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09 November 2017


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Peter AU

I am hard to read? Good. If you are easy to read you are probably a little simple mended and unable to grasp the many facets of any situation. As for the "little brown people," and your attitude toward them , you seem inordinately proud of your ability to treat someone of another culture as an equal. I will say again, the tendency to treat people of other cultures as though they were born without original sin is quite repulsive and very paternalistic. The desire to believe that they are somehow better people thn Europeans is just silly and extremely dangerous. pl



You are painfully "pink" (white)? What a pretentious ass you are. pl

different clue

Mark Logan,

Many years ago I once confessed that I found trying to understand the Middle East like trying to understand a game of checkers where the squares were moving around as well as the checkers.

If MBS is doing what you say, then he is artfully juggling several "flaming bobcats on meth". If so, he must be very careful. Because if even only one of those flaming bobcats on meth which he is juggling turns around and claw-chews his face off; that would spoil his whole day.

different clue

Pacifica Advocate,

I am not AU, but I once saw someone who did indeed seem very close to black-leather black. He was working in a Grand Middle-Class Hotel I was once at a conference in, and his face had some symmetrical scar marks on it.
I think they were tribal identification scars but I wasn't about to ask.


Different Clue

I have worked with people from Kerala who were black as anthracite. pl

Peter AU

Not thinking people other than Europeans are all good, rather that where religion or ideology does not interfere people are pretty much the same all over. Honest and dishonest and so forth.
A few years back, my 86 year old father was nearly killed because a do gooder judge believed that jailing violent young aboriginal men on made them worse. He had been in and out of jail since age seventeen, always committing another violent assault when let out on.
When he attacked my father he was 25 and it was only two hours after being released on bail for hitting and breaking the cheek of a sixty year old women.
Something about living in that part of Australia for couple of years did affect me in some way. Perhaps it was seeing the incompatibility of two different cultures and their laws that cannot merge.
I worked there as a contractor and when we could not reach a mutually agreeable deal for the next year, I left.

MBS - ? He is relatively young, is in a bit of a mess in Yemen, but from what I read here, seems to have put himself in a very strong position in SA. Remains to be seen if he is a survivor like Erdogan.

Babak Makkinejad

The women are quite comely.
There are Iranians who are as black as soot in Southern Iran. One who was traveling in North related how children would run their fingers across his skin to see if the color would come off.


Peter AU

" .. people are pretty much the same all over." Well, that is sad. It means that you are just another dummmy do-gooder. pl

Peter AU

"It means that you are just another dummmy do-gooder. pl"
You may well be right. Having a conscience that doesn't allow me to do some things is a major hassle at times.

Peter AU

Thinking on it a bit more, apart from my family, my conscience does not push me to go out and do what I perceive as good things. It only prevents me from doing some things.


racism is in all races - sounds trivial. But anecdotes help to illustrate - I met Sri-Lankan doctors who were as black as tar, but would be upset when one called them "Black". Chinese look down their noses on Caucasians , Germans have famously little regard for "Polen, Juden und Zigeuner".. etc etc etc.

Peter AU

What I do find exceptional is the response to treating another like a normal human which I think is why it affected me in some way
I saw more racism in that part of the country than I had realised existed. Then on the opposite spectrum, in the comment section of an article on aboriginal massacres at a university site, the politically correct offence that was taken when relating a story to do with history in the same words as used by the Aboriginal man.


Appears that Bandar was one of those snagged by MbS



Col. Lang,
Didn't Israel assassinate Rafik?

SR Wood

Ali Ali Shihabi at the Arabia Foundation explains the current shakeup in Saudi Arabia, not primarily as a consolidation of power, but as a means to drain the Saudi swamp.

What are your views?

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