16 November 2017


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PA -

I do not recall that the Lithuanian head of state in 1991, Professor Landsbergis, or his regime were particularly nasty. Perhaps they turned nasty after more than 700 civilian casualties in Vilnius in January 91; or the attack on their unarmed border guards by Soviet SWAT units in July?

I am sure there were strong anti-Polish and anti-Russian opinions by Joe Sixpack on the street at the time. But I do not remember any reports of snipers at that time.

ex-PFC Chuck

I've read several books about the Walker-Bush clan and I believe it was in Russ Baker's Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden Histosry of the Last Fifty Years that the author asserted there were tantalizing threads of evidence suggesting that George H. W.Bush was a CIA asset from the time he founded Zapata Petroleum in west Texas shortly after graduating from Yale after the War. Baker also quoted a man whose name I don't now recall who was the head of the CIA's French equivalent for nearly 20 years as saying that, of all the DCIs he had dealt with during that time, GHWB was the most competent and professional. FWIW.


Here's the four main Eliason articles:

Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story

Why Crowdstrike's Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart--Say Hello to Fancy Bear

Why Crowdstrike's Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart 2 The DNI Report Faked Sources

Indict Clinton For the Russian DNC Hack


You miss Patrick's second point: that no one with any rationality would have given Trump the likelihood of both running and winning.

This is the basic problem with ALL of Russiagate: None of it makes any sense before the fact of Trump 1) running, 2) getting the nomination against all odds, and 3) against all odds. A Priori, the whole thing is nonsensical.

That Russia might have been interested in Trump for other reasons, as a rich, more or less influential, American, might be plausible. The rest is not.

Still less all this nonsense about Russia TRYING to "meddle in the election", for which there is ZERO plausible evidence even without the alleged "Trump collusion."

The whole thing reduces to hand-waving about "Russian information warfare" for which there is also zero evidence, both of its tangible existence and its alleged effect.


Patrick: rationally speaking, I hardly agree with anything you say above.

Nonetheless, we are brothers :)



Alexander Mercouris analyzes the events at the UN over the Syria chemical weapons investigation. Apparently a lot went on behind the scenes that the MSM didn't cover because they were too busy covering Nikki Haley's anti-Russia ranting.

Russia’s Nebenzia outsmarts Nikki Haley in UN Security Council debate on report into Khan Sheikhoun attack


Related to the latest "BOMBSHELL" that Trump, Jr. was in touch with Wikileaks, Caitlin Johnstone reveals deliberate lying by The Atlantic.

‘The Atlantic’ Commits Malpractice, Selectively Edits To Smear WikiLeaks


And Patrick, if you would not take offense:




Patrick Armstrong

I'll be polite.
The relevance of this is what? Kuban, Terek and Don Cossacks are supposed to really be Ukrainians? Is that what you're are trying to say? Did you actually watch the videos? The kid with the Rossiya shoulder patch? the Don Cossack trousers? The Russian Imperial cap badge? What?


Trump has always been rich and because of that influential. Both are enough reason to have some material. Especially when the act was claimed to have happened in a very expensive hotel room which i wouldn't be surprised if it was already wired up for taping.

iowa steve

The dem party establishment is already blaming Frankengate on Russian bots. I won't bother to link to the site, but it's the exemplar of all such things aka as dailykos.

Babak Makkinejad

Were they knights by birth or we so created recently?

different clue


I have heard ( but have no way to know) that the CNN people get overseas is something called CNN International or maybe International CNN. It is supposed to be much news-denser and higher quality than CNN America. According to what I read about this, CNN America is run as an information deprivation-and-prevention media outlet for the audience here.


Once again – thanks for report, Mr. Armstrong! Honestly – I’ve missed this particular “street art performance” by Mishiko, cuz I kinda lost interest in this “illegitimate” (i.e. not supported by the StateDept) quazi-Maidan.

As for the observations made by several users both here:

“Russia is so convenient that if it did not exist, it would have to be invented. Russia allows the establishment to instantly explain away any failures, no evidence or plausible chain of causation required. It's like a "get out of jail free!" card…”

And elsewhere, i.e in Tacitus recent blogpost which ends with: “[T]he American public are being conditioned to see Russia as the reincarnated Soviet Bear intent on devouring the peaceful democracies”.

Don’t you see the connection here? Let me show something:




Each of this example of the superior Western material culture is separated from the next one by more than 50 years. The thing is – “Russian bear intent on devouring the peaceful democracies” (c) was as real in each of this time periods as now. I.e. – not much. Still – it doesn’t matter. It’s high time for the Westerners to understand, that when their politicians talk about “existential Russian threat”, about “aggressive, resurgent Russia” and “Putin’s undermining of the World Order”, what they are actually saying is: “Only weak, dismembered, or completely annihilated Russia will suffice. We are not interested in brining the “democracy” here. Only in perpetuating of the World Order with us in charge”.

All else is either naivety or demagoguery. The West never had problem with Czarist (by jingo!) or Bolshevik or “Putin’s” Russia – it’d always had a problem with Russia which is not weak.

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