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22 October 2017


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Virginia election polls are as bad as the 2016 Presidential polls in (deliberately?) overstating the Ds.

As per Richard Baris: "Gillespie is definitely leading now. Not by 8. But he's leading. Northam’s problem is fewer voters say HC is the top issue. That was #1 last month. Now it's jobs and the economy, which they trust Gillespie more on bigly. Also, education is increasing as a concern and Gillespie has a rare slight edge. Immigration >, too, w/ a bigger advantage."

B. D. Warbucks


Similar to Hank Foresman, it has been a long while since I felt compelled to comment. But in this instance, I have a considered opinion regarding the candidates for Governor of our Commonwealth.

Ralph Northam graduated a year ahead of me from our Beloved Alma Mater. He was held in high regard by all cadets. His career has already been outlined here and in other venues, so I will not drone on. I know him to be an honorable man.

I have passing familiarity with Ed Gillespie through ties with our children. He is a quintessential Republican insider, but somewhat different from the Bible-thumping no nothings that appear to have taken over the local party.

Both parties are running scare campaigns in the voter-rich districts. TV, radio, and mailers are disgusting. They appeal to the base fears of soccer moms. The unctious party apparatchiks on both sides are creating cartoons of these candidates.

I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat. I vote for the candidate who will harm me and the Commonwealth the least. Since the Republicans have sided with the moon bats, I hope Northam wins . . . . but it will be close.


B.D. Warbucks

I don't want to endorse either of them. Gillespie is a GOP apparatchik whom I believe sees Mr. Jefferson's chair in Richmond as merely a step toward national office. That's not good enough for me. I want to see someone in that chair who is focused on our Commonwealth. Ralph Northam seems exactly the kind of affable and carefully inoffensive person to have been universally popular in the Corps and elected to presidency of the Honor Court. Politics is about interests, both individual and group. you make your case here on the basis of an assumed group interest on the part of VMI alumni. I agree that there is such an interest, a strong one. Therefore I ask you if Ralph Northam would be good for the Institute with regard to its special character, heritage and future or will he pursue the agenda of the National Democratic Party without regard for our group interest? pl



The gubernatorial election in Virginia on the 7th of November is getting to be really interesting. Both parties see it as an indicator with regard to Democratic Party chances of capturing the US House of Representatives in 2018. Democratic control in the House is thought to be quickly followed by an impeachment resolution against DJT. Foreign (i.e., out of state) money is pouring into the media markets here on both sides. The election will be decided on the basis of geography and tribe. The Democrats are strong in the Washington suburbs and in the very African-American urban areas of the SE, areas like Richmond City and Petersburg. The Republicans are strong just about everywhere else except a few college towns. It appears to me that if all the potential Democratic voters voted, Northam would win, but the question looms large as to how many will actually vote. Northam is a liberal even by national democratic Party standards and would normally be highly favored by the Democratic Party's adherents in Virginia. Nevertheless, Northam has characteristics that may not be favored by many Democrats. He is very White, very male, very Southern. If you don't thinks so, listen to his voice, observe the diffident manner so criticized in the national media here. He was an army doctor? You think that background will cause the Northern Virginia liberals to favor him? I don't. All of that means the election is likely to be close. pl

Eric Newhill

I totally agree with what you say.

When elections appear to be this close, sometimes seeming minutia can be the deciding factor - for example, the move to remove a plaque related to George Washington's attendance on Christ Church in Alexandria. The left is making that move right at election time. IMO, a lot of Virginians are going to react negatively and see it as a portent of what the left seeks to do.

That is if VA is as I remember it being. As a quasi-Virginian, I am appalled. My family - parents, uncles/aunts, maternal grandparents - and someday my brother, cousins, wife and self are all interred at historic Christ Church in Weems. To think that the leftists would desecrate that sacred place, given a chance, gets me fighting mad. The Virginians of my youth were so proud of their history and of native sons like Washington. I can't believe that they would not also be highly motivated to vote in a way that preserves their history and way of life. Then again, I have not spent significant time in VA three decades. Maybe the minorities and carpet baggers have eroded the culture and diluted the population sufficiently to be able to finish the civil war in sherman-esque style.

Eric Newhill

You're right of course.

However, I still say it doesn't matter too much. One of the candidates would destroy the culture of VA (and of the US) and the other would not. That is what is being voted on.


Eric Newhill

I will not vote for Northam. In Christ Church's yard there are 34 Confederate unknowns buried in one trench. They died in hospital in Alexandria or being transported to Alexandria as prisoners of war. There is a plaque. Will they be uprooted? the Lee and Washington families owned pews in the church.. We have gone mad. In like manner the Episcopalians have removed the memorial stained glass windows of Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the National Cathedral in Washington. pl

Eric Newhill

After the sick attack ad leveled at Ed Gillespie, wherein a pickup truck with a lift kit, flying the stars and bars and bearing Gillespie's name, is shown prowling the streets looking to run down minority children, jihadi style - Virginians responded by tripling the campaign contributions to Gillespie.

That's what I'm talking about. Fortunately Ol Virginie is still alive in the hearts and souls of many (enough?). IMO, Northam's alliance has done him in. That is sad. It is a shame that you cannot be comfortable voting for a fellow Army vet and an alum of your alma mater.


Eric Newhill

I do not speak for other VMI alumni but I consider Ralph Northam to be the greatest danger and threat to VMI since MG David Hunter burned the place to the ground in 1864. pl

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