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21 October 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

You are wrong about Arabism; the real and substantive division is the one between the Seljuk Muslims and the Other Muslims. The kind of political posture that you envision is neither concievable nor practical; what possible cohesiveness could thre be between the Sunni bedu who wishes to raze Kerbala to the ground and the Najafi sheikh who will die to stop that?

Babak Makkinejad

You are proposing that the major source of culture and civilization of Islam - including Sufi Islam - be cutoff from the rest of Muslim world for the convenience of the United States (behind whose policies are religious sentiments of Jews and Protestant Christians).
I do not think that posture can endure.

Babak Makkinejad

The US posture against Iran is impractical, it is akin to China trying to forge a military-political alliance by recruiting Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and Romania againt the Frech Republic, the core state of Western Civilization; as ludicrous and as likely to succeed.

Swamp Yankee


Thank you very much for your informative answers, both to ExPFCChuck and to Ramojus and myself. I had known about Marshall's desire to command Overlord, and FDR's decision to keep Gen. Marshall in Washington; but the major source I'd read on this was by none other than David Eisenhower, so obviously not an unbiased font of information. I certainly had not realized how flagrant the liaison with Summersby was. Thanks in addition for passing along your Father's views of the major figures of the time, as well as the further reading recommendations. Exactly the type of insight that has made me a daily visitor to SST for over a decade.

Thanks again,

Swamp Yankee

p.s. A brilliant day up here, within a mile of your Alden forbears' graves.

English Outsider

Lars - you and I have done this one already, surely? "The Middle East has been a hot spot for thousands of years and is likely to remain so. It would appear that a realistic containment policy is the best we can hope for" That's much the same as you said before.

I remember a General saying the same sort of thing after Serbia. Something like "Oh, they're always fighting in the Balkans. Been at it for ever. Nothing much we can do about it." That "Look no hands" saintly and resigned take is what we always seem to do after we've screwed someplace up.

Hot spot my foot. Syria was a country with a future before we came along. After we've poured Lord knows how much weaponry and Jihadis into it, and left millions dead or displaced, we're now just going to say "They're always at it. Nothing much to be done."

Well there is something to be done. The Russians, for all their faults, seem to be a damn sight better at stopping the killing than we are at starting it. Get the hell out and leave them to it.

I very much hope you're not one of those who'd like to see the killing continue just to conform to Israeli/neocon policy.

Christian Chuba

Islamification of Africa
The national review posted an article (of all places) regarding the harm being caused by the Saudis and Gulf states in Africa ... http://www.nationalreview.com/article/451179/africa-islam-arabization-threatens-moderate-muslims

Here is the synopsis, Catholics and Muslims coexist in Africa for hundreds of years, the Saudis fund NGO's that send in firebrand Wahhabist missionaries that poison the waters, then the shooting starts. This is the tangible harm of having target fixation on Iran. We send troops into Africa to clean up after the Saudis rather than try to do the things we regularly do against Iran, sanctions, bad mouth them at the U.N, etc. to stop the flow of funds. Ah .. but we are going to spend resources to hare the Yemenis who have never harmed us. This is so twisted, it makes me ill.

According to the MSM, Trump has defeated ISIS. There is no mention of the positive role of Russia and Iran. This is not an issue of fairness but rather distortion. By not acknowledging this, it will encourage us to embrace strategies to create ISIS 2.0. ISIS is just going underground again in Syria / Iraq, just like they did after 'the surge'. R+6 can keep them stomped out unless our brilliant policy makers decide to water that plant.


Colonel Lang, I am just guessing here, if I am wrong please correct me, IMO, after WWII all US military personnel as a military cause were/are trained to view USSR and now by inheritance Russia as enemy. And I believe this same mindset is now true with regard to Iran, specially ever since the hostage crises. Additionally, this same cause/view/ bias has been successfully transferred to the rest of the population in this country via US media in direction of long-term national foreign policy makers.

Bill Herschel

Well, you do say,

"DJT's flawed decision was based on the advice of his national security team. McMaster, Mattis and Dunford are too powerful. The US government is inherently a civilian government. There are too many military men at the top just now."

It all revolves around "just now". I sincerely doubt that Nobel Peace Laureat Obama came up with the idea of adding 100,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Yet he did do that.

Just now has been going on for a very, very long time. You don't get to a "defense" budget of $600 billion overnight. "Defense"?


