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22 November 2017


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FB Ali


Thank you for another review of the situation in Syria. These are very useful in following what is going on there. Your comments on these events are also very worthwhile.


TTG & Beaver

Thanks. It simply is impossible for the western governing elite to back down. They are raising the stakes. Almost 50,000 troops can do a lot of mischief and will keep the gulf monarchs from attacking each other. But, against 81 million Iranians they would do squat. The Iranian militias will open a land line from Lebanon to Iran. Protecting Shia homes and towns is why they are fighting and dying. Only Israel has an army to do something about it. To date, Bibi has held back from opening the gates of hell. Only a Middle East peace treaty and secure federated nations can lock the doors.


Sochi vs Riyadh?



So how will the Syrian gov retrieve those eastern area that are now occupied by the SDF? I doubt the US gov will remove its troops unless it is forced to do so.


SAA, or to be more specific the Syrian NDF, have also incorporated tribal militias formerly allied with IS.



I am more hopefully than you in that regard. The negotiations on Syria will mover fairly quickly in 2018. Putin has given the POTUS a 'Golden Bridge' to escape Syria with a level of dignity. A bridge that is not really deserved but Putin is a pragmatist, lets hope the Administration are wise enough to cross it.

The Kurds will get some sort of cultural & political automomy within a United Syria out of the deal. Foreign and Defence policy will remain with Damascus, as it should be.

Maybe we will see a Confederate States of Syria emerge in a generation or a Syrian Commonwealth that includes Lebanon.

Jon Rudd

In regard to that last point:

el sid

Sort of related, since we're talking about Syria.

Revelations of a High-Profile Qatari Official Reveal a Wider anti-Syria Conspiracy

It seems that for some odd reason the former Prime Minister of Qatar has suddenly decided to spill the beans to the BBC of how and why the usual suspects decided to initiate ths Syrian "Civil War".

Read and enjoy.


I don't think Trump has sufficient authority to take that exit ramp.


"The common denominator amongst Trump appointees is their hatred of Israel." You think McMaster and Mattis are not sworn to defend Israel against all enemies, including American? What color is the sky on your planet? Both are dedicated to promoting war with Iran.


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