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05 November 2017


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Eric Newhill

Oh man, Hillary falls on her face in the street and gets ignominiously loaded into a van like a sack of potatoes - and we all see the video - and it's all Russian lies that there's something wrong with her health? It wasn't even the first time she'd fallen - and not the last. Recently she fell and appeared with a cast on her lower leg. Do the Democrats not understand how much they insult those of us still capable of objective analysis?

BTW, I still say with conviction that if she had won the election she'd be dead by now. The pressure would have finished her off. I digress....

Only a fully indoctrinated zombie can really believe that an old woman that falls on her face in the street could be POTUS. Agree that Brazile must feel guilty for her role in continuing the charade that Hillary could be a good fit for the office; a charade that was obvious to a lot of us and that obviousness of which helped elect Trump.


I don't think we should get carried away writing a hagiography for Donna Brazil. She wouldn't be leaking had Hillary won. Zero chance! But because she lost, the DNC has to cut off the Clinton tumour for good...enter Donna Brazil to draw first blood. She and the DNC realize how their interests have shifted.

This won't be the first left-wing circular firing squad we'll see. With a reinvigorated right ascendant, the dysfunction which affects people on the 'wrong side of history' is beginning to migrate from the right to the left.

David E. Solomon


For what it is worth, I am under the impression that Donna Brazile has suddenly come around to her position because she and others (so far unnamed) in the Democratic Party are beginning to realize that the Obama years were a completely wasted opportunity for the advancement of the party's honestly left wing leaning members, and that to continue on the same path with the likes of Hillary Clinton would be suicidal. I believe she and others are embarking on a course to finally put a nail in the coffin of the Clinton machine.

Personally, I long ago gave up expecting anything constructive to emerge from the Clinton or Obama political machines. So I am overjoyed with her attack (assuming full well, that like other members of the political establishment her actions have probably been motivated by a personal quest for power).

Nevertheless, good riddance to Hillary and Bill. Just please do not give us Biden.


The whole "Putin puppet" thing has spun off into self parody. Brazile's response to the accusation was weak. It kind of reminds me of the stories of the Moscow show trials where the object of the trial remained a zealous adherent to the party line as they went off to the gulag - no injustice could shake their faith or their willingness to denounce others undergoing the same injustice.

David E. Solomon

Tacitus, I would further like to add that before we get carried away with worrying about Russian meddling conspiracies we (the body politic) need to take responsibility for what we have wrought over the last fifty years.

I am not just thinking about Clinton, Obama and Trump.

We all (Left and Right) have a responsibility to tone down the rhetoric and start working for the common good (not just the good of one group over another).


So George Stephanopoulos is interviewing the DNC Chair who says she felt under pressure to initiate a process to replace Clinton as their candidate, and he doesn't ask "from where" she was feeling such pressure, or just WHO else was talking about the need to have a Plan B, or even the nature of her medical condition that was causing (at least for Brazile, among other persons) such cause for concern? Just what WAS going on with Hillary Clinton? This would seem to be such an obvious question for an ostensible "journalist" to ask. But instead of probing for an answer in real time, the Clintonistas respond, later, that Brazile's brain must have been infected by The Russians.

"Clown show" is correct, and the circus clearly runs wide and deep.


"she also takes shots at President Too Cool for School Obama for his complete disinterest in raising money for the DNC."

I thought it was pretty widely known that Obama saw the DNC as a tool for the Clintons. That is why he ran his own separate organization.



I agree completely with your analysis here. I very much doubt that Brazile would be writing what she has in recent days without some significant encouragement from some major power players in the Dem Party.

Many inside the Dem Party know that Hillary lost because Hillary is one of the worse national candidates ever. She has that unique ability to give a pep talk to 1000 people including 500 supporters and afterwards there are only 480 who support her. That is why the Dem pros didn't let her campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin late in the campaign -- they could see every time she addressed a crowd her support shrunk.

But in the short term Brazile will have to face the wrath of the Hillary fanatics. Stephanopoulos is one. It will be unpleasant for her but I do believe there are some very powerful back room players that are supporting her one way or the other. Their only goal is to make Hillary go away -- Hillary's recent book tour has convinced them that Hillary thinks she can win the Dem Party nomination in 2020. And the fact that there are 20 million women in the Dem party who are fanatical Hillary supporters it might even be true that she could win. That would be a disaster that would take decades, if at all, to recover from.


It was not widely known that the DNC was a Hillary tool in 2009 because it most certainly was not. Howard Dean was DNC chair until Obama won and then fired him and dismantled his efforts to build the Dem party in all 50 states and to contest down ballot races. Between 2009 and 2016 Bill and Hillary worked full time to take over the DNC. They finally succeeded once DWS became chair. It was never clear to me why Obama allowed this to happen. Probably because he really did not care about the Dem Party other than seeing it as a tool to gain power. As other narcissists Obama doesn't care about principles that do not include themselves directly.


I might jump out the window if I believed that was in the cards !

David E. Solomon

Obama cared only about Obama and that was very clear to anyone who chose to look.



Thanks for a great read on a night when I could not sleep because of events in TX.

The comment thread has been great, too.

I wonder if the Democratic Party has finally reached the point that my front yard landscaping has reached: it was time to take it out and create something new. The bushes were so overgrown and ugly, the 80's style lava rock and railroad ties were just too ugly and had never been as cool as everyone thought at the time.

But back to the Dems. The 1988 primaries and then the 1992 primaries were so very strange, if you ask me. It was not until Obama won that I finally realized I was no longer a Democrat. But even back then, I remember writing in Bullwinkle the Moose as my candidate on the primary ticket for 1992.

There is just no clear economic position that the Democrats want to promote. Bernie's surprising run as a Socialist frightens me. It's just too junior high school thinking.

