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12 October 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

For QM to be consistent, Gravity must be quantized, viz. Graviton must exist. However, if photons cannot exit a Black Hole, gravitons could not either, implying that gravity field would cease to exist outside og a BH.


The idea that an observer determines anything seems silly unless consciousness saturates reality, or something.

Here's a great talk from a Quantum Theory Without Observers meeting by Tim Maudlin about Bell's Theorem. Most of the slides are printed material so you can pause the video and ponder each point as Maudlin goes along:



all who know more,
why is speed of light the ultimate limit of speed?; the dictum of cosmologists is that the universe expands from the moment of Big Bang until now, some 14 billion years ago. Big Bang must have started with a fantastic speed, approaching the speed of light and it continues until now, as evidenced by the famous ´red-shift´ in light spectrum. Why is it a problem to my nitwit mind? The consequences of trying to answer my dilemma are quite monstrous.


with your permission, I would like to quote your entry in my talk.

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