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15 October 2017


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Yes, I assume most deaths were infantry in combat and deaths would be evenly distributed across volunteers, namely West Virginians didn't just happen to be ambushed a lot. So I expect that is a good approximation.

I just don't think it shows what Mike thinks it does. The average is 29.8, sure Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida are below it, but only Louisiana is notably so.

I am also think defining the south as only those states that attempted to secede is too narrow. Of course that is subjective.



Actually in that link I provide to 'Maps of American Nations' he shows a breakdown of enlistment by region and a discussion of it.

The South and the Far West are over represented.



Yes, the difference between a rural western accident and a Southern accent are often hard to detect. pl


The West is also misrepresented; "El Norte" areas are labeled "Mexican" rather than Conquistdor Spanish>Hispanic which they historically and are from the beginning. In addition, the map notes the Native American population as encompassing in the main, Navajo country with another swath of a completely, unrelated group along Arizona"s southern border. The Pueblo peoples at the core of the region are missing.

Why does this matter?

Living and learning that region one is struck by how both groups honor their warrior traditions. The causes have changed but the pride in serving in defense of "the community" weave strong and deep throughout the respective cultures.

The greater SW is rather a blood-soaked place.

Luther Blissett

I looked into the question a few years ago. Spitting happened.

One point rarely mention is that throughout history many cultures have consider soldiers returning from battle to be 'polluted' by the bloodshed. Often there is some sort of purification ritual to be done before they are allowed back into the agora. Marching an army through the two halves of a bi-sected dog (or POW...) was one method to absorb off their pollution. See Robert Parker's Miasma (1983).

Uncleansed blood-shedders are considered disgusting/polluted and spitting is a primal evolutionary reaction to disgust. Spitting is often considered to have magical warding power.

You can add all the sociological/political dimesions you want onto this basis.

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