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03 October 2017


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Fully and completely agree with Phil Giraldi, no caveats, ifs or buts........


Sticking your head above the parapet, let alone going over top, is severely injurious to the health. Is their no Murrow with the courage and clout to defeat the current McCarthyism?

richard sale

Phil is dead right.

Richard Sale


It is distasteful, but the surest method of combating this is to call out all Jews in America, as such.

We need to remember what Machiavelli said about exiles.

Babak Makkinejad

Are any Protestant Christians involved in any of this? Given their (largely unrequited) love for all things Old Testament?


Phil was careful to note "where there is a conflict of interest." Basic ethics and honor requires recusal. Little honor remains in todays society, though.

As Jain said to Mal (firefly), "the money wasn't good enough."

End stage of empire, though, I think the money is always good enough.

The Beaver

Now will J street, or the ;obby go after Stephen Walt:

There is little question the lobby remains a potent political force today. The “special relationship” is firmly intact: An increasingly prosperous Israel continues to receive billions of dollars in U.S. assistance, and it is still largely immune from criticism by top U.S. officials, members of Congress or contenders for public office.


Phil Giraldi


Plenty of American Jews are against the pernicious influence of the likudnik lobby


I very strongly agree that, in general, the motives and acts of Jewish supporters of Israel (particularly those in politics, government and the media) have been given incredible unwarranted cover. This has done great damage.

However, Giraldi went too far. He should know that a flat reference to "America's Jews" in the title is overly broad. Not all American Jews are supporters of Israel. In addition, our perpetual war policy has many supporters who are not Jewish.

Of course, if you go too far in a different direction you're not as likely to get fired. I take his point on that.


Maybe i missed it. Read phil's article, but didn't see that Valerie Plame Wilson later folded. Recanted under pressure. from her twitter feed:

"Replying to @ValeriePlame
Apologies all. There is so much there that’s problematic AF and I should have recognized it sooner. Thank you for pushing me to look again.
326 replies 168 retweets 935 likes
Reply 326 Retweet 168 Like 935 Direct message
Valerie Plame Wilson‏Verified account @ValeriePlame Sep 21
Replying to @ValeriePlame
I missed gross undercurrents to this article & didn’t do my homework on the platform this piece came from. Now that I see it, it’s obvious.
394 replies 112 retweets 620 likes
Reply 394 Retweet 112 Like 620 Direct message
Valerie Plame Wilson‏Verified account @ValeriePlame Sep 21
OK folks, look, I messed up. I skimmed this piece, zeroed in on the neocon criticism, and shared it without seeing and considering the rest."


Harry I don't doubt the courage - and he is not alone Sy Hersh and our host - have all tried to counter the Borg narrative but the juggernaut carries on having crushed them. Is there anyone the public trust anymore in the media, or anywhere else, who could call the Borg out and survive the experience?

Mahatma Propagandhi

Col. Lang, you constantly surprise me. The breadth, expertise, and gravitas of the posts in your blog are the reason I urge friends (from a wide swath of the left/right political spectrum) to bookmark and read it regularly.

Nancy K

Fundamentalist Christians are as pro-Israel as many American Jews.
The Republican party invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress and gave him many more standing ovations than they ever did Obama. The Democrats weren't much better. I think AIPAC and the NRA are most powerful lobbies in the US.

Nancy K

My husband is one of them and he served with the IDF during 6 day war and in 73. Many American Jews have never been to Israel and they believe all the hype they hear. The ones that visit have gone on tours, as Christians do and are shown just what Israel wants them to see.


nancyK Having been given the BS treatment by the Israelis many times I agree that they are good at perception management. pl



I suppose that is a compliment. I try to be a credit to my people - soldiers. BTW, don't post things twice. pl



"The juggernaut carries on having crushed them." I didn't know I was crushed. should I continue with SST or is it just pointless. pl

Keith Harbaugh

Your statement is a generalization about "Fundamentalist Christians", but when it comes to American Jews, you refer only to "many American Jews".
Your bigotry and ignorance is made manifest through your own words.

