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04 November 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

I wish all these non-Muslim foreign powers had not decided to participate in this display of "I will kill you if you attack Israel" exercise.

Did India really need to send a message to the Muslim world that she is on the side of Israel?

Did Greece?

And all these European states; do are they willing to bomb Syria, Iran, Iraq on behalf of Israel and face retaliation and a prolong war?



The exercise and the participants was planned much earlier. From march 2017:


biennial, two-week drill aimed at honing the type of planning, targeting and coordinated command and control demanded by coalitions operating in high-threat theaters.
Of the seven confirmed participants, four have never before actively participated in Blue Flag, which began in 2013 and continued in 2015 as a four-way exercise involving Israel, the U.S., Greece and Poland. This year, however, four new nations are participating, along with officers and attaches from nearly 40 countries who are expected to attend as observers.

"Everybody wants to engage and cooperate with the IAF. It’s a privilege," said Hecht, who spent four years on the Israel Defense Forces’ J5 planning staff, primarily coordinating bilateral issues between the U.S. and Israel.

I'm curious who the 40 countries are? Probably most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Canada? Any other suggestions?

A nice Gulf of Tonkin-like incident would be useful for Bibi and compatriots, but maybe this is a bit too obvious. But assuming rational actors may indeed be an error.


Babak Makkinejad said in reply to Adrestia...

"And all these European states; do are they willing to bomb Syria, Iran, Iraq on behalf of Israel and face retaliation and a prolong war?


Apparently, the genes of dark ages still persists in 'western world". Despite the very many contribution of the 'western world' since the renaissance, it seems the 'west' does need a renaissance 2.0, to cleanse themselves of those dark ages mind set!

Philippe T.

An important Israelian air forces exercice, with participation of US, French, German, Italian, Polish and Indian planes, have started on November 5th.
"Cette année, 7 pays participent à ces manoeuvres, organisées tous les deux ans depuis 2013. Outre la France, l’Allemagne a envoyé des Eurofighter tandis que l’Italie a mobilisé des Panavia Tornado. Des F-16 américains, grecs et polonais sont également présents. L’Inde, dont c’est la première participation, a déployé un avion de transport C-130J Hercules."
To my knowledge, it's the first time that French fighters are participating to an Israelian exercice in Israel (Ouvda AF Base, in Neguev).

Source : Opex 360 Zone Militaire :

Babak Makkinejad

une ensemble contre l'Islam; vraiment.



Qui? L'ulema wahhabite? pl

Babak Makkinejad

ceux qui participent aux manœuvres aériennes la bas

Account Deleted

But that's just it; it's merely a display. Haven't the French and Indians, for example, got blue helmeted missile magnets stationed south of the Litani? Not forgetting that the cheese-eating surrender monkeys have a fine record in politely declining invitations to Borg wars. Even the reliable British (pas invité?) now have a weak leader and an force of 500,000+ bona fide fee-paying anti-Zionsist 'Corbynistas' - a number far exceeding the ranks of their ever-diminishing armed forces.

Displays cost little (maybe a little treasure). Volunteer numbers for the real thing would be diminishingly small IMO.

Babak Makkinejad

Display to what purpose?
They are also in the Persian Gulf, upholding the rationalitic principles of Enlightenment against the retrograde and crazed Muslims of Iran.


Babak Makkinejad -

Four of the seven are Greece, Poland, Italy and France. Hmmm? Where does that leave your "the-protestant-countries-are-the-ones-that-hate-Iran" theory? Never mind, don't bother with an answer, the question was rhetorical.

They do this exercise every two years. It has nothing to do with the current situation in the ME and has nothing to do with attacking Iran. The exercise is defensive in nature, not offensive. I expect that the non-Israeli participants want to learn from the Israeli experience flying close to Russian made radar systems and EW. Probably also checking comms and interoperability. Nothing to get excited about. R+6 does the same.

Having said that, my personal position is that the US should NOT be participating. We have no formal treaty with Israel - only Reagan's Strategic Cooperation Agreement, which was never blessed by the Senate. We have been handcuffed by Reagan's idiocy ever since. But nowadays I suppose the Senate has been bought by AIPAC and would probably go along with it.


Babak Makkinejad

Stop being the pendant, Northern Protestants are setting this agenda and now a few boot-lickers like India have joined.
No, they are defending Israel against the Martians, for sure.
AIPAC, Neo-cons, etc are akin to the SS, the alibi of an entire continent. I, however, see religious sentiment in all of this.

