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24 November 2017


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Apparently, from the pen of NYT’ Thomas Friedman and supposedly from intellect of MbN, the new competition to Mr. Putin as the new Hitler president is none other than Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran.
Never mind that Hitler was a product of Western Europeans wars and greeds,and had nothing to do with orthodox Russia or a Shia Muslim Iran, which were greatly harmed due to this same wars, nevertheless it was the poor Palestinians who lost their land and territory due to this inter-European wars of colonialist greed.


You will note that the same sort of conditioning was started with protestant ministers in the 1980s: free trips to the "Holy Land," propaganda about the Palestinians, etc. This is in part how the GOP was turned into an Israeli puppet.

It is helpful to simply assume that the entire US government, the banking cartel, media, academia and protestant churches has been mentally colonized by Zionism, Cultural Marxism, or both. Try this for six months and all those policies you have been scratching your head about begin to make a lot more sense.

If you reflexively say this sounds like the delusions of a paranoid anti-Semite, you may want to consider that YOU have been gaslit.


Great documentation, Col Lang. These all-expense-paid junkets that Shoshanna Bryen boasts of, which are actually intelligence recruitment operations, should be outlawed in IMO for young soon-to-be officers. Something for Congress to take up. Meanwhile, some US private institutions would do well to publicize the dissidents inside the Israeli military and intelligence community. They aren't perfect, but frequently more outspoken and truthful than American commentators.

Bill Herschel

This article by Friedman is the most amazing piece of propaganda I have yet to see in the NYT, and that is saying something. It is required reading.

It contains statements such as the following, MBS describing Donald Trump, "the right person at the right time".



So Colonel, what do you imagine/extrapolate/intuit the repercussions of this blind support of Israeli objectives within our Congress, the Executive and Military will be?

We can see the immediate results in Syria, but what do you imagine will transpire based on the stated goals of the US military and the vague goals of the US government?

Korea is unimportant to Israel, and military efforts there would be catastrophic for US internationally, unless there was a very convincing false flag executed.

Israel cares not a bit about NATO, the EU and Russia, nor do they care about Ukraine - so are those just going to remain in limbo until they fall apart on their own?

Where does Yemen fit into this mix?

Do you believe the tiny enclave of mercs and SOF remaining in the immediate area of Syria will be strengthened?

And NO - I am not going to barbecue you for just thinking out possibilities - but what else can we civilians do? At least you have the background sufficient to imagine, and know some of the principals - invaluable in estimating what might happen.



I am here to teach you to think about these things, not to be a fortune teller. Work it out for your self. pl



IMO what they are recruiting are agents of influence. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:
Has the US soldiery, officers and the enlisted men, become - per chance - more religious? On the whole?



There are a lot more evangelical Christians than there used to be. pl



Why didn't I think of that? pl


They all become Zioconned with life membership in the Kosher-Nostra.....

Babak Makkinejad

So the secular American Creed has weakened ?


MO, even as the coastal elites have grown ever more materialistic and self-centered, the population of ordinary Americans from whom the military are recruited has either become more devout or have not turned away from religion. Israel is a politico religious phenomenon that skillfully develops gentile guilt over the Shoah. This is a potent weapon. I have known a lot of Israeli officers. Most were not religious at all and quite cynical about the evangelicals. These officers were Jewish/Israeli nationalists. That was a bond between us but this process of narrative shaping and domination of American policy has gone very far. pl


Like Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven, Friedman "Sometimes he even amazes himself". Throughout the years, I have read many super optimistic predictions of Mr. Friedman printed in NYT as an expert' analysis. Frankly never before, I had read one as overtly and embarrassingly ridicules about an absolute dictatorial monarchy that has been proven instrumental for current extremist Sunni Muslim terrorism including 9/11 in the world. Whichever US PR firm hired by Saudis for this write up in NYT, deserves a refund.


Shoah guilt seems to play well with the Coastal elites. I'm acquainted with a lot of evangelicals and never heard an evangelical speak of it. For them it is all about the bible being the literal word of God, God's covenant with Israel, and the various End Times prophecies as interpreted by various Church leaders over the years and the role Israel plays in God's plans. I still remember some of that stuff from the Plain Truth magazine that showed up at our house once in awhile 50 years back. Support for Israel is really a matter of faith for them.


In a slim volume titled "Expanding Historical Consciousness: The Development of the Holocaust Educational Foundation," author Anita Weiner traces -- make that celebrates -- the efforts of Zev Weiss to insert 'holocaust consciousness/education' in, first, American universities, then military academies, then globally.