Mahatma Propagandhi

It most assuredly was a compliment. Sorry about the double post.


pl - not what I meant at all, but I suspect you know that. Cronkite and Murrow could reach a vast audience who had been swallowing the party line and knew no other. SST, the LRB, Die Welt and The Unz review are all doing us a great service but can not effect change in the way CBS could. You, Hearsh and now Giraldi have all documented the difficulties experienced airing unpopular views in these threads.

Keith Harbaugh

Most sadly, we can add Philip Giraldi to the list of those who have had their careers, in the government, academia, or the media,
set back by speaking out about the influence of Jews in America:

Patrick J. Buchanan
Norman Finkelstein
Charles W. Freeman, Jr.
Philip Giraldi
Chuck Hagel
John Mearsheimer
Michael Scheuer
Helen Thomas
Stephen M. Walt

And on the way Valerie Plame was handled by the Washington Post,
note the way each photograph of her in its article
is, in the internet edition, quite large and emphasizes her blue eyes.
I recall that when WaPo's Dana Milbank wrote a column criticizing Merasheimer and Walt, he made a point of describing them as "blue-eyed".

BTW, concerning power and intelligence,
is there documentation on which of the managers, editors, and reporters of the Washington Post are Jewish?
If its motto is "Democracy Dies in Darkness",
should they not be happy to reveal this self-information?


Phil, Colonel, TTG,

While they play the shell game on our nation's foreign policy, it appears that it is highly probable that the NEOCON/Globalist cabal in the past two administrations skated out the door with over $21 Trillion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars. More than enough to help fund recovery efforts for our Texas neighbors, give a few years relief to individual taxpayers where they won't have to pay individual personal income tax.

IMO the FBI needs to get off the stick and look hard into the hostile Espionage by the NEOCONS/Globalists, and the 'missing' over $21 Trillion.

People need to be going to prison for this stuff.

DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments



I am an avowed Protestant Christian. I was baptized and confirmed in my family church. Our immigrant families fled Europe for Russia and freedom of religion under Catherine the Great and Alexander I. We were eventually known as Kuaks by the Bolsheviks. Luckily my parents' families got out of Russia at the end of Czar Nicholas' reign and just before their farms were converted to factory and then communal farms by the communitsts.

Our form of Protestantism started in Europe as Huguenots-in the Pietist vein. In Russia they lived as Lutherans, and some as Baptists.

None in our Evangelical form of Congregationalism here took political views. But, of course we learned our Old Testament. We know the heritage of Christ, from Abraham to Joseph's family from the "root of Jesse, the son of Ruth."

Naturally we feel closer to the Jewish faith than to the Muslim faith or any other. But we also all know what the Pharisees did.

I read as much as I can outside of mainstream television news. I followed the case of Valerie Plame as it played out. I understood that the Republicans at the time were probably at fault for "unmasking" her (I think that is the term.) And I think that was wrong.

But I just really don't understand the current news about how this has become again an issue. I certainly like the Persian people I've met--the not so religious ones--more than I do the descendants of Ishmael,so to speak. Though that is not to say that I like the leaders of Iran at all.

I am just confused. But, you are absolutely right to be afraid of a conflict with Iran, just as I am in fear of this horrid situation with North Korea.

I write just to give ONE Evangelical Christian's point of view. In the churches I have attended, we never hear anything political from the pulpit. So, please don't paint all Christians alike.


"I refer to them as “Jews” rather than neoconservatives or Zionists as some of them don’t identify by those political labels while to blame developments on Zios or neocons is a bit of an evasion in any event. Writing “neoconservatives” suggests some kind of fringe or marginal group, but we are actually talking about nearly all major Jewish organizations and many community leaders." - Giraldi

The real objection the mainstream has to his article is not that he didn't differentiate between factions of Jewry in America; its that he is a gentile proceeding from the premise ethnic organization of Jews as Jews is empirically identifiable and can negatively impact politics and society.

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