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22 November 2017


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Scratching my head and trying to remember if Memere Boisvert did this. Her tourtière was as delicious as could be.


my mother would use only half the giblets . and my father and the cat would have to fight for the other half .



At my house we picked up other menu items for Thanksgiving. These were from coastal South Carolina. Onions au gratin, oranges stuffed with sweet potatoes, sherry and orange bits. And then given a toast under the broiler. This capped with meringue and then ambrosia for desert. pl


I have always appreciated your sharing this on the occasion and introducing me to it plus reminding us annually many years ago. I trust I am not intruding, stepping on your toes, or upstaging you by beating you to it this year: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/11/23/AR2005112302056.html

Happy Thanksgiving and Be Well all. "Laughter is the best medicine" as we count our blessings.


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

The Twisted Genius

We usually have fairly standard faire for Thanksgiving, turkey and a ham. This year it will be just the turkey. For quite a while now, I start off the day with stuffed mushrooms to keep the lads at bay while I prepare the meal. We've settled on sausage stuffed mushroom as the family favorite.

That French Canadian stuffing recipe reminds me of my father's recipe. The base was always Nabisco milk crackers that I would help crushing into crumbs with a rolling pin and a sheet of waxed paper. That and Bell poultry seasoning were always in there. Everything else varied. The one dish that we all looked forward to was the Lithuanian potato sausage. Mostly potato with a little bacon and left over ham. What set it apart was the way my father seasoned it. Eat it hot out of the oven or cold as a late night snack. My father is one hell of a chef. He dreamed of going to the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America. Instead he became a tool and die maker. Just talking with my sister. Seems all my brothers do a lot of the cooking. It's become a family tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Colonel, in our home here in LA, we celebrate this lovely day ( it will be 85 f) with turkey cooked in oven roasted on top, but instead of stuffing we make special sweet, nutty, fruity persian Rice dish, usually cooked for weeding, very joyous ceremonies and occasions, this rice dish is called Shirin Polo ( literally means Sweet "cooked" Rice ). https://persianmama.com/shirin-polopersian-sweet-rice/

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