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17 November 2017


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Well if China wants to break the petrodollar, the fastest way to do it is via KSA.


Given the concern over "Russian meddling" and "influence" in the US, in browsing my computer security news, I find this:

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets
Dozens of terabytes exposed, your tax dollars at work

Apparently the US military is expending enormous effort to (allegedly) "a social media monitoring and influencing campaign designed to target overseas youths and steer them away from terrorism." Which entails capturing terabytes worth of social media posts that are then analyzed by special software that builds up "social networks".

How this translates to anything that effectively "steers overseas youth away from terrorism" is unclear to me.

As an "influence operation" (whether or not it works) is pretty clear to me.


Even though the decision is justifiable, about an hour ago, Mr. Trump posted:

Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!


richardstevenhack et al

I have said many times that the the whole IO thing is a bad path that the US armed forces went down after VN. pl

Steve G

In the inner city of Mpls we have the usual critters
squirrels chipmunks, I named ours Alvin, and
assorted winter characters including foxes and
the occasional coyote plus a few circling hawks
and bald eagles. Within the last few years we now
have groups of wild turkeys parading through the
neighbor hoods foraging for whatever they can
scrounge. Have personally feed them bread scraps
multiple times as they remember where the chow
halls are. Last week counted 16 sauntering through
the park across the street. With no predators around
and dog lease laws they have free run to include
a busy intersection with shops eateries etc. They
walk down the sidewalks like they own the place
paying little or no attention to humans. Must say
the are the most fearless wild urban animal I’ve
ever seen.

Fellow Traveler

A young mountain lion was captured in Diamond Heights, San Francisco last week.


Richard: It seems about as effective as junk mail in your mail box. It's dumped in the shit can.


The black walnut tree in the backyard had the largest yield of nuts in its 40+ year existence, the squirrels should not lack for food here.


Yesterday I stalked up on a little Columbia Black-tail buck and surprised him in his bed. I had a 10 yard shot on him, but let him go with a warning. I was so pleased with my stalk that it seemed a shame to spoil it by having to clean and butcher him. Beside he was the only witness who can testify to my stealth.


When I was an audacious teenager I liked to go by bike to a nearby large forrest.

It was a magnificent place. A large and very old forrest with old and splendid beeches. The floor was filled with the golden dropped leaves. To walk in that forrest was like walking a colourful cathedral, with the trees being the columns and the braches being the arch.

Sadly, that forrest was cut down a few years later to make place for a coal mine - so the grand, ancient splendor was replaced by an abysmal 450m deep dirt pit. A sacrilege IMO. These primitive barbarians eventually even blowed up some hundred years old trees to 'stay in time'. May they burn in hell.

Anyway, one day I went there to enjoy myself in that beautiful forrest and I met a grand tusker, who found interest in me and followed me coming closer and closer, grunting.

The beast scared me, as it was something like 300kg of dangerousness in an ill moot and so I preferred to find myself a safer place than on the ground. Taking my bike was not a solution since the beast likely was faster than I. Luckily I found a tree where I could hide on.

So I did climb on it, and the tusker entertained himself with watching me from the ground, grunting some more. It took him two hours to get bored of this and leave. His leave was a relief. I waited a little after that and then ran away as fast as I could, and then used my bike.


I find it VERY weird that Russia Today has a nearly total blackout on the "Mugabe Exit Saga" while this is front page on the BBC.
There has been rumors of China involvement, could this explain the shyness of Russian medias?


Meanwhile, Mrs. Haley has given a lesson in international law to Russkies and Syrians: https://www.rt.com/usa/410261-us-fight-justice-without-un/
"The US does not consider itself constrained by the United Nations Security Council and might seek “justice” in Syria on its own terms, the US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said."
It seems that the Lobby has found a creative solution to prolong the Syrian war.


