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09 November 2017


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I was puzzled as to what "musharaat al suq" meant in the photo. I now understand that it means gains and losses in the market in the riba-free financial system pl


My brother took a temporary position in SA several years ago because it paid so well and he wanted to use the money to take his son and daughter-in-law on a nice trip to Italy later.

He just hated his time there, and he felt so sorry for the young woman who had been sent with his team to do the office work. She lived those months basically in house arrest.

I've had a few SA students in college courses I have taught. In all cases, which means that my sample is not statistically valid, I was impressed with them. I always got the feeling they really wanted a more open society. The last SA student I met was one that my sister invited to Thanksgiving. He and his wife and two little boys were very happy to be invited. I spoke with him at length because he could tell I knew quite a bit about Christianity, and he was trying to understand all the differences in churches. It was as confusing to him as it is for us to understand all the different sects of Islam. He was surprised that what little I knew was far more than what anyone else he had spoken with knew about the differences in Islam.

His wife stayed in America for a while and brought her female cousin over to live with her and the boys while that woman also studied English. She missed her family, but she was also liking the freedom she had as a woman in America.

This new turn of affairs in SA is something that causes me hope, but of course I will hold my breath a little, too.


According to Iranian news sites Talal daughter is also arrested. And base on India today Mogrin’ helicopter was shot down. According to Colonel’ suggestion, this must have been planed way in advance, If so one wonders if the Hariri’ resignation was part of over all plan as a news detour, distraction? Some claimed estimate over 500 people have been arrested.

“Bin Muqrin had apparently sent a letter to over a thousand princes, asking them to not support Mohammed bin Salman's
succession to the throne, Middle East Monitor quoted the New Khaleez as reporting”

Peter AU

I read both Saudi Arabia and now Kuwait telling their nationals to leave Lebanon.

Looks like Israel and SA about to take the plunge and set something off?
MBS - gathering a war chest and grassroots support in preparation?


IMO, now is obvious that from the beginning R+6 and PMU ( Iraqi Basij) focus and priorities was securing and owning Syrian Iraqi borders, and not the oil fields. More importantly they were not fooled or distracted by SDF/ US maneuvering and deals with locals occupying Syrian state owned oil fields.

robt willmann

This note indicates that `Abd-Al-Mansur Hadi of Yemen is also detained and confined in addition to Hariri--


robt willmann

In addition, the governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have asked their citizens who are in Lebanon to leave right away--



See Col. Lang's recent posts: "Confirmation - straight from the Red Heifer's mouth" (8 November), and "Hariri resignation - Israeli attack comes next?" (4 November).



Saudi princes are far too egotistical for that. He thinks he is running them, not the other way around. pl


Whatever the ther motivations, I will watch to see if anti corruption can spread as corruption did. The western world has become corrupt with money from the Middle East. The purchase of influence is disguised but it is rife and yet it is not widely recognised as a major problem.


Good interview of Chas Freeman, particularly the part about how we nailed SA and actually made money off the Gulf War. Seems like we may be getting ready for second act.




Ra'i al-yowm (Opinion of the Day), a UK based newspaper is reporting that Salman will abdicate within the week. At the same time SA and Kuwait have ordered their nationals out of Lebanon. If I were still in the bidness I would consider those factoids to be Imminence of Hostilities (IOH)indicators in the present climate of SA/Israeli/US collusion. Does anyone know who owns this newspaper? pl


Thank you for making me chuckle since I would prefer hiding under a rock. It sounds like poor Lebanon will be a battle zone once again.
Last I saw, el Sisi, (Egypt) was not supporting the Saudi's. Do you think they will be involved or will they be able to remain neutral if SA does attach Lebanon?



Egypt needs US and Saudi money. they will do nothing. pl

Peter AU

Also reported here https://twitter.com/Geostrat_ME

Their media site here http://geostrategicmedia.com/about-us/
Nothing about who owns or runs the site in the "about" page.



Do you think that MbS's under-the-covers-romp with the Israelis will be his undoing in the long run? I mean, there are better prostitute governments than the Tel Aviv club for him to romp with and still the get same results he may long for.

MbS need to wear a full body condom when romping with Natanyaha.



The internal coup in SA has been so thorough that I don't see who would remove MbS. If there is war in Lebanon SA's part will be political and symbolic. pl


scamadvisor.com runs a check (10 sec) outputs that geostrategicmedia.com is Serbia based & no further info available.

No idea the value of the above.


Me, I would say an attempt at assassination is in short order. Serious money is in question. they can offer plenty to suborn a guard, who will be shot dead on site



could be. pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

You are quite right - it is very unlikely that there could be a counter-coup against MbS. And, that the Saudis will participate in any war in Lebanon only with financial and media support.

Not only has MbS's coup been very thorough, but also SA and its inhabitants are rotten to the core. So much so, that I very much doubt if even an assassination attempt would be made.


FB Ali

What model of Islam would you recommend for a re-boot? pl

Yeah, Right

OK, I can understand MbS launching a pre-emptive coup against potential rivals. Obviously if you aren't super-confident of gaining the throne then wiping the floor with your rivals is A Good Idea.

But rattling sabres towards Lebanon at the same time?
When does that get smart?

After all, I assume everyone accepts that the Saudi armed forces can't hope to prosecute that war.

In which case the only possible reason for throwing war-words at Lebanon is to lay the groundwork for an unprovoked IDF attack on Hezbollah.

Let's leave aside the terrible optics of looking like you are acting as the IDF's lapdog, bad though that looks.

Regardless, it just seems to me to be extraordinarily foolhardy to makes your plans hostage to the performance of the IDF. Who, need it be said, do not answer to MbS.

I mean, consider this: what if the Israelis take MbS's sabre-rattling as the signal to attack Hezbollah and...... Hezbollah then proceed to wipe the floor with that bunch of prissy IDF ponces.

If they get routed (which is a very real possibility) then Bibi will not hesitate to run to the UNSC to demand a ceasefire, all the while crying that "It wasn't my idea! I never wanted this war! The Saudi's put us up to it and we couldn't say No!"

Honestly, MbS is putting his testicles in Netanyahu's hands, and doing so in the expectation that Bibi will then squeeze Nasrallah's happy-sacks.

Which doesn't sound like a particularly sound strategy to me.
What if Nasrallah sinks the knee into Bibi's Balls(tm) instead?

FB Ali

We already have a "re-boot" in Islam in the al Qaeda and Islamic State ideologies. Their versions are the culmination of the 'reformist' trends in various Muslim countries that seek to reform Islam by taking it back to a supposed ideal form that existed in the very early years of the faith.

The other 'reformist' path being followed in Muslim countries is that adopted by the elites - ignoring the religion while continuing to pay lip service to it. I think this will be MbS's path as well. It certainly is the one being followed by most of his young supporters.

It seems to me that these two paths are not peculiar to Islam, but are being traversed by the followers of all religions. They are a function of the challenges that Religion face in the modern world.


The Col. once wrote the Oman version of Islam was pretty tolerant. Doubt it would make much headway outside of its enclaves.


blue peacock

Col. Lang,

Who are the key staff that would have been necessary to have planned and executed such a thorough internal coup for MbS?

It would seem they are very competent.

If there's no loyalty for those deposed even by those who have benefited from them and may lose much in the new order, can MbS expect loyalty from those who benefit from his rule?

I am really curious about their recent Moscow visit as well as Kushner hanging out a few days before the coup, Hariri's resignation and now Macron in Riyadh. They all seem connected.

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