Hillary and Obama with their One World Government ideas are even more idiotic.

Poor Donna Brazile--she's clinging to her nine-year-old self and thinking the issues and the times have not changed. She's experiencing cognitive dissonance.

But I thank her for coming forward with her truth, as she sees it. And I'm so very happy that her truth has shed light on the clown show that is not only the Clinton Machine but also includes the Obama shadow puppet show.

The Democrats need to do some serious soul-searching, just as the Republicans are being forced to do with their Trump Presidency.

I hope the mess is all cleaned up and rearranged and functioning for my grandchildren when they are old enough to vote. My fear is that when they reach that age, the world will be a far different place for them than it was for us in our ealy adult lives.

Peter AU

"If the economy keeps growing and he stays out of new wars, the road for a second term should be smooth."

This is the catch 22 for the US. To stay the superpower, the US must initiate wars (if destabilization does not succeed) against countries that use currency other than the US$ for international trade, otherwise the trickle becomes a flood.


That the Clintonists are so loud in their complaints against Brazile suggests to me that they're hoping that the blessed Ms Hillary will run again in 2020 (with the same result), but if you say that the Clintonists accuse you of being a nutter. So, it looks to me that Brazile is trying to kill off Ms Hillary's presidential dreams for 2020 without suggesting Ms Hillary'll stand in 2020. I hope Brazile succeeds.


"Go to Hell."

Truman couldn't have said it better.

English Outsider

So I looked up this Bullwinkle character on Wiki. He and his pal had "a shared sense of optimism, persistence and traditional ethics and moral standards."

Not carping, but I think that was quite a lot to ask a voting machine for back in 1992. Still, all's well that ends well, though it must have been a long wait for you until Trump came along.

Ishmael Zechariah

re: " They don't know what it's like to bury a child. I did, Seth Rich."
Could somebody enlighten me; just what the hell is this sentence supposed to mean?
Many thanks
Ishmael Zechariah
(and God does love the Infantryman-he made so many of them).

Bill H

The Democrats are in an odd position. The stock market is soaring and unemployment is plummeting. After years of attributing both to the influence of Obama, they now want to claim they both are in spite of rather than because of Trump. Or, they just try to ignore the stock market and unemployment and hope that no one notices. Or they secretly hope that the stock market plummets and unemployment soars.

Meanwhile they scream about Russia and misogny as a distraction, because Americans care so much more about the Russian threat and how women are treated than they do about their retirement accounts, which consist of stocks, and jobs.


Seth Rich was a young employee murdered, to the extend I recall close to his home in Washington DC, in the larger context of the Russia-hacking gate.

In other words his murder is the basis (not much time to put it better) of the leaks versus hacking theory.


steve, my last uninformed comment on matters. Or for today. Matters I have to look into.

Could Obama have given her her own highly secured Blackberry?

One of our own German conspiracy theorists seems to assume the fact she didn't get one just like the president did, triggered the whole Hillary, private server, email affair. I have a vague idea about the Obama and his Blackberry meme, although not much basics on the official US procedure in this context.

I disliked her campaign against Obama admittedly. Full discovery: the only thing I didn't understand is why he offered her the position of Secretary of State after.

Babak Makkinejad


Ambassador Chas Freeman on Technology, Statecraft, and Unrestricted Warfare



Countries sell the US their goods in return for USD as long as the selling country needs USD to purchase oil and other goods it needs only sold in USD…or maybe it wants USD as a buffer.

[As the single national reserve currency, the US must run trade deficits to provide the world with this liquidity. It has to, otherwise it’s credibility as the reserve currency breaks down; if it can’t provide USD, then its status as reserve currency will disappear. This doesn’t appear to be anything the current Republican and Democrat poobahs understand.]

At the moment, all USD sales (including Chinese) are for the most part parked in their treasury securities accounts at the Federal Reserve. The selling country can of course exchange its USD profits on the open exchange to their own currency (or another currency) and wire the money home, but not if the selling country wants USD. By law, no USD can leave the US banking system. So if you want to see the profits that a country like China or Japan made selling us stuff in any given year, just google for the Fed’s Foreign Treasury Securities table. They are right there in black and white.

The US does NOT need to “initiate wars…against countries that use currency other than the US$ for international trade.” What it needs to do (1) is ensure by increasing the welfare and prosperity of its own people, (2) increase wages for the middle class so that (3) purchasing imports is a benefit. The massive US purchases of Chinese goods from 1999-2008 was not the result of the increased worker wages, of a rich middle class benefiting from its good fortune and spending its money. It was massive accumulated private debt paying for those products which came crashing down in Sept 2008 and resulted in the Great Recession.

Contrary to popular belief, exports are a cost to a nation. It uses up a nation’s national resources.

The US may lose its reserve currency status by 2030 as China convinces the rest of the world to retain Yuan instead of USD. China will have to replicate the huge treasury securities daily market (currently over $750 billion daily) to nab reserve status.

In the meantime, of course, there will be trillions of treasury securities in foreign Federal Reserve accounts that will have to be liquidated, so it ain’t like the USA is going to suffer for this except for one thing. It’s going to need the new reserve currency itself to pay for foreign wars (food, fuel, logistics, etcetera). Right now it pays for this stuff with a keystroke. Costs the US zip.


Ms Brazil needs to watch her six, those who have crossed Hillary and Bill have been Arkancided. If she isn't careful, she will be added to their body count


It may not have been widely known. I didn't claim that. What I said was that Obama believed that, and in retrospect I think it was probably mostly true.



Unemployment is decreasing at about the same rate under Trump as it was under Obama. The stock market is also growing at about the same rate. Those are the actual numbers. Trump should get credit for maintaining the rate of improvement.


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