It is surprising that the Weinstein story did not bring focus on Epstein and Dershowitz. Compare the treatment of these sexual predators and abusers of the underage "comforting staff" of Lolita Express and Lolita Island with the treatment of Assange. Both Epstein and Dershowitz should have been served in a regular prison for a dozen of years. Mr. Clinton, as a repeated offender, should have been given a harsher sentence: http://gawker.com/flight-logs-put-clinton-dershowitz-on-pedophile-billio-1681039971


One has to wonder just what is Kelly Barracks AFRICOM's take on China's military investments in Africa? Is that why AFRICOM was created? Hmmm..... China broke ground a while back in their naval base in Djibouti.

Here's a Jane's article about the Chinese Marine dispatch to Djibouti for security:

Jane's Defense Weekly is saying that Chinese manufactured armor is involved in the 'Zimbabwe Coup' as they put it.

jld, Russian TV's VESTI has included a take on the goings on in Zimbabwe and Mugabe in their today's broadcast. They talked about and showed both Russian and Chinese working within the country, along with a brief history with Mugabe's rise to power.


Zimbabwe's military chief said that last week's Chinese visit was just a normal visit.


According to RIA Novosti, the spouse and likely successor to Mugabe, his wife Grace Mugabe fled the country.


By any chance was that a javelina?

If you have a second, checkout this video for a couple of seconds.The javelina seemed grateful for the food left out.Just something to get folks minds off of geopolitics for a minute.



I noticed the heavy black walnut production this fall and spent a few days picking up nuts in a five gallon bucket and planting the walnuts in openings in the wood lot. The walnut trees grown from nuts I planted in 1999-2000 produced nuts for the first time this fall. They are 6 to 8 inches in diameter and 30 feet tall. It is a pleasure to start another generation of black walnuts in the timber project in Southern Iowa.

I used to bow hunt whitetails, but I eventually tired of the hunt with the explosion of the whitetail population, as trophy hunters rented or bought hunting land and kept out the locals. The locals shoot does, which is necessary to control the population.

The increased deer population brought lots of deer ticks, which are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi (Borrelia burgdorferi), which causes lyme disease. I stay out of the woods now, except in the winter months.


Review of Stephen Kinzer's new book about Teddy Roosevelt

The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire by Stephen Kinzer

Roosevelt, a sport killer of animals, was bloodthirsty. A Harvard friend wrote that “he wants to be killing something all the time.” Before the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt was bored with peace. “I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one,” he wrote. At first, he wanted to fight indigenous people in faraway lands because “the most ultimately righteous of all wars is a war with savages.” Then he spoke of fighting the Germans, welcoming an attack for its educational value. “The burning of New York and a few other seacoast cities,” he wrote a friend, “would be a good object lesson in the need of an adequate system of coastal defenses.”



Close-in suburban back yards 10 miles NW of Washington, DC are home to more deer than anyone wants. Not uncommon to see 7 - 10 deer grazing from one quarter-acre lot to the next, then take their afternoon siesta. Fox are not common but have made appearances.


On another topic from another DC suburb: the Westminster Institute just posted this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfAInKhBTGk Michael Pregent on "After ISIS, the Future of Iraq in the Hands of Iran.

This small outfit operates out of lower-level storefront in a nondescript shopping strip in McLean, VA. Participants are present or former foreign service officers; apparently pretty well connected to the neocon pantheon -- James Woolsey, Josh Muravchik, Sebastian Gorka, Pete Hoekstra, Hudson Institute members have been guest speakers at Westminster. The storefront boasts a sizable collection of books and artifacts about Islam, fuel for the Institute's generally phobia outlook on Islam.

Westminster HATES Iran. Pregent's talk focused on US efforts against the "Iran land bridge."

Numerous Israel firsters speak at Westminster, but it's hard to know if Israel is a CAUSE -- this is NOT an evangelically-oriented Christian zionist group; rather, there's a vague connection to a Catholic parish in the area. As far as I can figure out, they haven't gotten the memo that war in Iraq was a blunder from which US ought to extract itself; they can't stand that US is not "winning."


