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31 October 2017


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per their rules of engagement, the SAA & the ISF are allowed to penetrate each others borders up to 10 km. Consistent with this, the SAA is already on the ground around abu Kamal, consider this:
"Aleksandr Stepanov‏ @AStepanov321 3h3 hours ago
Waiting for confirmation. #SAA has reportedly entered Syria from #Iraq and storming villages east of #Abu_Kamal #Al_Bukamal"

Ishmael Zechariah

The current group of klepts running Turkey were brought into power by Fortress West and other useful idiots. One needs to go back a decade to hear all kinds of praises of tayyip and his band of brothers in the ziocon press. "Democracy", "Mild Islam", "Democratic Islam"... the tripe dished out was amazing. tayyip was going to give the kurds their "rights", israel would be safe, peace would bloom all over the ME. The real goal was the Yinon Plan: after all regional powers were fractionated into the smallest possible tribes the Tribe would rule them all! We secularists played Cassandra. No matter; Russia survived Yeltsin; Turkey survived WW-1 and Vahidettin. We will survive this as well.
Ishmael Zechariah

Ishmael Zechariah


Why don't you send in the PYG and their "women warriors" to teach us a lesson? Are they too busy fighting R+6 and trying to steal Syrian oil? They certainly performed wonders in Kirkuk.
tayyip will soon get what is coming to him, and so will your kurds. As the old saying goes "you cannot consummate your marriage w/ your uncle's d**k."

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

Surviving is not a positive action.
I suggest you align yourself with the other wing of your civilization, i.e. Iran. That would help you as well as the Iranians.


Ishmael Zechariah -

"you cannot consummate your marriage w/ your uncle's d**k."

An apt saying. Bridegroom Erdogan will find that out soon. His uncle Vladimir and cousin Bashar are already whispering sweet words to and cooperating with the Syrian Kurds. Three Kurdish organizations, including the PYD, have been invited to the Sochi meeting of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress coming up on 18 November. In the past Erdogan was able to block the Kurds from Astana and Geneva, but it seems that Uncle Vlad is now tired of Erdo's tantrums.


Your comment "Are they too busy fighting R+6 and trying to steal Syrian oil?" is blatant Erdogoebbel propaganda. Assad and Putin saw through that a long time ago and know better.

Ishmael Zechariah

Kirkuk ??? A legend was written... Send in the female kurds-Amazons extraordinaire?
You seem to be living in the future; kurds will do this, and kurds will do that. They will do squat. What have they done for the past millennia plus?
We (Turks) do not need anyone's help to take your kurds and convert them into Alpo. If you wish to see some real action, suit up and come on down. Plenty folks around. Will be fun.
Ishmael Zechariah
BTW: tayyip will get his as well. Be patient.


Ishmael Zechariah -

I pray for the day when Erdogan gets justice. May his living flesh rot, his bones be shattered, and his mouth filled with excrement.

Not sure what you have against the ladies. Turkey had their own Amazon, Black Fatma. Perhaps Enver Pasha was too busy turning Armenians into Alpo so needed the ladies to kick the Greeks out of Turkey:


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