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02 October 2017


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Great post...here is another link that might shed some light. Light not heat!


One factor in the discussion:

The media totally neglected Puerto Rico when the hurricane hit and in the days of the immediate aftermath. It only started jumping up and down after it became a political issue.

The Google search data and headline analysis has astonishing results:
"The media really did pay less attention to Puerto Rico."
Behind that is probably some feeling within the news services that Puerto Rico is a minor colony that does not much ink or screen-space.


It is perfectly understandable that a defence response takes time to ramp up, as it no doubt will.

The general advice I've heard for personal disaster planning is to have AT LEAST seven days supplies for your family because that is how long it will take for a competent Government disaster response to begin to respond.

We are going into fire season in a few months and that is how we plan.


That was a particularly bad fivethirtyeight.com article.

Weigh the news coverage of the hurricane by the fraction of the US population at risk from the hurricane. With Harvey and Irma it was about 6%; with Maria it is around 1.5%.

About Trump, you are on the wrong side of history, just as the Confederacy was.


Seems to me when the factors in a bottleneck are identified , lack of truck drivers, there would be a statement descriibimg a solution and the other factors: " we now have one hundred Army truck drivers on the roads in addition to one hundred local drivers but the fuel infrastructure can only handle about 120 right now. The major highway has X washouts that will take a week to months to repair and the side roads can't handle anything larger than light trucks"

General statements about what the US has sent doesn't describe what is actually happening on the ground.


The Weather Channel was all over the Puerto Rico story, with lots of storm footage. Especially meteorologist Paul Goodloe who politely ranted quite a bit about the disastrous effects of the hurricane on PR and the problems associated with getting relief and supplies (in a practical, non-political fashion).

Over in Germany you may not be aware of how incredibly popular The Weather Channel is here in the US. In addition to giving weather forecasts, this channel is the major source of hurricane and tornado news, or any natural disaster that's weather related.

In general, TWC (The Weather Channel) is not considered part of the MSM because it's focus is on weather and meteorology.

Willy B

This is from the Pentagon update sent out by email, this morning:
"DLA’s fuel capability arrived in Puerto Rico, including DLA personnel and 125 contract drivers for 114 fuel trucks. A DLA Rapid Deployment Team (5 personnel) will deploy tomorrow to support logistics command and control." Both governor Rosello and LTG Buchanan, in their public statements, are stressing the condition of the road system, pointing out that the interior of the island is where the problems are most challenging.

Mark Logan

The obvious short term solution to the road and truck situation are JPADs and C-130s. Seems highly likely someone has already thought of this. We thought of it for the Yazidis and the military is already deeply involved.

Best (WA)guesses: It's already happened or all available JPADs are still that region.


Good to hear. It sure would be nice to have a president who could articulate details like that as opposed to validating approval and defending against criticism.


“I think it’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done, and people are looking at that, and in Texas and in Florida, we get an A-plus,” Trump said. “And I’ll tell you what, I think we’ve done just as good in Puerto Rico, and it’s actually a much tougher situation. But now the roads are cleared, communications is starting to come back. We need their truck drivers to start driving trucks."

“Whether it’s [Cruz] or anybody else, they’re all starting to say it,” Trump added. “I appreciate very much the governor [Ricardo Rosselló] and his comments. He has said we have done an incredible job, and that’s the truth.”



I understand you want Trump to be a partisan punching bag while ignoring the avalanche of lies pouring out of the Left, but thankfully that's not how Trump works. Maybe tell your side to stop lying nonstop to score a quick serotonin rush?


Of course Trump isn't a straw man of your creation. He is exactly what he is without anyone defining him, he defines himself with his words and actions. Trump's " truthful hyperbole" far exceeds any propaganda by the "Left" in debasing public discourse with lies.

Look at his performance in Puerto Rico, no one has to lie to hear what he said. Off script he can't discuss any topic, even natural disasters, without turning them into a self-stroking show of his unique skills. The "Left" or "Right" isn't doing that, it's all DoNald.

Hopefully the weather in Puerto Rico cooperates as search and rescue continues and medical care is available for those providing aid and those reconstructing their homes.

Tim B.

This article is 100% dependent on the rosy picture presented by US government officials. FEMA and US military officers toeing the official government line falls under the heading of "public relations" not "news." I've seen such public relations efforts since the Vietnam War and frankly, I find them to not be credible.

The fact that the author tries use the Trump-antiTrump divide in an attempt to make this government public relations effort seem more credible to Trump supporters is also concerning. It's a great propaganda technique, but it really tells us nothing about conditions in Puerto Rico.

I'll close with this. No one is saying that the US government's response was timely or adequate. Not even the government. Our own eyes tell us that much, much more needs to be done.



Trump is doing much better in the corrupt island of PR, and we both know this.

Get out of your bubble, stop crying about Trump's mean words, and letting late night comedians tell you what to think.


Tim B,

"I don't like the metrics presented so Ill make up imaginary ones!"

Got it.

Mark Logan


I really think we have trained our press to behave this way. Trump isn't getting a completely fair shake but then again this is the price he pays for being an asshole. Looks to me he expected the response to be automatic from the existing machine, and a heck of a lot was. Saw Mattis the other night proudly talking about his pre-deployments to PR, and rightly he should, he got what he had available there. It was insufficient but what wouldn't be? I see Trump's main problem is nobody trusts him and for good reasons.

As far as the press goes, we all recall the tedious rushes we all got from birth certs, teleprompters and narcissism for eight years of Obama, right? It got ratings so we trained them to act this way. Perhaps I'm going a little too Pogo here but not much. Whining about it is good though, this crap should not be normalized. We should not go quietly into that night. I support Willy in this.

Tim B.

When a government public relations press release says "Northern Command reported, yesterday, that is had 11 flights scheduled to transport 310,000 meals, 150,000 liters of water, generators, tarps, additional sustainment units and leading components of avation command and control," all it means is an airman wrote that into a computer. The term "flights scheduled" is meaningless bullshit. It doesn't say when they are going to arrive. It doesn't mean they have already arrived. They could arrive on Christman for all anyone knows. There is no date certain. That is an intentional. That claim isn't a "metric," it's bull shit public relations designed to obscure reality.

Moreover, there are over 2.5 million people in Puerto Rico. 310,000 meals means 12% of the population will eventually get one meal. Sorry, but there is zero real evidence that the needed help is even coming, never mind that it has arrived.


He tosses paper towel rolls like no other. Everyone says he's doing a great job, just listen to him.


Tim B,

As someone who was standing by to go there, and knows people who are there as part of rescue effort, they seem to know that things are getting better.

But hey bro! Claim "fog of war" if you must so you can go on with your outrage seratonin rush! Don't let me stop you!



Nah, gonna listen to the people who are there as part of the rescue. You keep wetting yourself tho.

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