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24 October 2017


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Nothing will come of any of this.
Sorry for my cynicism but the swamp will win.
Too much money at stake.
There is no such thing as "public service" - if there ever was.
It's self-service with public money.
And even worse, it seems to be dominated by mediocrities.


So many conspiracies! Since there is rather compelling evidence that Russia interfered in the last US election, there is a desperation to find anything to distract from it. All this proves that there is more than smoke regarding this. If there wasn't, it would be ignored.

I guess Mueller is getting closer and the heat is getting uncomfortable.



What is the "rather compelling evidence?" Neither mueller not the Congressional committees hve produced any. pl

The Beaver


The only "news" here is that the Post put a name to the pro-Hillary donor who started paying Fusion GPS after the still unnamed GOP donor who originally commissioned the dossier stopped footing the bill after Trump won the primary.

It was all in the article written by David Corn for Motherjones a year ago.



I think that's another symptom of HRC's thinking that she was untouchable.

She did so with her illegal email server, her war on Libya, her arms trafficking from Libya to jihadis in Syria and so many other topics before. Imo HRC never cared for any legal or reputational consequences of her misdeeds because she thought might makes right and she's untouchable.

If HRC didn't think this way she'ld have privately ask a major donor to cover for the expenses of that disgraced British spy to get "pee stories" to defame Trump instead of involving herself and the DNC so direct.


Can anyone explain to me how this can or will reach the DNC base that still clings onto the "russia-trump" narrative? I took it as a given since I read the pee pee dossier way back then that the DNC establishment was somehow behind it, but then again I am not part of the base. How can this revelation change their views, in the face of 24/7 media and entertainment industry onslaught against our president,the pillars of their New Religion? These(age 30-50)people do not care for facts or close-to-objective analysis, they care for appearance, in the despicable age of social media that we have come upon where any misspoken word makes you a fascist or a russian puppet, your judgement that this is the truth will be nurtured and amplified in an echo chamber of social media drivel bullshit

Nate D.

Come on Colonel Lang, you must have heard of this compelling, if not damning, evidence that Russia interfered with the election? They used Pokémon GO to incite Black Lives Matter riots which shifted political opinion. And if that doesn’t cause outrage at this subversion of the sanctity of our election system then just till they uncover evidence of the use of psychokinesis and remote-viewing by Russia.

CNN Links 'Pokémon GO' Plot To Russian Election Meddlers



Back when Greece was on the ropes financially, there were reports that Hillary was in Athens encouraging the Greek government to sell rights to the Aegean Sea bed. Meanwhile Bubba was travelling with Noble Oil, which had just developed underwater gas wells for Israel in the not very distant eastern Mediterranean.


I second the Colonel's request for the compelling evidence.

blue peacock

It will be interesting to see what the Mueller witch hunt comes up with and how he will spin his conclusions.

As more details leak it is getting more apparent that the Trump as Russian agent meme was a concerted plan hatched and executed by the Democrat & GOP political establishment along with key operatives in the MSM.

Fusion GPS is one of the actors among others that played an instrumental role in fueling the MSM hysteria around the meme of Russian collusion with Trump to "subvert American democracy". They not only received funding from the Clinton campaign & DNC but also from some in the GOP to have the Steele dossier produced as "oppo research" on Trump. But, what is even more fascinating is that the Steele dossier commissioned by Fusion GPS was also pitched to the FBI and there are reports that the FBI also paid money for it or to Steele directly. This leads to the big question of what role did Comey play in all this? And of course, what game is being played by Mueller who is Borgist to the bone!

I wonder if the machinations of MI6 in this sordid drama will also get exposed.


Sorry to be the one to call you out, Lars, but you sound like a troll. I see your kind of garbage every time there is a discussion of the DNC and the Clinton campaign's abuse of power. You have discredited yourself on this forum, so find somewhere else that will permit you to muddy the discussions with wholly unsupported disinformation.


Exactly, Colonel. Not a whit.

Lars, there is no “compelling evidence.” They’ve tried for nearly a year, every which way to Sunday, and can’t find a damn thing. That self-righteous and servile Adam Schiff (D-CA) has made all sorts of declarations claiming so. The Republican chairman Devin Nunes on the House Intelligence Committee they both serve on says "there’s nothing there."

But Schiff and his unctuous self makes all sorts of pronouncements on CNN, MSNBC, and NBC telling tales straight out of Mother Goose about Russian influence and Trump’s alleged involvement with Russia. He sniffs and turns his nose up while he does like Ru Paul on stage; I find him unbearable.

Nunes, on the other hand, is smart.


For those who can’t read the WashPo article because you’ve used up your free 10 articles for the month, disable Javascript in your browser before clicking on the WashPo link, and you’ll get the whole thing.

Just don’t forget to re-enable it after you’ve read it, or you will miss a lot of other articles on the web.


Why is this news appearing in the Washington Post which, with the NYT, has more than anyone done its best to spread pro-Clinton, anti-Trump The-Russians-Done-It propaganda?

Since they are incapable of honesty I suspect deeply dishonest reasons for publishing it. But can't imagine what they are.


Find this story so sad. This first came out just b4 the election last year it was revealed then that the DNC/Clinton mob had payed this shill to dig up dirt on Orangatang man. They R/V it and came to the conclusion that it was not all that verifiable then passed it on to the RNC which continued with the fake dossier and further lined the shills pockets to continue to find dirt on Frump the Trump.Re hashed and old news what is so shocking about it. Is it because that Russia ate my homework has no verifiable evidence behind it is it because the US inquisition on xenophobia is not carrying any water with we the sheeple. Graft and corruption is rife with in all aspects of our society. We r living in a Corporate State which is the definition of Fascism. We have the largest wage and economic gap since the Gilded age and we can do is re hash old BS about the reality show that they call the POTUS election of pre made candidates and gives us no choice what so ever.


Bannon said you won't get HRC on her emails, but you might on the Foundation...


You are in denial.


Colonel, Lars,

I think it is a very special kind of "compelling evidence" - only the most sophisticated Democrats can see it. In fact, the evidence is made from the same material as the Emperor's New Clothes in the eponymous fairytale...


Will this be followed up by Mueller and Sessions? Who knows. pl

It will be followed up by Herr Müller, albeit with gnashing teeth, because Herr Müller is not the almighty criminal supermind you seem to think he is, but rather a shabby opportunist, and the public is no quite as dumb as you seem to think.


This is not news, Mother Jones mentioned this in a story back in Oct. of 2016: "This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project’s financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.)" http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/veteran-spy-gave-fbi-info-alleging-russian-operation-cultivate-donald-trump/



You mean Donna Brazile was paid by the Russians to rig the Democratic primary? I'm shocked to find that out. Is that why Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been paying her corrupt IT guy for all this time?


Facebook and Twitter have reported how their platforms were used by Russian entities for the purpose of influencing the election. While there have not been any indictments or official reports yet, I am sure they will eventually be produced.

A lot more people will have to realize that we now have the most corrupt administration since Harding and that process started even before the campaign.

There are indications that Mueller is using tried and true methods used against organized crime in the past. That is also significant.

SR Wood

Interesting but the "Will this dastardly deed go unpunished?" comment left me shaking my head. Isn't this what political opposition research is all about?


SR Wood

1- you have no sense of humor. 2. Oppo research is not supposed to fabricate "facts." 3. Politicians are not supposed to conspire to buy fake research. pl



Based on performance to date, Mueller seems anti-trump. IMO the "people" are easily deceived by the MSM. pl

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