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22 October 2017


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A. Pols


Sometimes I feel this way..


At first blush Northam seems like a breath of fresh air. Good foundation, admirable sevice, devoted to his practice. His jumping the minimum wage to $15 hour, putting Confederate statues in a unnamed museum, support for sanctuary cities and other positions will make his road to governor difficult. Now Gillespie is a known quantity who will ride the position to something bigger and while he serves the good citizens of Virginia nothing extraordinary will occur.
A difficult decision but should be interesting and i look forward to how this race moves forward.


Northam was born and raised in Virginia, grew up as a farm boy in a small town on Virginia's eastern shore, a VMI grad, former Army doctor, and a self-claimed fiscal conservative.

Ed Gillespie was born and raised in New Jersey, founded one of the most powerful lobbying firms in the US with clients such as EnRon and the Wall Street Banksters. He now denies ever knowing Jack Abramoff.


Northam +14 (53%-39%) last week:
Northam +7 (49%-42%) two weeks ago:
Northam +5 (49%-44%) one month ago:




I asked for your opinion of them pl


Ed Gillespie was tobacco lobbyist & W. Bush admin official who pushed neocon lies, the 2003 Iraq War, the Iraq surge, & the Afghan Surge & wants the military option on the table against Iran & sees it as threat #1.

As detailed below in his quotes: http://www.ontheissues.org/International/Ed_Gillespie_War_+_Peace.htm
continued to push those lies even after 2006

1. Gillspie pushed the lie WMDs in Iraq 2003

2. He pushed the lie of Saddam & Al Queda were linked & working together

3. He pushed the lie of Saddam seeking uranium from Niger

All these things should automatically disqualify him from being elected to any political position because he would just use it as the stepping stone to his next political position into Congress or Presidency

The US has had enough of neocon politicians who seek to waste the lives of our precious military & resources on fighting wars in the Middle East..

For everyone's sake, don't let him or any other neocon (Hilary, McCain, Graham, Lieberman, etc) into any elected position that they will only use to step into greater positions of power that will have disasterous consequences

State governor positions have no power when it comes to foreign policy but they will use it (like Governor Bush, Kaine, Palin, etc) as a spring board to run for President or Congress where they will do immense damage & needless lives lost

Green Zone Café

Life-long lobbyist, spinmeister, BS artist vs. VMI grad Army MC pediatric neurologist?

No contest.


It appears that Virginia would be better served by Mr. Northam than Mr. Gillespie, who comes with some serious past baggage and has run a rather dismal campaign. One of the glaring problems the GOP now has is the inability to put country before party. It is unable to arrive at the necessary compromises need for good governance. Mr. Gillespie has a long history with that aspect of his party and I am sure Virginia does not need that. It is a pretty diverse state and does not need more division.

Eric Newhill

A classic party conservative versus a classic bleeding heart spend spend spend liberal. It's nothing more than a straight party line election. Neither man's character matters. It's what the party stands for that is important in this race.

VA tends to have a slightly greater proportion of Democrats, but it will be close. Who will win will depend on who has the better machine, who can motivate voters to come out to the polls on election day and the electoral demographics of VA.

Northam probably supports kneeling footballers. We know he supports sanctuary cities, removal of American icons and the job/small business killing $15/hr minimum wage hike. If it was the deep South, the Rocky Mountain states, mid-West or the rustbelt, he'd lose for sure. But the minorities and the all the DC borgists that reside in VA could sway the victory toward him. I hope they do not. OTOH, there is sufficient backlash against anti-American leftists like those Northam has sided with, that he could easily lose. It will be a telling result whoever wins.



What has Northam as Lt. Governor done for Virginia during his Lt. tenure? What did he do positive (or negative) under McAuliffe?

It appears that both camps are now slinging mud and negative campaigning against their respective opponent.





According to the wiki article Northam voted for Bush in both elections.



It looks like Gillespie certainly knows that "art of legislative politics". Whether that means he's another creature of the swamp I can't say. It is telling that Northam distanced himself from the candidate for Lt. Governor. I would think endorsing your own party's candidtate for that post wouldn't make any difference. What has he managed to do as Lt. Governor under McAuliffe?


A candidate's character always matters. If you still believe it does not, perhaps you should stop voting for a while. (Just kidding.) Seriously, I think we must all acknowledge that characters matters a great deal in an elected official. As Lars says above, "One of the glaring problems the GOP now has is the inability to put country before party." THAT is a function of the combined LACK of character of that group of elected officials. Character counts now more than ever.



That's true and then the Democrats have the Clintons and Harvey Weinstein. pl


There is a lot of false equivalences, but the only one Harvey Weinstein should be compared to is Donald Trump, so far. There are plenty of Democrats who are dumping on Harvey, while there are very few Republicans who will do the same on Donald, even if there are disturbing parallels between the two. There is also the matter that one was making movies and the other one is supposed to make public policy.

