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17 November 2017


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Seems that China has made a nice chunk of change investment in Zimbabwe helping to build their hospitals, schools, and $46 1/4 Million to Zimbabwe's Parliament. Seems that Mugabe's VP Mnangagwa and his Intel/Military Chief Gen. Chiwenga went to Beijing and informed them of their little Coup plans and got Beijing's backing.

Chiwenga and his wife are on the U.S.'s do not allow entry list.

Remember how Beijing's Communist Central Committee has been routing out corruption in China and putting to death those who have stolen from the Central Committee funds allocated for the nation, well it appears that they are using as their tools in Zimbabwe (Mnangagwa and Chiwenga) to route out Zimbabwe corruption against the Chinese 元 (Yuan), that has netted the arrests of politicans and government ministers including Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Ignatious Chombo.

John Minnerath

Not following an unlawful order is covered by the UCMJ. Fortunately it's seldom had to be addressed, which points to the overall high quality of those in our military who give commands, from NCO's to Officers.

This man is wearing 4 stars on his shoulders and knows the protocols about speaking of orders from his CIC, the President.

In his speech he did make some clarifying statements, so, do we have a case of the media cherry picking certain words to run with to push their own agenda or did he know full well how it would go and wanted to express a personal dissatisfaction with his CIC?

Whatever it was, he went way out of bounds and should be removed. General Officers are voted on by the Congress and serve at the convenience of the Government.

David Habakkuk


Yesterday, Philip Weiss posted a piece on his ‘Mondoweiss’ site entitled ‘The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life.’

(See http://mondoweiss.net/2017/11/clinton-scandals-entailed/ .)

ex-PFC Chuck


"That tradition has been steadily eroded over the last fifty years but still exists except for Mattis who is now a political figure as Powell was before him."

Make that seventy years. Gen. George Marshall also served as a civilian in the cabinet, as Secretary of State during the last two years of the term President Truman served out after President Roosevelt's death in 1945. He was also Secretary of Defense for a year during the full term to which Truman was elected in his own right. However I don't think that either Powell or Mattis were cut from the same cloth as Marshall in terms of either competence or integrity.


Oh, the pangs that Hytek inflicts on us all with his Seditious comments, how I long for scenes of the better side of life, the sweetness of life. I know......here's a song that I really enjoy, titled Jogi Mahi from the 2008 Bollywood movie Bachna Ae Haseeno.

The song begins

"There was a delicate little doll, She was a bundle of love, I bestow over that love. There was a fearless lion, He came wearing the nuptial garb, I bestow over that beloved......

Jogi Mahi Heer, Raniha I'll tell everybody....."




https://www.thebalance.com/military-orders-3332819 pl


Making no denigration towards their investment, just noting it for your information you can take or discard on your whim.

China has been investing, the same as our U.S. (and Russia, etc.) in various and sundry nations, for various reasons pertaining to that nation's interests. They protect their interests, just like we protect ours.

There is NO f****ing problem, so don't try and make one.


Joint Investigative Mechanism report about Khan Shaykoon.
There is so much stupid assesment in it that it make me laugh.
Especially annex, paragraph 77 ans so.



It was a lucky day. A 42 pounder! A good shot at the $20,000 jackpot. Looked great coming off the gaff, rolling an eye to scan his erstwhile captores before he shot back down to the depths. Yep, a $20,000 fish. If he had only been a Kingfish instead of an Amberjack; and those are out of season. It was a lucky day.



Congress has apparently been paying off people making sexual abuse allegations against members and staff for years:


my view of bill clinton is that he was/is a jfk wannabee
thinks he can get away with whatever jfk did
i really appreciate the dignity that obama brought to the presidency (i know some of you disagree)
tho i disapprove of some things Obama did



It seems even the Chinese have gotten tired of the corruption of Mugabe's government.


another possibility
russia gave usa forewarning a couple days ahead of strike
perhaps someone in usa military "leaked" it



Much more likely to be the CIA who would have liaison people throughout the military chain. pl


OK, makes sense.
Do you have a view for who decided to bomb the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor? I know we have discussed this before, but just wondering about your view now that the dust has settled.



IMO probably CENTCOM. pl

Mark Logan

John Minnerath,

I watched a fair bit of his testimony and questioning, and IMO yes, we do have yet another case of cherry picking by media. He qualified his statements carefully. It has been widely reported in the press of late that there was absolutely nothing between a POTUS and, say, ordering a massive strike on Russia on a whim. As if a POTUS is in direct contact with the young LT's manning the silos. He corrected that impression, and always included a mention that if the officers in that chain did not follow such an order it would be a constitutional crisis.

The full context is some Senators are so worried about Trump's mental state they were considering making new laws based on the impression there is nothing which stops a POTUS from "pushing the red button". Hyten played a significant role in talking them out of that. "Hard cases make bad law and this is a hard case."

Not bad...for a nerd. I say give the man a latte.

English Outsider

Nigel Farage gunning for Soros' Foundation, with Guy "Maidan" Verhofstadt getting an honourable mention. Again. That and the Uranium One article on Zero Hedge - is that for real? - reinforce the call for a properly regulated and transparent market for these transactions. My suggestion that politicians should be auctioned off at Sothebys was not well received here earlier, Colonel, but it must be the way forward. Who knows, if we knew how much they went for and when the sale was on maybe we the people could club together and buy one or two ourselves.



Mark Logan

Bull! He has set a precedent for the refusal of orders by anyone who wishes to do so. Would an infantry battalion commander or a destroyer missile shooter captain who refused an order in combat have your support even though he was not a Harvard nerd? BTW I was admitted to Harvard College in 1958 and chose not to go there. pl


...#Steppe confederacies ..vastly neglected in our Western European estimation of History."
I agree completely. I have started to realize this several years ago after I began to read more about Scythians. Unfortunately I am not a 'professional' ,only a bloody layman in history. Thanks for the link.

Babak Makkinejad

I think women in US spend more than that on their attire, shoes, and makeup annualy.



KGB spy George Blake Russian interview

Mark Logan


I had been unaware he went to Harvard.

My impression was he merely re-iterated the long standing issue of not having to obey an illegal order. A tricky concept, swearing the oath to the constitution and not the man, but IMO there is no way to have that in our system without setting that precedent to some small or theoretical degree. He is not responsible for that and set no precedent in explaining it to ignorant senators.

He was addressing the issue of a POTUS unilaterally launching nukes at another country with no evidence of any attack underway and no prior deliberation, which was the hypothetical posed by some senator. I don't see an equivalence between actions of field officers in combat and the launching of our nukes with no declaration of war or attack.


Mark Logan

If you look in the archive you will see that I long ago argued for restricting the power of the president to make war without authorization and specifically concerning the nuclear force. But, I could not disagree with you more that there is any difference at all in commanders' minds between their responsibility to judge the lawfulness of an order with that of the commander of Strategic Command. The senate should not have asked the question and Hyton should not have responded to the question at Halifax. Some things are best left unsaid. pl

different clue


The Chinese might be afraid of some kind of popular " fed up/ had enough" uprising making the situation hard to control. Currently the ZANU Party with Army support is working to remove Mugabe in an orderly way in order to preserve the One Party Rule state with Army support. The Chinagov would support a sort-of Chinaform One Party State retaining control, de-corrupted just enough to restore stable rule and keep Zimbabwe safe for Chinese investment.

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