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21 November 2017


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You nailed it - the US is definitely the ass

One wonders when young American troops will stop dying for Israel


Ehhez nem kell semmit hozzáfűzni.

But why in Hungarian? Not that I mind it--my Omega collection is purely in Hungarian, I do not like their English-language versions. Ezüst eső simply doesn't sound that good in English. Per subject matter: Egyetért.


Notes from a speech given by Shoshana Bryen at the American Zionist Movement Conference November 2017, Washington, DC

"The U.S. Military as a Zionist Organization"

Klaus Weiß

FDR's unwillingness? According to Alfred M. Lilienthal ("The Zionist Connection. What Price Peace?", pp. 35 f.), it was the Jewish lobby that prevented a legislation enabling the immigration of the doomed.


Colonel in my understanding, this is an arrangement made in havens, a Judeo-Christian marriage with vows made not to separate till death, a at least that’s how the groom thinks.


Zionist shenanigans with the foreign policy of the most powerful country in the world represent yet another stark warning against the dangers of diversity and multiculturalism. Predatory rent seeking minorities, protected by the liberal mind virus, leveraging the power structure for their own gain.

And its not limited to just Jews. Even whites who originated further away from the largely northern European founding stock of the US play their little games. Few know concentrations of Poles in key swing states like Ohio have extracted significant concessions from various presidential campaigns on the matter of Eastern European foreign policy. This was why when unapologetic WASPs ruled the United States, they were highly selective of who could come in, and ruthlessly stamped out any value systems and cultural traits distinct from new world Anglo norms. America was never a 'melting pot' as a London based Jew tried to claim in the early 20th century in his hack play. It was an Anglo run forge which inducted selected adjacent groups who could be assimilated into to the whig Anglo tradition.

Babak Makkinejad

Please do not fall for this Judeo-Christian wording that aims to obfuscate the fundamental incompatiblity of these 2 religions.



"enough to get a better glimpse of the dynamic.." Grudging. What would you think "a lot? pl


A never ending "Marshall Plan" for Israel of about 1% of Israel's GDP. They don't need the money but as long as the USA can pay it's nice.

I think the access to American technology is of greater importance. A lot of R&D cost can be avoided and there is a great potential for weapons sales.


Not to mention the blatant theft of US nuclear materials in support of their nuclear weapons program.

Not to mention they are always on the FBI's list of the countries most engaged in espionage against the US.

The FBI was up in arms over the fact that Israeli firms were operating the US communications eavesdropping equipment until they got caught selling intercept information to California drug dealers.

Israel has learned that the best way to spy on other countries is to be the country selling those countries all the surveillance equipment.

Not to mention Israel's hacking ability. The latest Russiagate nonsense involved the kaspersky Labs, an infosec company, being hacked by Israel who then claimed Kaspersky was connected to Russian intelligence. This resulted in the US banning Kaspersky products inside the US government and severely hurt Kaspersky's business model.

Not to mention their agents knew all about 9/11 prior to the attack and waited until a couple weeks before to mention it to US intelligence, as a means of CYA. Their agents actually filmed the attack from New Jersey while high-fiving themselves.

Not to mention they were involved in "false flag" terrorist attacks against Western targets until they got caught at it.

Not to mention the USS Liberty, a flagrant attack on a US intelligence ship with the expressed purpose of killing every US sailor on board.

The list of Israeli aggression against the US is long and sickening. It should be considered treason to support that country in any way.


So is our U.S. becoming a more police state atmosphere like Israel? The same Israel where censorship and the state message rule the day, seems is being passed onto our U.S.. U.S. taxpayer funded startup GOOGLE is now on-board to become America's censor. Was British Author George Orwell looking into a crystal ball when he created the writing "1984"? Hmmm..


Why not let the American people do their own censoring, where if they don't like the internet message (RT,Sputnik, Russian news), they can change the subject or move on to something they are more interested in.

I'd say the parasitical more than the symbiosis is the meme.

America's police being trained in Israeli tactics of force upon the unarmed, the Israeli tactics to dehumanize is now percolating within U.S. law enforcement tactics and employment methods, is also spreading to thought and message control.


Perhaps there is a clue hidden in the choice of words?


I certainly hope you have some evidence to support all of these claims, particularly the 9-11 claim. Will be waiting with baited breath.


I believe Google has been doing this for quite some time. The information is there but you must make an effort to find it, and assess its factualness. The only thing Schmidt is doing is prioritizing Western propaganda over Russian propaganda.


Perhaps the body count has not reached the required threshold.

The Porkchop Express

This was one of the scariest things I noticed traveling in Israel/Palestine around 2006-2008. Just about every draconian security measure was used as part of daily life. They've since become common place in the US now all as a result of the same need to "fight terrorism."

That US police forces send delegations to Israel to learn about policing tactics are also worrisome.

Tail truly wags the dog here. Maybe not overall but certainly as far as foreign policy/middle east/constant need for an enemy are concerned.


Are you 'Rapture Ready'? ( https://www.raptureready.com/category/rapture-ready-news/ )

Focuses on the end times, Israel and now the Saudis, not necessarily in any order of importance. And damn India - they've cancelled a $500 million missile deal with Israel .


"Zionist shenanigans with the foreign policy of the most powerful country in the world represent yet another stark warning against the dangers of diversity and multiculturalism." I believe diversity and multicultuarlism may be a superior counterbalance to your 'rent seeking minorities', Perhaps this nation needs some new blood to help 'drain the swamp'.



The IC have lost it IMO letting Amazon have the keys to the kingdom.
Question is, will Israel be given a copy set of keys, if not you can safely say they'll try and get into it by other means. Which means by the IC using cloud, they'll be giving the keys to the kingdom to both Moscow and Beijing.

Crosley Bendix

A long time ago I worked at Collins in Cedar Rapids in the GPS group. My boss at the time was head of R&D. He told me that when the Israelis came to town they were almost impossible to work with since they were constantly trying to steal intellectual property and classified material. Other foreign nationals would occasionally try something but they never tried to get away anything near what the Israelis did. As I'm sure that many of your readers would be aware of GPS is crucial to communication security.


Never forget that a Palestinian and an Israeli put their pants on the same way that you do. That's the way I try to look at the inhabitants of this world. In my heart I'm hoping that most Israelis would agree


Go to Breitbart or other Zionist supporting websites and ask the same question. Only frame it differently i.e. 'When will Israel start fighting it's own wars?'


They will suck the last drop of blood from USA, then they will move out to better heavens.... They have already started moving lots and lots of funds and assets out of the USA...., for in their schemes, the US is nearing a breaking point to the worst...

Peter AU

The two major problems your country faces as an independent country are Saudi money, and Gods chosen people (according to the bible).
Saudi money is corruption legalised.
Israel - many people of influence in the US seem to give their loyalty to Israel rather than the US, for I guess religious reasons.
Be interesting to see how much Saudi "sponsorship" money flows into the US after the MBS corruption enquiries. Israel is a harder nut to crack. A bit of chemo in the US required?

Perer Reichard

The Zionist Connection is a wonderful eye opening book that completely turned my thinking around when I first read it 39 years ago. Highly recommended.

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