Account Deleted

A display of loyalty to US/Israeli/Gulf interests in the Great Taking of Sides; boot-licking, as you say.


Babak Makkinejad -

"...and now a few boot-lickers like India have joined."


As you are surely well aware of, India has had a military and intelligence relationship with Israel since the 1980s. Israel is the second-largest source of defense equipment for India, after Russia. Which is probably why they have attended the Blue Flag exercise in Israel. And they established informal diplomatic relations with Israel in 1950. Relations probably got a lot stronger after the IRGC Delhi bomb attack in 2012.

So adding India to Greece, Poland, Italy, and France means that five of the seven were not part of your 'eevil' protestant cabal.

Babak Makkinejad

For France, it is a matter of emotion - just like World War I - they are still fighting the Shoah...

Babak Makkinejad

Let us not kid ourselves here; only an anti-Muslim Hindu Nationalist Government would so blatantly take sides in this religious war.

As for my comments about Northern Protestantism and its effect on these states, I stand by what I wrote.

Poor Greece which no longer is a sovereign state and Italy, a weak state, have to follow the diktats of their betters in Berlin, Paris, London, and Washington.

I agree that they could, in principle, follow Islamic Republic of Iran, show their proverbial fingers at the Borg, and walk out of this alliance that is perennially seeking a new war to justify itself.

But they do not have it in themselves.

Earlier, I had challenged the commentator Castellio on this forum before in this regard, I ask you:

"What do the secular republics called USA and France have in common with that theocracy called State of Israel?"

I know it is difficult, having grown in this social milieu that denies the significance of religious sentiment, to admit that one is a religious war with no end in sight.

Nevertheless, try.


Babak Makkinejad -

"What do the secular republics called USA and France have in common with that theocracy called State of Israel?"

Nothing! And yet we still support her. Why? AIPAC money and influence in congress and the press is my answer. You seem to think we are all Muslim haters. You should examine your own conscience in this matter and expurgate your own religious preconceptions.

The Beaver

@ Babak

Quand Priti Patel deviendra la ministre de la Défense Britannique, le Royaume Uni particepera aussi. Elle est comme Nikki Haley - pro-Bibi.


Yes, sometimes Babak's theories/hypotheses take over, or emotions seem to get the upper hand.

Strictly, more arbitrarily, the Israeli-Greek military bilateral cooperation seem to have started much earlier then the larger annual Blue Flag events.


Babak: follow[ing] the diktats of their betters in Berlin, Paris, London, and Washington? Who knows, mike. Maybe he knows something, we don't?


I think you attribute too much weight to religious aspect of european people "standing by" Israel against the Muslim countries. IMHO, you need to separate the governing elites from the common people. The governing elites and media are under control of money and media. The constant moral club of Shoah is a powerful tool, which is used skillfully. People in Europe, be it protestant or otherwise have no deep satisfaction in the ´judeo-christian´ mantra, nor deep hatred of the Muslim world. I see the europeans as fairly equal opportunity judges of history and they see the mayhem which Greater Israel is now causing.

Babak Makkinejad

Those Elites stand for elections, do they not?

Babak Makkinejad

It is not I who is emotional, it is you.

Babak Makkinejad

Back again with the usual suspects already?
You need to address yourself to the Protestant Churches and ask them: "What price Israel?"

Babak Makkinejad

Ah, la guerre contre le Roi Akbar encore


Do they need money and media for elections??


my answer above to Babak is in full agreement with your comment - I may add that in Europe, especially in Germany, there is a tight control of media in regard to the education of public in matters of Shoah; also - it seems to me that there is a proscribed quota of pro-jewish/pro-Israel articles in media (for example the Frankfurter Allgemeine regularly features articles about German/Israeli Jews, be it in "Kultur", or in administrative jobs, and in other key positions; just pick up any given issue and you will see what I see.)The control of the USG seems to be more "open", as seen by the standing ovations for Bibi in both chambers of Congress. In Germany, it is done in way of 'we are such good friends now, that you ought to donate us another of your submarines' and 'you ought to put our people in this or that position', and 'if you continue to talk about the crimes of Michel Fridman - we will call you an anti-Semite, so - give him the TV platform back again'.

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