You may not like the Clintons, but they have not ever behaved like Trump has, on many levels. That is if you are able to be objective about misbehavior.



There is no evidence that Trump is a sexual criminal. No one has accused him pf rape. Weinstein is a major funder of causes that I am sure you favor. The Clintons are the subject of a public corruption investigation presently being conducted by Mueller. pl



"There are plenty of Democrats who are dumping on Harvey,..."

Those Democrats were all Je Suis Harvey for years. They're keeping his money too, especially the ones he helped make multimillionaires.

Laura Wilson

turcopolier...Do you really consider them equivalent to elected officials and highly placed appointees who cower before Trump's tongue and tweets and kowtow to his every whim. The US has no functioning ethics office, the entire concept of "promoting the general welfare" and "providing for the common defense" has gone by the wayside unless either of those things fits a VERY specific and ideological agenda. The State Department is in shambles, clean air and water are SO passe. And, still "Clinton and Weinstein" are the equivalent???? What about the total disrespect of Trump and his administration for the service of John McCain (and every other POW in history), what about showing concern only for Gold Star parents who slavishly praise Trump.

You know, you may end up running the last American blog that has any actual discourse, intelligent discussion, and non-vetted "facts" that may run counter to the Administration's line (whatever that happens to be for the daily tweet-storm.) YOU have character!

And, for what it is worth Trump has been accused of rape and many instances of harassment and groping...just like Weinstein. Birds of a feather with bad character and no discernible moral compass.



"Do you really consider them equivalent to elected officials and highly placed appointees who cower before Trump's tongue and tweets and kowtow to his every whim? I absolutely do. they were corrupt in office and were corrupt, money corrupt AFTER they were in office. FWIW all presidents have armies of sycophants chirping for their favor. Bill the billy goat molested women, before during and after his time in the WH and she has enabled this molestation throughout their life "together." pl

Hank Foresman

It has been a while since I commented. To the commentator who asked what Northam has done as Lieutenant Governor, he has done exactly what the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia stipulates, to wit, "Article V. Executive
Article V Section 14. Duties and compensation of Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant Governor shall be President of the Senate but shall have no vote except in case of an equal division. He shall receive for his services a compensation to be prescribed by law, which shall not be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected."
The Lieutenant Governor duties are very narrowly drawn, and in Article V Section 16 he or she is the designated successor or the acting governor. "When the Governor-elect is disqualified, resigns, or dies following his election but prior to taking office, the Lieutenant Governor-elect shall succeed to the office of Governor for the full term. When the Governor-elect fails to assume office for any other reason, the Lieutenant Governor-elect shall serve as Acting Governor."
Who shall be Governor is up to the voters. One of your commentators was right to say it will be decided by urban Virginia, but having said that Northam still must come out of rural Virginia with a median of at least 30%. In Charles City County for example, which is majority African America he will easily poll 60% but in Campbell County he will be luck to break 20%. Southwest Virginia, though small in numbers could tilt, in a small low turnout election, the election to the Republicans. For example in several counties in Southwest Virginia (Russell, Buchanan, Tazewell, Dickinson, Wise, Scott, Lee etc) Trump got over 80% of the vote. At this point I think the polls are too close.
In the other races I think Fairfax will easily take Vogel and Herring will squeak a win over Adams. Given that Democrats are contesting so many House of Delegate seats I think they will pick up 4 or5 preventing the Republicans from having enough votes in the House to override a veto (if Northam wins a possibility).
Since the Senate is not up for reelection the Republicans still have a 1 vote majority.
Races to watch Marshall 13th District, Lingemfelter District 31 and race in District 2 Makee (R) vs Foy (D) open seat. First R dropped out and was replaced by Makee. Foy enjoys almost 2 to 1 fundraising advantage. There are several other open seats that easily could flip to the D. Don't expect any pickup by the D in rural Virginia.

Eric Newhill

All politicians have stellar character. Just ask em and they'll ya.

Anyone who promises to do things that you think are good has even better character. Those who oppose what you want; yep. Them's the low lifes.

I seen too many people of unquestionable character turn out to be rats. Where do you want to start? Collin Powell? James Comey? Jim Webb who wouldn't come out of his tent and lead?

Character measuring is another fool's game. Just give me people that do what I want them to and who aren't progressives.

btw...IMO, a progressive with character is more destructive than a conservative w/o character; the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Eric Newhill

IMO, the rapist Weinstein is directly equivalent to his good buddy the rapist Bill Clinton. The women of Hollyweird are the direct equivalents to the enabler and beneficiary Hillary Clinton; including all the hypocritical moral posturing about women's rights.

The Weinstein affair is further confirmation for me that what liberals really want is Sodom and Gomorrah with Karl Marx as Mayor. The virtue signaling is for show and is used selectively to shame opponents. It isn't serious.


Hank Foresman

Thanks for the run-down. pl


Neither are worth a bucket of spit.



Agreed. pl

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