In other words it took place after the Norman conquest and was part of a concerted effort to replace Saxon law with Norman law.


English common law has its roots in Germanic tribal law- which is pre-Christian by a long shot as the pagan Germanic tribes were not Christian until much later than the Celts or Latins. (Only the Balts resisted the destruction of their pagan Gods and sacred oak groves for longer). I've always thought the promotion of the Ten Commandments as the root of our laws as historical revisionism - just plain ignorance.

Now the US Constitution was written mostly by deists - who are considered far from Christian by the Bible thumpers - so I think ascribing the Ten Commandments as fundamental to our constitutional order is also ridiculously false.

Anyway good old Roy Moore will probably be elected, imho. Did he break a commandment? Or two? Or is his sin of another kind?


Mathiasalexander, yes Fred's style is always a real challenge. No doubt. For instance what about the visibly present editing? Symbolism?

In a nutshell, he is suggesting the "cherry blossom emperor"(Tyler), the upstart (in Fred's diction), is prevented from draining the swamp. Guess by whom? Of course by the swamp. It's an operation that started in California or Hollywood and thus is called:

Operation "Blue Crush". It is the making of a sinister Democratic network trying to shorted the emperor's reign. In this case preventing the election of Moore.

Darkening the light thus threatening to make the rainbows of hope visible on US horizons everywhere since the emperor's election disappear. Created by the Tears of the multitude in flyover America that refracted, reflected, and dispersed the light once the emperor ascended to his throne. Tears both from decades of suffering since the fifties and tears of joy about the real chance, the hope to turn back the nutters-clocks*, to make America great again.

* the democratic elites, and aligned misguided creatures like the left, multiculturalists, cultural Marxist ....

Another nutshell, the whole evil may well have started when Eva tempted Adam with an apple. ...

If you check Wikipedia's Roy Moore article you'll get an idea about the more specific source of anger, apart from what he describes as me-too-responses. They surface here too. Headline: Sexual allegations. He was a leading voice in the larger Obama's birth certificate too.


According to Moore. Homosexuality should be illegal again. Concerning Putin:

Moore has strongly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that he is maybe "more akin to me than I know [myself]." When asked whether he believed whether Russia interfered in the 2016 United States elections, Moore stated "Everybody else thinks it's the Russians. I think it was the providential hand of God."[175][176]


Weinstein is not running for office. Even Hannity has demanded that Moore get out of the race.


"In Search Engine results, the Meta description for Sic Semper Tyrannis is as follows, "military. Middle East. South Asia. Intelligence. Islamic culture."
Where does this nonsense post fit in any of that?



I'm taking flak, must be on target.



"Blue Crush" is the title of the NY Post article describing Northam's victory over Gillespie that is linked to in my post. The term is currently in vogue with my democratic friends.

David Habakkuk


The history of the common law of England, on which the American legal system was based, was rewritten by the late Patrick Wormald. An obituary in the ‘Telegraph’ following his premature death in 2004 summarises very briefly the conclusions of his 1999 study ‘The Making of English Law’:

‘In itself, this is a masterpiece. It lays the palaeographical foundations for a more interpretative second volume, most of which exists in polished draft. Nevertheless, its bold conclusion is already clear: that English common law was, in effect, founded by King Alfred of Wessex. The conventionally vaunted 12th-century legal reforms of Henry II's reign did no more than build on the strengths of a system which had already been created in the ninth century.

‘Wormald showed elsewhere how King Alfred had capitalised on Bede's earlier presentation of the English as a new chosen people, forged from the Angle and Saxon invaders of post-Roman Britain. Alfred conceived of his role as their king in providential terms. It sometimes seemed as if Wormald implicitly endorsed this view.’

Of the revolution in Anglo-Saxon studies of which his work was part, the obituary writes:

‘Thirty years ago, English medieval history for undergraduate historians often began in 1066; only specialists attempted to peer back into the earlier gloom. It is inconceivable that this could happen today.

‘The band of historians of which Wormald was one has brought Anglo-Saxon England out of the shadows, and presented a compelling case for the precocity of its civilisation in general and of its governmental institutions in particular. If England before the Norman Conquest was precocious, it was also, by definition, already exceptional, even unique.

‘The implications of this argument in the final quarter of the 20th century were clear, although Wormald was never a historical Little Englander: he was keen to demonstrate cross-Channel links in the early Middle Ages, and wrote extensively on continental history.’

So elements in American history may indeed go back a long way, and have complex roots, in which Christianity was always central.

(See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1475130/Patrick-Wormald.html .)

Himself a devout Roman Catholic, Patrick Wormald was also a depressive and a drunk. God rest his soul.

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