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14 November 2017


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I’m surprised that anybody is taken aback or surprised by those revelations....


I have it on good authority, an old friend who was a 'guest of the state,' many years ago, that the Izzys can 'sub' the political prison job out to Americas' "Club Fed." He was a 'guest' at the Lake Butler lock up near Tallahassee, Florida. "It was like being in a Holiday Inn with bars on the windows," was his description of the facility.
If Bibi is bought down by corruption charges, is there anyone ready to fill his shoes on the Ultra front in Israeli politics?

Balint Somkuti, PhD

In that aspect Israel is a shining beacon.

How many politicians have been jailed for such deeds anywhere in hte West?

In Hungary defintiely zero. Even worse crimes went unpuinished.


Milchan + Netanyahu have a long history...



I don't think Bibi would have to share a VIP suite with Sara. I think, when it would come to this, Bibi would object on reasons that double punishment is forbidden. And, given the circumstances, I believe he may be successful with such an objection.


Yes, I find it quite impressive that they actually prosecute them.

Still a lot of the worst gangsters of 90s Russia ended up fleeing to Israel after Putin came in and started a crackdown on the most egregious activities. They are having the same impact on Israel that they did in Russia.



From the way they are told I suspect these Sara stories are part of a PR engineered "Cunning Plan" to win pity for Bibi.


A rhetorical Q: - Why is she (Sara N) so repulsively ugly? Guess this is manifestation of her soul...


Netanyahu should win pity points just for being married to Sara. She has abused the maids and other help at the house; allegedly stolen bottle cap refund money and now the champagne and cigars.

And it should not be forgotten, that along with Pollard, Milchan was one of the LAKAM spies against the United States.

SST covered it in November, 2013. Thank you Col. Lang.


Not only was Netanyahu taking favors from a self-confessed and un-prosecuted Israeli spy against the United States, but if indicted he can continue on as Prime Minister, according to Israeli Justice Minister.

"From the legal perspective, if there’s an indictment, the prime minister doesn’t have to resign,” [Justice Minister Ayalet] Shaked explained. That was back in August when Shaked appeared on Israel's Channel 2 television.


I don't know much about Sara, but there is no way I could pity her husband.



Couples who live together for a long time generally come to deserve each other. pl


People who are not good at quiet desperation often make excellent animus magnets -- animosity traps.

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