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31 October 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

Both, of course.

The rise of Hindu religiosity also will be a contributing factor as Muslims would be starting to repulse the Hindus.

In my opinion, the Hindu leaders are going to fracture and destroy the Indian Union if they persist on their current path.

Babak Makkinejad

Erdogan's outreach to Kurds was genuine, in my opinion. And it was PKK that resumed its armed struggle - again likely at the behest of a foreign power - likely Russia.

Moreover, the policy of "Zero Problems with Neighbors" was indubitably the right policy (and still is) for the Near East. I think he - like the Shah - owed too much to the West to say no to their machinations and aims against Iran.

He helped wreck Turkey, Kurds, and the Middle East - for nothing.

Outside of the Seljuk Boundary, Gulen and his movement are the only positive Sunni Muslim activity around. Gulen's positive message to Sunni Muslims cannot be underestimated; in my opinion.



Well, that is half right. Shiiism originated in the Basra area in the first century of Islam largely as a result of Persian converts' resentment in not being included in the diwan of shares of community property. The conversions from Sunnism in the last couple of hundred years were the result of missionary activity conducted by emissaries of the Howza. pl


Well, I felt and feel fairly sheepish quoting Foreign Affairs. I simply wanted some facts quickly available, the spin is obnoxious. I'd read it recently and it came to mind. No excuse. And I have no argument with outhere, James T, and ex-PFC Chuck that Bush & Cheney were and are far more culpable than Obama regarding the whole mess.

It was not my intention to place more or equivalent blame on Obama. My reply to Colonel Lang was in the context of his mentioning ideas concerning supply of ISIS and Al-Queda by the CIA in Syria during Obama's watch. So I confined my remark to that time frame.


See my reply to Babak Makkinejad above.


J -

Here is a video of the general's press briefing. You decide.


Babak Makkinejad

Post 1500, the Safavid Persia and successor states could not maintain durable control over Mesopotamia; Ottoman Empire could.

Ishmael Zechariah

BM-fearless-defender of-the faith;

1-I am surprised to see you blaming Putin for the PKK. Do you have any proof? You might check out PKK's funding sources and the groups which provide them logistical support-the results might surprise you. Some operatives were captured and neutralized w/o fuss; others were repatriated-causing lots of fuss.
2-"Zero Problems w/ neighbors"is a policy of Ataturk: "Yurta Sulh Cihanda Sulh" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_at_Home,_Peace_in_the_World ).
3-Your statements about fethullah are very similar to your defense of tayyip in this very forum a while ago. What makes you certain that you are correct this time around?

Here are some links about the fethullahis:



IMO, while there might be some "good" islamists somewhere, I never met one which would stand a fire assay. I think Sheridan's statement about his own problems applies here as well.
Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

On your number 1 - I was speculating, it was as though PKK was itching to restart its war.

On your number 2 - I did not know that, so AKP had gone back to the roots of the Turkish Republic and resurrected that slogan.

On your number 3 - I am telling you the way things are - Gulen is considered favorably by many Muslims outside of the Seljuk Boundary.

That is part of the political reality.

As for the "fearless-defender-of-faith" - thank you very much; I do what I can.


Mon colonel, Octobre 2017.


yes, but apart from kashmir, the political response to the hindutva forces has been from the more secular parties and the regional groupings which indian muslims continue to support. I don't see any rise in salafi islam in response to the BJP. The growing salafist inluence in recent years has been due to TV proselytizing by the likes of Zakir Naik and the influence of gulf returnees.
Taking a leaf out of their zionist teachers' book (to divide along sectarian lines), the BJP leaders championed shia rights to azadari in kargil (kashmir) and promised to support sufi communities against the deobandis. this greatly angered the salafists who overnight became defenders of muslim unity and forgot that they had condemned us recently as grave worshiping apostates.




IZ and BK -

The speculation that Russia was behind the PKK surfaced many years ago. Litvinenko claimed Ocalan was KGB trained. The Turkish General Staff in 2007 claimed the great majority of PKK AK-47s, RPG-7s and hand grenades were traced to Russia.

Wikipedia states that: "According to Turkey, countries the PKK has previously/currently received support from include: Greece, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria."

Russia has never listed PKK as a terrorist organization. But then neither has China, India, Brazil, Egypt and the United Nations.


"Great. I have the next two weeks on a greek island. But they want to start WWIII."

Well look on the bright side, you will have a front row seat for the event! A word to the wise, politely decline any invitations to go visit the Valley of Jezreel.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your very funny comments.

It is not completely based on divide-and-conquer; the ration of Sunni Muslim to Shia Muslim incidents with Hindus in India is something like 10,000 to 1.

In regards to Sufis; they are squarely based on Sharia - their theoretical works do not break with Sharia (First Shariat, next Tariqat). Rather they are grafting the mystical tradition that Muslims first learnt from the Orthodox Christians to Islam to enrich the experience of Islam and Muslims and open new vistas for religious understandings.

Historically, the Ismalili Shias have been its greatest developers - the majority of both the Akhbari and the Usuli Ulema in Iran shunned it - but not so Khomeini.

