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04 November 2017


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Do they need money and media for elections??


my answer above to Babak is in full agreement with your comment - I may add that in Europe, especially in Germany, there is a tight control of media in regard to the education of public in matters of Shoah; also - it seems to me that there is a proscribed quota of pro-jewish/pro-Israel articles in media (for example the Frankfurter Allgemeine regularly features articles about German/Israeli Jews, be it in "Kultur", or in administrative jobs, and in other key positions; just pick up any given issue and you will see what I see.)The control of the USG seems to be more "open", as seen by the standing ovations for Bibi in both chambers of Congress. In Germany, it is done in way of 'we are such good friends now, that you ought to donate us another of your submarines' and 'you ought to put our people in this or that position', and 'if you continue to talk about the crimes of Michel Fridman - we will call you an anti-Semite, so - give him the TV platform back again'.


Rania Masri: The prime minister, Saad al-Hariri, was called very suddenly to Saudi Arabia. He cancelled all his appointments and went on Thursday.


Thursday it was.

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