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13 November 2017


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different clue


Why are any of the detained still alive? I don't know if MSB and his detainers are thinking of this, but maybe they are. And maybe what they are thinking is . . . the precedent we set with our detainees now is the precedent which will guide some far future detainers decades from now if some far future detainers emerge to make us their detainees.

Like I say, I don't know if the MSBs are thinking this way. But maybe they could be.

Peter AU

"Why are any of the detained still alive?"

Insurance. Trump/Kushner have done a deal with MBS. If anything happens to MBS, the rivers of money start flowing back to Trump's enemies. These brownfella's are pretty switched on that way.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

I have been continously amazed by american naiveté in the last two decades. Middle ranking military and state officers may not possess the required experience to see through the different ruses, by foes and allies alike, but high ranking even top leaders should have been prepared for twin forked tongues, false friendships and pushing thinly veiled interests, other than America's.

Of course in the later case other aspects such as self-interest, and intentional carelesness may also play a role. Maybe being the number one for so long makes everyone complacent.

Maybe the need to find an enemy who is sophisticated enough, but does not have either an established lobbying apparatus - KSA or close business ties - PRC with the USA is needed to wake those people up. Rooshans are well suited to this with Germany (EU?) coming close second.

Peter Reichard

"When you play the game of thrones you either win or die." ... MBS is too young, impatient, reckless and incompetent to succeed at what he has begun and to remain in power for very long. He has made many, many new rich and powerful new enemies and likely has just written his own death warrant. The US is backing the wrong horse and will suffer the consequences when he is overthrown.



Possibly relevant re contemplated conflicts ME & Asia:


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