Bill Herschel

BHO was rolled by another group of genrals the COINies, but there were not so many in the WH itself. pl



In Germany the "quickly" was four or five years. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Then you tell me why USA has initiated and suported the State of Israel to the hilt - against all her enemies, domestic or foreign - and at a no inconsiderale cost to herself for over 60 years?

Babak Makkinejad

In regards to your enumeration of various sects; they have one thing in common which is that they are Partisans of Ali.
Now I ask, why are Partisans of Ali enemies of the Western Fortress; whose political agenda is set by the polities that are dominated by Protestanism?
For it is clear that neither Orthodox Greece nor Catholic Itaky shared that agenda.

Babak Makkinejad

Only dogged religious sentiment can explain this, in my opinion.

English Outsider

Lars - using my legendary IT skills - it's called grabbing the nearest passing child - and after more confusion and swearing than the Olympian members of the Colonel's Committee would consider fit for these august pages, I found that earlier comment:-

"Lars said...
There have been fighting over that patch of real estate for at least 10 000 years. Is there anything different with the current action? I know the actors have changed over the centuries, but have that made a difference?

Is a containment policy possible and just let them wear themselves out?

Reply 09 March 2017 at 06:18 PM"

That's what I found, after all that cussing. You wouldn't happen to be a prog, would you? Terrible question to ask but there are a couple of giveaways:-

1. Supporting neon foreign policy and

2. Mechanically repeating the same assertion in the face of contrary evidence.

If all this is just coincidence and you're not a prog then please accept my apologies. If you are and if you are also, as I believe, a fellow European, then may I make the friendly suggestion that we Europeans have quite enough to get on with destroying our own countries without destroying those of others as an encore.


With regard to US policy in Middle East specially toward Iran, IMO, all focus of US policy, clumsily has been to subdue, subvert and undo Iran’s revolution and its influence on greater MENA Islamdom.
In that, admittedly so far all US policies have so far failed (except for the nuclear negotiations), but no one in government and media is willing to honestly question why and how this is possible. Interestingly these policy failures have happened at US own doings with hardly Iran engaging US in any direct or overt manner. Here is FM Zarif take of it in interview to Charlie Rose.



Colonel, b appears to me to be questioning Sarah Sanders' statement implying that it's wrong to disagree with "a four star general". I share his concern about that

Christian Chuba

Our U.S. MSM is truly brain dead. They keep reporting about celebration in the streets of Raqqa after it was liberated.

Yeah but the celebration reminds me of Berlin after it was liberated by the Red Army. All of it is being done by the soldiers. I haven't seen one civilian in Raqqa. I'm not against the campaign to take Raqqa; just the mindless insistence on calling every SDF victory a 'liberation' while every Syrian army victory is referred to as a conquest.

I do recall that after Aleppo 'fell', Palmyra 'taken', as well as Deir Ezzor, that I actually did see some footage of celebrating by civilians with Southfront or Al Masdar coverage.

I found this lapse of analysis by our western MSM particularly jarring because it only requires a minimal amount of awareness to notice these things. Without the Fourth Estate, there is no possibility of the U.S. learning from our past or current mistakes. How will this madness end.


Depends on what you call a "Deep State" and also depends on whether you can see deep enough into a country to identify it's Deep State.

The point is that there is always a group inside a power structure that is operating for its own interests and not the real interests of the power structure it is a part of.

This is almost guaranteed due the human nature.

In Iran's case, it has often been charged that the IRGC operates for its own benefit, much like quasi-military formations in a country frequently do. Hitler had this problem with the Brown Shirts, resulting in his execution of some of the leaders after he came to power.

ex-PFC Chuck

I had a hunch I was missing something. This explains it all! Thank you!


Dear Colonel, most of my family are either dead or not worth going to picnics with, so I'll pass on your kindly advice.

Does Canada have a Deep State and an MIC? I wouldn't know about the MIC, not having read anything about it. I assume Canada has a defense industry of some sort and I assume that defense industry spends a lot of money influencing the Canadian military and the politicians that aware contracts. If they didn't, that WOULD surprise me.

As for a Canadian Deep State, I wouldn't be surprised if it did have one. As I mentioned to Babak, it depends on how closely one can see into the power structure of a given country. But pretty much every country has a group somewhere who more or less loosely collude for their own interests.

There is also the difference in definitions we both have on what constitutes a "Deep State".

