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02 November 2017


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"by the time we have an indictment, we will have already descended into war"

Alarmist scaremongering on Trump?

No, this was said about someone much more dangerous: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/10/israel-syria-lebanon-hezbollah-benjamin-netanyahu-liberman.html


In all of this I am doubtful that the Palestinian reconciliation will last making that piece of the puzzle problematical. As an aside,I can hardly believe that my old friend Muhammad Dahlsn has risen from the dead


Via The Angry Arab

It looks like the other two sectarian officers in the Lebanese government aren't following the script. According to al-akhbar President Michel Aoun and Speaker Nabbi Berri are refusing to accept Prime Minister Hariri's resignation until he is free and on Lebanese soil. They made approaches through Egypt and Jordan but got nowhere and even approached the UK and France who apparently tried but also got nowhere while that bastion of freedom and democracy Washington refused to intervene. Just imagine how loud the howls of indignation and the demands for immediate action would be if the Russians had lured Poroshenko to Moscow and then forced him to resign.
Meanwhile, it looks like the Lebanese have realised who the real enemies of their country are although some in the Future/March 14th movement appear a bit slow on the uptake.

Leaders of the Future Movement praised the positions of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and did not drag him into escalation. Security reports also indicate that there are no popular climates to carry out moves that mimic the Saudi escalation against Lebanon and its government and against Hezbollah.
Looks like MbS is not going to get his civil war in Lebanon, unless he and certain other parties are complete morons and introduce Al Nusra or ISIS from abroad.

Then use translate to English in Chrome - the translation is legible although I can't comment on its accuracy because I don't know Arabic.

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