Unfortunately this people(animals since thy still feel they are living in jungle), have destroyed this nation’ much respected international standing. Shame


James Petras analyzes Saudi Arabia under MBS. The whole piece is worth reading, here is the conclusion:
Saudi Arabia and Israel play the key roles in anchoring the ‘arc of reaction and terror’
in the Middle East. Both foment wars, finance terrorism and spread ethno-religious
fragmentation leading to millions of refugees.
Saudi Arabia’s ‘Crown Prince MBS’ competes with Israel’s Netanyahu in concocting
the most outrageous warmongering slander against Iran, preparing the world for global
MBS is actively serving the Israelis by fomenting sectarian divisions in Lebanon to
provide Israel with an excuse to attack Hezbollah and millions of Lebanese civilians. MBS
claims that a single missile from Yemen that hit the Riyadh airport was a full declaration of war
by Teheran . . . as if the Saudis’ starvation blockade and daily bombing of Yemeni cities would
not warrant any counter-attack.
The war fever in Riyadh is a cover for MBS’s political impotence and a ‘clever ploy’ to
distract from the infantile game of rotating princes and clan intrigues.
MBS, for all his modernizing clichés and carefully groomed public relations persona,
circulated by the corrupt Western media, is still the aspiring head of a tribal army, dependent on
a fragile alliance with unreliable allies: The Egyptian high command and troops despise the
bloated Saudis; Bahrain’s ruler is propped up by Saudi mercenary forces; the Saudi masses are
held in check by tribal warlords and their torturers; and the imported workforce and armies of
foreign domestic servants are brutalized, raped and cheated. Hardly an inspiring leader of
Saudi Arabia’s emergence from the Middle Ages.
The Crown Prince is sitting on a powder keg threatening to shatter the political
alignments in the Middle East and the global financial and oil markets. Saudi Arabia is a
fragile regime with a long and scrawny reach. The current rulers imagine their borrowed power
and palace intrigues can flourish on such rotten foundations and with a despised oligarchy.

The first missile that MBS dares to direct at Teheran will mark the downfall of the
House of Sand. The entire Middle East and global markets will plunge into a profound crisis.
Oil prices will soar, stock markets will crash and Israel will go to war against Hezbollah.
Donald Trump will send US forces to confront with the well-armed and highly patriotic
Iranians on their soil. Iraq and Syria will confront the US regional puppets, the Kurds. China,
Russia and India wait to sign on huge oil deals. The US fracking industry will celebrate as oil
prices set new highs.
Saudi Princes will flee to Europe, leaving hundreds of thousands of servants in the
lurch. Perhaps they will have to prepare their own coffee! Trump will issue a ‘Tweet to Action
to All Americans’ – Marines to the oil wells! Makes America Great Again on the tired backs of
our GIs! AIPAC will secure a unanimous vote in the American Congress declaring that Saudi
Arabia’s oil fields are really part of the Greater Israel.
With historic high oil prices, Venezuela will recover, pay its debts, finance its social
agenda, re-open its schools and clinics and re-elect a socialist president.
A consortium of western investors will take over, after the Saudis have folded their tents
and fled to Central London, and flood the oil markets. But that is a long-term scenario…or is



Russia has its oligarchs that are above the law and so does the US. The craziest thing about Epstein isn't that this guy who prosecutors believe had sex with 35 minors only served a year in country jail.

From the page you linked to:
"The federal non-prosecution agreement Epstein's legal team negotiated with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida immunized all named and unnamed "potential co-conspirators" in Epstein's child trafficking network, which includes those who allegedly procured minors for Epstein and also any powerbrokers who may have molested them."

That gives blanket immunity to a lot of very powerful men.

ex-PFC Chuck

IIRC, CP is from Germany so the hypothesis that it was a javelina, an animal native to the USA southwest and Mexico, is unlikely to be correct.

ex-PFC Chuck


fast forward to 2017 and the finger pointing has begun and no one knows where this is going.

Somewhere on the 'net yesterday I saw a catchy phrase encapsulating this phenomenon: "Weaponized Sanctimony."

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