I suspect you also make the mistake of assuming that when I say "Deep State", I mean some Illuminati-like organization that literally controls everything. Well, no one is that powerful (probably including any Illuminati that might actually exist.)

What matters is whether a group of people are mostly colluding together for their own interests as opposed to the rational interests of their country.

How you can suggest that something like that can't exist is a mystery to me, since it is obviously a known result of human behavior and human history going back thousands of year. There is ALWAYS a group colluding for their own interests.

In fact, there are usually multiple groups doing so. Pepe Escobar likes to refer to them as the "Masters of the Universe". He reported last year that one group of these "Masters" wanted to Trump to win, while others wanted Clinton to win. This doesn't jibe with the notion of one all-consuming, all-powerful and coherent Deep State. But it jibes with reality.

I recall reading a comment from a journalist many years ago. He was attending a business meeting of industry leaders of some sort. He asked them whether there was collusion and price-fixing in their industry. They freely admitted that was the case. He then asked them if they thought there was collusion among any officials in Washington. They said they didn't believe that.

His conclusion was that people are perfectly willing to accept collusion on their own level of society - but are AFRAID to believe there is similar conspiracy on the part of the people who rule them.

I suggest you look to yourself for possible symptoms of this myopia.

As for Eisenhower, he's not the only one who has charged the existence of both the MIC and the Deep State. So far, your evidence against the existence of either has been your personal - i.e., anecdotal, i.e. worthless as evidence - experience in government service.

Have you ever considered the possibility that you didn't see any evidence of a Deep State because 1) you weren't looking for it, and 2) you weren't important enough to be admitted to it?

As for the MIC, well, what part of the US war budget being 20 times higher than anyone else, not to mention crap like the F-35, isn't evidence? We start wars because someone wants to burn up military hardware so tax dollars can be used to replace it, thus guaranteeing stock value. There may be other (bad) reasons for the wars, but from the MIC perspective that's the only one that matters.

I recall reading an article in an electronics journal where an electronics engineer recounted his experience with one government contractor. He analyzed the device the company was making and figured he could produce it with 100 employees for a cost of a few million dollars. The contractor was producing it with a thousand employees for several hundred million dollars. The contractor's CEO told the engineer, "Who's smarter?"

And as long as you can bribe Congressmen, that's how it goes. You think Congressmen are NOT being bribed by the defense industry to support not just certain contracts but also aspects of foreign policy that lead directly to war that will financially benefit the defense industry? Do you recall General Smedley Butler's book "War is a Racket"? Has that changed since WWI?

I can only suggest that any naivety in this discussion is on your part. My knowledge of human behavior does not allow me to ascribe to incompetence what can also clearly be seen as greed and power lust.


All of which is fine until it comes down to bribing Congressmen...which we know happens.

Self-interest is indeed at the core of this. But some people are pursuing their self-interest directly against the rational interests of the country. And they are doing so using illegal or questionably legal means.

Arguments against "conspiracy theories" become ludicrous when they suggest there is NEVER any such as a "conspiracy." Human history declares otherwise.

ex-PFC Chuck

Thank you.

I was aware FDR had the understanding with Marshall of which you write. The president's problem was that he needed two Marshalls but had only one. The other side of that issue is, had FDR sent GCM to Europe, I can't think of anyone who would have had the stature and force of personality to hold his own with the likes of MacArthur and Admiral King.

One of history's might-have-beens is how GCM would have handled Montgomery's inability to get the job done on a timely basis in places like Caen, Falaise and the Scheldt in view of the British general's popularity.

Thanks again.



Iran has NEVER threatened to "destroy Israel". What they HAVE said and what is their official policy is that 1) they will accept whatever the Palestinians accept (even if they don't agree with it), and 2) Israel as a Zionist state has no future - which it doesn't.

As for Israel's influence on the Iraq war, the Leveretts have pointed out that Israel was initially in early 2002 in favor of the US attacking IRAN - NOT IRAQ. They only came on board with Iraq when the neocons convinced them that Iraq was going to be a "cakewalk" and that Iran would be next.

You are correct that a priority should be on passing legislation that NO foreign money - especially from Saudi Arabia and Israel - should be allowed anywhere near any political organization or office in this country.


I have a rebellious streak myself, so yes I have a fondness for rebels

Yeah, Right

I am going to be perfectly honest and say that I came away with a completely different understanding of what b was trying to convey.

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