Weiss's first triumph was the recruitment of Peter Hayes at Northwestern University in 1987. Weiss identified Hayes as "an Irish Catholic who taught German history;" Hayes describes himself as a specialist in economics. To bring him up to speed, Weiss paid $3000 to someone to cover Hayes's class load while Hayes traveled to Israel & visited Yad Vashem.
Notre Dame and then Christopher Browning were Weiss's next two acquisitions; by 1992, "65 colleges and universities had courses on the Holocaust . . . that had been introduced by The Foundation."

It took Weiss over a year to get The Air Force Academy on board with the "Expanding Historical Consciousness"/ Holocaust education project. Next in line was West Point, where European studies professor Dewey Browder was tapped to take on the program. He, too, initially resisted on the basis that he knew little about the topic, but Weiss

"obtained the assistance of Hayes . . .who spent a day with Browder at West Point, supplied him with a bibliography and helped develop a course syllabus. Second, Zev secured the support of a constructor who helped develop and teach the course. Prof. Jack Wertheimer, from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, . . .made weekly trips [to West Point] throughout the year. . . .
In the spring of 1993 the Foundation provided funding for the students to travel to Europe and visit Holocaust sites. . . . Browder said, "After these trips . . . students are better prepared . . .We usually wind up with a discussion of the nature of orders . . .if they are immoral and they are wrong, you don't follow them."

Browder's an interesting character. He moved from West Point to Austin Peay University, where ROTC students were in his classes in European history. In addition,

"He spent the last 19 years taking college students on a study abroad trip called “European Culture and the Holocaust.” Over the years, he led more than 300 students to Europe."

Now retired, Browder recently endowed a scholarship to promote European studies,
"In an effort to reacquaint hard-working college students with their European heritage, . . .
“For the last several years I’ve become increasingly concerned that American students are losing sight of our origins,” he said. “So many things that have shaped the modern world— . . .that were once considered common knowledge to most Americans . . .everything from the Renaissance, to the Reformation and Counter Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the Democratic Revolution—came from Europe. Judaeo-Christian values shaped America’s foundations, and those values were passed to us through Europe. Christianity was the glue that held society together throughout the Middle Ages. . . . All these things represent ideas that are America’s roots.”

I wonder, though, about the dual-emphasis of those tours Browder leads, and if he questions whether giving "Holocaust" equal weight with 2000+ years of "European culture" has contributed to young Americans "losing sight of their origins."

And I question, especially, if the airmen, cadets, and midshipmen who are learning to assess the morality of military orders are fully grounded if the context of that instruction is a Holocaust narrative that is purveyed by a group with a self-interested agenda, and which is loaded with misconstructions and omissions, but which is forbidden to be critically analyzed or challenged.

blue peacock

Col. Lang

If even the military leadership has become zioconned then the situation is hopeless. It would seem that only a catastrophic loss can provide the impetus for change. Even there it may be that they double down.

The ME clearly has no national benefit. There's nothing of strategic value there. It seems purely an ideological pursuit. Do you see any similarity to the anti-communist mindset that was pervasive post-war?

Clueless Joe

One can only imagine the horrified reaction of media and politicians if Russia was to ever stage that kind of paid propaganda stages and visits for US military. Horror soon followed by a witch-hunt of Stalinist proportion.

The Beaver


Check this thread on Twitter:


In honor of Thomas Friedman’s latest love letter to Saudi here is 70 years of the NY Times describing #Saudi royals in the language of #reform.


The parasitoid has taken the host by its head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovo_T0KqdYg
"The parasitoid Jewel Wasp (Ampulex compressa) uses cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) as a live fresh food supply for its offspring. The wasp injects venom directly into the cockroach brain to control its behavior. In this movie, we show the life cycle of this amazing predator, which ends in a slow horrifying death of the cockroach."


If they did this, they would be crushed into oblivion


Yes, strongly agree. I encountered then repeat lay up thru my last assignment (2012).

Babak Makkinejad

Not ideological, but religious.


Friedman: "Not a single Saudi I spoke to here over three days expressed anything other than effusive support for this anticorruption drive." Ho ho, ha ha.

ex-PFC Chuck

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation was set up by 1970s US Air Force Academy grad Michael Weinstein 10+ years ago in response to the harassment his sons received at that same institution a generation later by evangelical Christian proselytes. The elder Weinstein had experienced similar harassment in his time there. The foundation pushes back on all forms of religious proselytization that is reported to them. The perpetrators are usually evangelicals of some flavor or other, and the targets the MRFF assists include Moslems, Roman and Orthodox Catholics and mainstream Protestants as well as Jews. Weinstein's book about his and his sons' experiences that led to the MRFF's founding are a worthwhile read, as is the Wikipedia page on the organization. This issue appears to border on being a similar misuse of religious influence and it will be interesting to see how the MRFF responds when it is brought to their attention.

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