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15 November 2017


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" It is said with a pious air of violated rectitude that Trump fired all the US Attorneys across the country. "

I am sure this exists, but everyone writing about this on the left who should and can be taken seriously acknowledges that it was his right to fire them, and that every other president has also fired everyone. However, it has also been noted that it has been customary to let some people stay on to finish some high profile cases. It sounds like Trump had first agreed to let some people do that, then changed his mind. Again, it was his right to do that, it is just unusual.

1) He can certainly hire and fire the AG. However, once in office I thought that the AG was obligated by oath to carry out the law, i.e. even though an employee, as it were, of POTUS, still had an obligation to the Constitution. I could be wrong about this and maybe he is purely a political hire and must ignore the law to carry out what POTUS commands.


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