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05 November 2017


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How about Norway, Fred?


David, don't misread this feedback. I am aware of the VIPS technical file transfer argument that suggests leaks versus hacking. I forget the anonymous expert's aka behind it.


But if I may respond from a more personal layer, one of the people that attracted me in the larger early post 9/11 US conspiracy scene, "Bob", he may have attracted me since his diction was the highest linguistic challenge in the larger context. I spent quite a bit of time in deciphering some of his comments.

He claimed to be a resident of Washington DC, which made me take a closer look, based on his comments. He also claimed to be, or was, an early IT geek.

Up to that date, I had admittedly the more general impression it was the US capital, with no doubt a lot of lobbyists around. More arbitrarily: I am aware of a German merchant of arms that after he officially resigned/retired from his job here in Germany spent quite some time there. I suppose as expert of the larger scene ... So to speak unofficially, as far as the firm is concerned. At least it looked like that. Shifting from regular pay to some type of percentage he got for his deals?

But I surely wasn't aware to what extend some of "Bob's" more cryptic statements made a lot of sense in the real Washington DC beyond the P.O.S.H. scene, I had no clue about that. He made me take a closer look in my desire tounderstand.

In hindsight, I admit, this might have been a good larger context to stage a murder that may never be resolved. But why? What's the exact time table? Could Donna Basile's publication tell us anything about that? And how could the "Clintoites" and "Obamacrats" cum Crowd Strike have been involved?

Before we let our imagination fly, that is. ;)


Hard to believe: "George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point" http://www.unz.com/article/duty-honor-atrocity/
Who knows, but there are maybe some fearless and influential patriots among the brass who are ready to spill the beans about the deterioration at the West Point. The words "gutting and renovation" are coming to mind.



She dedicated her book to Seth Rich. Sure shot at HRC, Wasserman and anyond else who tries to come for her.

Pacifica Advocate

Or Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, or....

different clue

Pacifica Advocate,

I remember back during the Clinton Administration period when someone was bragging about the millions of new jobs Clinton had created. I remember replying: " yes, and someone I know has three of them."

different clue

David E. Solomon,

" Cis-gender straight white males need not apply", eh? From someone within the DNC, eh?

It would be nice to know the names of the people who wrote and sent that memo. I suspect whoever wrote and sent it was part of the Clintonite conspiracy against Sanders.

At least the risk of nuclear war with Russia is lower than it would be under a President Clinton. At least the Clintonites don't get to create a jihadi Islamist Emirate in Syria. And let us remember that it was the Free Trade Clintonites in conspiracy with the Free Trade Republicans who got MFN for China passed, and engineered the mass-transfer of thingmaking from America to China to begin with.

But yes. At some point we will have to begin commenting about the details of what the ongoing Trump damage has been and is.


Sy Hersh backtracked for any number of likely reasons:

1) He was caught on tape unbeknownst to himself. Obviously he is not happy.

2) He is working on a "long form journalism" story on the whole Russiagate affair. Obviously he is not happy that the release of the tape may have caused potential media buyers to back off.

3) One of his senior contacts in a US intelligence agency (the FBI or NSA, it's not clear) may have been compromised by being mentioned in the tape. This could jeopardize ALL of his contacts, on which he depends for his articles. Obviously he is not happy.

The audio tape stands on its own. He doesn't need to confirm it. All he has done is hand wave to try to shut it down before it does any more damage to his efforts to find out what really happened. This is consistent with his personality as an impatient curmudgeon and someone who suffers fools badly.

The FACT remains that he said what he said and not in a manner of "gossip".


I agree it was unusual for her to bring up Rich. Personally I have no idea whether Rich was deliberately murdered or not.

On the Sy Hersh tape, he admits he doesn't know either and supports the idea that it could have been a mugging gone bad.

Given that Hersh said that according to the FBI report, Rich had told others about his actions "in case anything happens to me, it won't solve their problems", that's pretty clearly a suggestion that he feared for his life over the leak.

So it's natural to immediately suspect deliberate murder based on that alone. But it's not outside the bounds of coincidence that he wasn't.


Tell us about Venezuela. I wonder where socialism is working so well. And, I was born in the U.S. instead of in Russia because my great-grandparents, all of them, fled the socialist/communist hordes who were coming into their village and killing people who didn't agree.

And can you explaing why Bernie's own wealth, as well as his wife's, isn't being voluntarily donated to the common good.


In 2008 when donna was working for backtrack. A young lady that posted on a blog that I went to was e-mailing her. Now we were Hillary fans and not for backtrack. This young lady was planning to vote for the first time. This is an important time in a young person's life. Finally you are grown up to vote for your choice for a president of the USA. Because this young lady was a Hillary supporter Donna told her " stay home". I never forgot that. I have daughters and taught them that it was their job to vote. Too many women over the years fought for women to get that right.



So, you would vote for any woman rather than a man. This is very sexist. pl


Donna Brazile is no saint. She threw the 2008 primary to Obama by disqualifying delegates from MI and FL where Hillary was leading.

Plus her political savvy was zero. She was campaign manager for Al Gore. Prior to that she had worked on the campaigns of Jesse Jackson, Walter Mondale, Dick Gephardt. All losers. So why did they give her the post of DNC chair? She was no strategist.

Publius Tacitus

Very valid point.



A constitutional monarchy.



You did not answer my question.


tried to read brazile's "hacks"
but the title says why i only got half way:
she mercilessly kept pounding the russian
hacks BS.

some items why the democrats are worthless: brazile, dean, clintons, obama, biden, debbie shultz, sanders.

the repubs have an equal number why they are equally cesspool material.

only trump, the hated by both parties and the deep blacks, is different.

trump is the change with hope.

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