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19 November 2017


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Agree, they first came to create NDF akin IRCG.

Babak Makkinejad

Yup, the Shia Internationale.


Trump and Putin had a phone chat, covering many topics including Syria. Too much to restate, worth a full read.
Official Russian report is here:

Mercouris analyzes the conversation here:


I recall an article in either tasnim or fars indicating that over 1,000 Iranians had died in Syria. Obviously I can't verify that number, but I do believe those numbers more so than the much larger numbers put out by VOA and other tainted sources. Nonetheless, I do agree that the number is but a portion of what the overall number of Iranian-sponsored military forces is, which includes many Afghans as Kooshy indicated.



Is this 1,000 number KIA or KIA, WIA and MIA? pl


Colonel i have not yet encounter a news indicating numbers on any MIA or WIA.

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