I do not personally believe that Sufis can get people's chestnuts out of the proverbial power; the heart of the matter is the absence of a generally acceptable authority in Islam. 40 men with Kalashnikov rifles do not care one whit about experiential inner illumination of Sufis; all they know is what they leaders have told them what Islam is and they will act accordingly.

Babak Makkinejad

When I look at the breakup of Yugoslavia, which enjoyed more wealth, more education, more linguistic, cultural, national and social cohesion than India as well as persistent attempts at the creation and maintenance of some sort of ecumenism; I am led to expect the very very bloody breakup of the Indian Union with its multiple fissures - religious, linguistic, national, and cast.

The current PM in India is pro-US, pro-Israel and against Muslims. That cannot end well.

Babak Makkinejad

Chechens and Kurds - what can I say?

Ishmael Zechariah

re: "Wikipedia states that: "According to Turkey, countries the PKK has previously/currently received support from include: Greece, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria."

The link above conveniently neglects the mainline support, direct and indirect, from USA, EU and Israel. Many times we were prevented from bombing the PKK hideouts on Kandil through direct US interference. For us there is no difference between PYG, PJAK or PKK. They all work for the same boss.
Ishmael Zechariah


The Guardian is saying that the SOHR is claiming that Deir Ez-zor has been cleansed of ISIS.


On to Al Bukamel - the SAA and IRGC have broken out of T2 and are now within 45 km of Al Bukamel. The ISIS caliphate in Syria could be liquidated by Christmas thanks to the RuAF, SAA, SAAF and the IRGC, Then the United States, since it won't fight HTS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and all its terrorist associates, won't have a legal excuse to remain in Syria.



Ishmael Zechariah -

The wikipedia link about PKK support Greece, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria is all based on reporting from Turkey. NOT from the US. Follow the links. It is all either from Hurriyet or from British media quoting Turkish AKP officials by name.

The Turkish Air Force has been bombing the Qandil mountains in Iraq off and on for ten years. Ground troops also. Killing mostly civilians. Apparently that direct US interference you mention did not work.

Mercenaries from the US Blackwater Company have reportedly done some illegal arms sales. Did they sell weapons to the PKK? I do not know, but would not put it past them. Mercs are the scum of the earth IMHO.

The EU? Most in Europe are not deporting Kurds to Turkey. They seem to believe that the Ankara inspired Interpol arrest warrants for European Kurds are bogus and based on political repression. It is not just Kurds, but other non-Kurdish Turks who are anti-AKP. But the EU giving weapons and active support to the PKK? That needs more evidence than claims in Erdogan's mouthpiece media.

Ishmael Zechariah


"The Turkish Air Force has been bombing the Qandil mountains in Iraq off and on for ten years. Ground troops also. Killing mostly civilians. Apparently that direct US interference you mention did not work." It did work-PKK is/was alerted to many raids in advance.

"Mercenaries from the US Blackwater Company have reportedly done some illegal arms sales. Did they sell weapons to the PKK? I do not know, but would not put it past them. Mercs are the scum of the earth IMHO.". I agree w/ you on MERCS. Most of them are ex-service guys. I wonder, however, if Blackwater can act independently of the CIA/ZioCon control.

Any and all who wishes/wished to harm Turkey supports/supported the PKK:



The PKK-PYG-PJAK hydra is a bit player in the Ziocon game of the Middle East. You have a very fine filter if you can distinguish between them. The natives of the region cannot.

Ishmael Zechariah


Apparently the remaining ISIS terrorists tried to flee en masse across the Euphrates River to SDF/FSA/NSA held territory probably hoping they would find some protection among their erstwhile allies or they would be recruited by the SDF. Unfortunately it seems to have been a re-run of The Battle of Sittang Bend on a smaller scale but apparently with greater success as few if any made it across.

Babak Makkinejad

So, if I understand you correctly, the United States and the European Union, Turkey's fellow alliance members in NATO, are primary benefactor of PKK and US the Boss Man of Kurdish separatists everywhere.

If that be the case, then I submit to you that Turkish government needs to seriously consider exiting NATO and, furthermore, to join Russia and Iran and Syria in an anti-West Coalition because Turkish state cohesion and security.


Ishmael Zechariah -

Your al-Jazeera and Saker links seem to be echos of Erdogan farting. Perhaps his flatulence will be cured and his social graces improved when R+6 pushes him and his proxies out of Idlib and out of his Euphrates Shield enclave in northern Aleppo.

Mahatma Propagandhi

I apologize for the tortured syntax of my parenthesized sentence referring to FourthAndLong's claim. What I intended to convey was that I agreed with the Colonel, not with FourthAndLong.

An equal-opportunity scourge of the corporate-owned duopoly, I hold Obama responsible for innumerable shortcomings, but any sins he committed as to the invasion and occupation pale beside those of his predecessor. So your response, as it turns out, served mainly to buttress the very points I (apparently unsuccessfully) attempted to make.


Iraqi ISF with Sunni and Shia militias are in the center of al-Qaim.

"Lt. Gen. Abdulamir Yarallah, commander of the operation to liberate areas located in the western province of Anbar stated that they are now in full control of Hasiba border line between Iraq and Syria."



Will they enter Syria and trap daesh al-Bukamal also, as per the Joint SAA/ISF C&C Center that TTG mentioned???

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