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06 November 2017


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I am slow this AM. IMO the Tea Party does not have anything to do with Northam's win. He won because of the tidal wave of Northern immigration that has created a different commonwealth. Cantor was always a misfit as representative of the 7th district. The inundation hasn't reached there as yet and a slick Richmond lawyer doesn't do it for them - yet. http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2016/09/httpwwwreuterscomarticle20150410us-yemen-security-iduskbn0n10lo20150410.html pl


Pat, I looked Roem up and agree somewhat. But what does surface tell us about our "souls" our inner urges. Or the 'little voice inside' as Richard called it recently.

Should I look more closely into a recent Germany high court decision that there may be a third sex? Maybe I will.

There surely is the biological factor, according to the news one out of 500 kids is born as true hermaphrodite. Based on the little I know about the subject, this seems to have been handled discretely via a lot of pressure on the parents surgically for a long, long time. In other words they are forced to decide for their kids at an early age. Surgery turns them into one or the other. Making it fit into the standard male - female context.


I am more hesitant concerning the non biologically based, psychological decisions, beyond sexual choices. Do I have an idea, a sensibility for the respective stories? Definitively not.

But full discovery: I enjoyed reading Judith Butler's Gender Troubles. Maybe I have to read it again. But I definitively felt I was brought up to fulfill the standard "role of a women'. But at the same time didn't feel like joining the mainstream feminism:




You are far too literal. I don't give a damn what Roem looks like so long as I am not required to have sex with her. When it becomes obligatory to have sex with exotics, there I will draw the line. It also bothers me not that we have various other exotic creatures in the legislature. We have always had these. They were simply more discreet. It was a very old Southern joke that every family had a few who were variously described in an arch way as "thespians" or some such thing. pl



I now await the Northam inauguration. pl

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