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27 October 2017


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I concur. However, I would argue that the investigation of the crime of assassination be distinguished from the reactions of institutional stakeholders such as the CIA, FBI, SS & etc. There are many odd things surrounding Oswald, from his time as a Marine to his murder by a Mafia hanger-on. I found Talbot’s book “Brothers” to be a valuable perspective from inside the WH family regarding Robert’s own anti-Castro operation - seems you can’t have enough competition in making bad ideas worse. And there is meaning to be found in our fixation with the event until today, as a many-element lens onto ourselves.

Virginia Slim

Agreed. So many aspects of the Cuba Project (and its sequelae) were mishandled, mismanaged and outright bungled that there is strong motive to keep as much of that derogatory material out of sight. Forever, if possible.


We're on the same page about the skeezy doings of the CIA etc. not being indicators that they were involved in the conspiracy. Neither were the capabilities of the conspirators. They had been provided willingly by the CIA when Castro was the target. The issue is the politically motivated restraints the CIA placed on response to the known danger. In the months preceding Dallas, appearances by JFK in the mob strongholds Chicago and Tampa had been cancelled for security reasons.

Jack Ruby was a jobber in the mob's efforts to free Tampa boss Santos Trafficante when he was imprisoned in Havana. His relationship with the mob was not trivial. Trafficante became a key player in Operation Mongoose.

A mob-centered conspiracy is sure to be disappointing to those who have become vested in fitting the assassination into Grand Historical Narratives.


So where does LBJ fit into all of this (mob centered)?


LBJ involvement is a theory driven more by a sense of drama and grand narrative than by anything grounded in facts or reasoning. Convenient straw man for Warren Commission advocates. 


Thank you....

I just found time to read this. Your analysis reinforces my original "gut" reaction about why some of the files were held back. I don't think this is any different from any other bureaucracy--i.e., school boards, school administrators, cigarette manufacturers, car manufacturers, etc., etc. etc.

It always to cover their butts and help them maintain their public image.


why wouldn't the Cosa Nostra / Mafia / Mob qualify as grand historical narrative? the relationship to the OSS goes back to WWII security ops in NYC. I recommend Havana Nocturnes &/or The Mafia in Havana as a window into that element of the story.

Adrian Norman

Col. Lang,

I am curious as to whether you have ever considered the potential Israel angle, and if so, what you think of it.

I have not dived deeply into it yet, but in summary, the premise seems to be that Israel went after JFK and RFK because:

"1 The Kennedys want Israel inspected for nuclear weapons. RFK also had information and testing done around Dimona showing the Uranium there had come from the US’s Nautilus projec, since it was the only uranium in the world enriched to that high a % at that point in time. It was all over the area.

2 The Kennedys supported Palestinians right of Return.

3 They wanted Israel’s foreign lobbies to register as foreign agents"



Well I believe our host did contribute to 'Divert!: NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the diversion of US weapons grade uranium into the Israeli nuclear weapons program'. Although that was published well after the Michael Piper published his book 'Final Judgement', which has recently been republished in two volumes in a sixth (and presumably final) edition. Noteworthy that Piper's thesis has been endorsed by Colonel John Hughes-Wilson with his impeccable military intelligence establishment background.

Interesting comment by Homer Echevarria, Holt says he delivered the fake secret service IDs to Echevarria. So whilst Holt was participating in "an incident was going to be created which could be laid at the door of pro-Castro Cubans." Echevarria was clearly involved the actual assassination plot. Really my interest is now only in how the two plots intersected, that said Holt himself cannot really determine who around him was involved in which.


London Bob
"Well I believe our host did contribute to 'Divert!: NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the diversion of US weapons grade uranium into the Israeli nuclear weapons program'." Did I? I don't remember anything about that. Remind m. pl


Amazon has a Patrick Lang credited as writing the introduction and Michael Scheuer as writing the preface.


London Bob

It must be me. Any good? pl


Don't know, got recommended it by Amazon. Just surprised to see it covered as a topic so had look at the reviews etc.

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