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25 November 2017


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i AM NOT PT. Can you get that through your thick head? He wrote his piece, not me. Get it now? pl



Since you are not capable of doing anything but post other people' thought in order to argue with me, I will no longer post ANY of your materiel. pl

FB Ali

Thank you for that comprehensive and illuminating view in response to my query.


Just about everything tech industry countries need...some 200 mineral varieties.

North Korea is sitting on a stockpile of minerals worth trillions

Mining in North Korea


As for whether Trump is escalating against Iran, consider this:

Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story

IOW, Trump hates it when they use the alleged Russia hack against him, but he's happy to use some random Iranian hacker to justify upping sanctions on Iran.


I think you're right about the "partially fire proof".

Ivanka tells a story about how she was riding in her car one day listening to her father being interviewed on the radio. At one point he was asked whether he would fire her if she didn't perform. Trump said he'd fire her "like a dog."

Both annoyed and amused, Ivanka phoned Trump and said, "Did you have to say, 'like a dog'?"

So Kushner - in the immortal words of Governor Lepetomane - better "watch his ass."

Peter AU

That is interesting on the way he changed, or developed a persona.
In his book, he believes one of the secrets of success is the ability to deliver a product the targeted buyer wants and is happy with. He cites several people for there ability to deliver what the buy wants and one of these, although he personally did not like the movies, was Sylvester Stallone and the movies Rocky and Rambo. Stallone delivered what the audience wanted.

A persona loosely based on the fictional characters as they sold well in the US?

English Outsider

Richardstevenhack - I don't like the servant-of-Israel side of American politics either, any more that I like it in my own country. Let the Israeli politicians look after their county, if they can summon up the wit for it, and let our politicians look after ours.

So we're agreed on that. But have you reflected that much of the American electorate, and I think all the media, is knee-jerk pro-Israel and that means that any politician who isn't doesn't get elected? It's not much good going for the politicians on that one.

And what about all this:-

"Anyone with a brain saw Trump as a no-nothing blowhard during his campaign."

Very bright, quick on his feet, good policies, warm personality. Looked like he could be a bit of a bastard at times, which seeing what he's up against may not be that much of a drawback. It'd be nice if you could've found a plaster saint to run for President but barring that I reckon you've been lucky. Very lucky, looking at the rest of 'em.

" All Trump wants to do is fake being "Presidential" until he can leave office and make some real money,..."

He told you that, did he?

Mr Hack, no offence but I think you're being picky. Send him over here if you don't want him. Quite a treat it would be, someone alive amongst the living dead of Westminster.

Eric Newhill

Phil Mudd actually proposed that "the government" is going to kill Trump on CNN: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/08/12/former_mueller_deputy_phil_mudd_trump_deep_state_government_kill_this_guy.html


Thank you PT and Col Lang.

It is great to read your assessment of DJT.

Jeff Kerber

Colonel, don’t ban me for saying this, but I think you’re a lot like Trump. You both have good instincts about how things will play out, you have zero tolerance for pretentious BS, and y-u have a lot of confidence in your take on things.

I met Trump personally, one-on-one, for 20 minutes around 8 years ago. He was one of the sharpest, most impressive, and nicest guys I’ve ever met. And I’ve had personal contact with a lot of high-profile people: the four-star heads of CJCS and USSTRATCOM, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary, members of Congress, famous Hollywood actors, CEO’s of major corporations, etc. As my wife is my witness, I found Trump orders of magnitude more impressive than any of the others I’ve met. When I changed careers around 7 years ago I read everything I could which written by or on Trump and tried to emulate his style as much as possible. It served me well.

My point is, don’t believe what you read and hear about Trump.


IMO...one of DJT's underestimated assets is the financial failure of his real estate business in the early nineties. I don't trust a man, until I see how he reacts to existential threat. DJT recovered financial and personally from the darkness, giving him a deep psychological balance from knowing both success and failure.

Brad Thomas, a Forbes REIT analyst, wrote 'The Trump Factor' exploring his business empire. Brad Thomas said his real estate equity is about 6 billion dollars, without valuing the management and brand empire. DJT's business is probably worth about 10 billion dollars. I read the book about a year ago and recommend it for specialists. https://www.amazon.com/Trump-Factor-Unlocking-Secrets-Behind/dp/1682612651

I do not think he 'shops people' except for incompetence, treachery, or the end of relationship utility. His self worth is probably not
threatened by personality alone, but by threat to his creation or goal. He is reputed to have an IQ in the 150 range, which gives him the brain power to understand systems and master strategy at a high level. This ability is unusual combined with high energy and real world competence. I will stop here, before I appear to be a fan boy.

Larry M.

Sid finster

regarding Hizbullah and Turkey, there is the complication that there existed, IIRC, a local Turkish Hizbullah som ten or fifteen years back. It did carry out at least one terrorist attack, but was a Sunni fundamentalist organization that had nothing to do with the Lebanese Hizbullah. ASFIK, Turkish Hizbullah has long been defunct.


We do not wish to be dislodged from that august position by a mere armature.

double edged sword, BM


I would laughing hard right now if I wasn't crying.

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