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24 October 2017


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mcohen -

The uranium that Breitbart claims Clinton sold is still in Wyoming. And it will stay there. The Russian company ARMZ was never given an export license. The Canadian Company Uranium-One does not have an export license either. So rest easy.


But don't let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

different clue


If it actually happens, esPECially if it happens to Clinton; you will hear about it without any reminder or need for awakening from me.

But I will certainly get your attention so I can gloat to you about it. If it happens.

Mark Logan

FB Ali,

My mind says the Russian's motivation was "anybody but Hillary". I can't fault them for this, we would do the same if a Russian leader were to actively seek to install a hostile government in Canada, for lack of a better analogy.

I believe they acted unwisely. They sought better relations with the west, not worse. They say that democracy is a monkey house and a monkey house is a very tricky thing to monkey with. If they thought they could troll the hell out of Facebook and not get found out they are victims of hubris.

The previous administration OKed Russian ownership of some uranium mining, mining that forbid exportation. This indicates the Clintonesta/Borgists were not infused with fear and hatred for Russia until the Russians kicked back on their plan for what the Ukraine was supposed to be. The template called for Russia to be significantly weaker than the Russians thought they should be, but as integrated with the capitalist world as, say, Texas.

I suppose to the Borg that is treason.

blue peacock


In watching the Ken Burns Vietnam series, it shows the private self-doubt of JFK and Lyndon Johnson in our escalating intervention there in the 60s. Yet they persisted for domestic political reasons among others.



different clue

FB Ali,

I don't believe the Generals are/were involved in any rolling coup activity. They didn't install themselves into their current positions within the Trump Administration. Trump freely installed them there by his own pro-active choice.

I believe the rolling coup to be from the Intelligence Agencies and from the Forced Free Trade/ Assad-must-go Civilian "Inner Party-of-Power" Establishment. The harder Trump keeps frustrating the soft-coupmakers, the harder they will try and the more visible they will become even to huge numbers of people who would rather not believe that such things can happen.

The coup-seekers will try to achieve removal and swapout through either Impeachment or through getting all the Cabinet to declare Trump's crudely immediate and total unfitness to perform the basic eye-hand co-ordination motor skills of being President. Millions of people will object to either course. And Trump will not " go quietly" .

different clue

Eric Newhill,

If it played out this way, Pence would be the Replacement President. He is a good servant of the Inner Power-Elite Establishment. He is accepted by all his fellow Senators. He is a member of the club, however junior a member he might be. So if Trump is driven out, Pence is the President we will get.

Pence has wanted to be President in the worst way for years. And this would be the worst way for Pence to become President.


Or Iran could just buy Iranian uranium. Iran has uranium mines. Commercial maybe not profitable but i doubt the Iranian state cares about that.

different clue


Here is an article by a small-publication journalist who paid to attend the Jonestown Clintist rally at Hill Auditorium here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The title alone indicates that there will be a measure of gentle mockery in the article. This kind of writing, done over and over and over again, will finally begin to isolate the Jonestown Clintists from the rest of society.

Account Deleted

You seem to have hit upon the crux of the issue; 'news' being made out of realities which simply should not be newsworthy - Russian 'interference' and paid political dirt-digging both. I hesitate to provide even the tiniest amount of additional oxygen to the whole non-story.

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