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28 October 2017


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Bill Herschel

How do you support this statement:

"RUSSIA INC. I expand on something I wrote some time ago. Russia is a “full-service” economy. One of four on the planet. It and China are going up; the USA and the EU are going down."

The U.S. GDP is rising. The stock market is booming. We are at full employment. I don't see the going down part.


Fantasy indeed. The Chinese are very conscious of the fact that the Bumi Putra have a long history of anti chinese pogroms often justified by islamic sentiments. Saudi has been investing in Wahabi madrassas in Asia for at least 30 years as well. The result is a toxic mixture of jihadism, nationalism and anti chinese sentiment.


Here's what the new Saudi Prince has been pitching:


Looks like the old adage that PT Barnum uttered has come true, there's a sucker born every minute. The Saudi soon-to-be-king has thrown out his bait, and the neophyte are biting, hook, line, and sinker.


In reply to Pacifica Advocate 28 October 2017 at 02:39 PM

All it takes to refute this delusional nonsense you spout is one word:



Entirely agree with that.

I also think that Trump's victory was down to an anti-war vote in the mid-Western states which had previously voted Sanders in the primaries. And, whatever his grotesque contortions in office (mainly to placate AIPAC), he still seems broadly to be sticking to that script. In Britain we don't appear to have either a prime minister or a government, so I'm not sure who they're going to declate war on (except on each other).

I think the Western electorates have turned their back on war.


FB Ali,
re: "The foolish Saudi princeling, who now talks of revising the Wahhabi creed, doesn't realise that he is digging the grave of the House of Saud."

A foolish princeling indeed. The nutters he's empowering and funding have no great respect for their supporters, in fact, by declaring their caliphate without asking Saudi princes they challenged the Saudis, who asssert that they alone have the right to declare such things.

AQ and ISIS folks are unlikely to forgive such views. What happened to Ghaddafi speaks for itself. Supporting these folks is not just ruthless and murderous, but also quite shortsighted. That said, err, written: The Saudi princeling may, while at it, just be digging his own grave.

And to add to these idiotic ideas also absurdities - the princeling is 'en passant' chasing other weirdo dreams, like for example building NEOM, "the greatest city" of the world or something. Yes, clearly, what the Saudis need is more big cities.


IMO the problems with princelings like that come from the fact that they never needed to work for their privileges and wealth. They inherited both.

Since they just 'have it', they don't appreciate the trouble involved of building it. Pissing wealth away is a right of privilege, not a matter of sense or sensibility. The latter are questions that don't come up.

So, the Saudis, after bombing the country for a considerable time, don't succeed in Yemen.

What they brought the place is a lot o killing, a siege, murderous Islamists like AQ and ISIS, and while at it, the threat of hunger and a hard cholera epidemy. Fighting on the ground doesn't go well, and thus they ask for other Arabs, Pakistanis and Egyptians to fight for them the war they started, while blaming, of course, Iran.




With such glorious 'missions accomplished', let's generously call it 'a Saudi royal serial success'.

Patrick Armstrong

Look around you. Up or down since you were a kid?

Patrick Armstrong


Ishmael Zechariah

Is your query above a rhetorical device?
Thanks for any clarification
Ishmael Zechariah



Sounds like we can cut welfare, SNAP and a whole lot of other transfer payments since people can find jobs all over the place.



Peggy Noonan said on Mornin' Joe a week ago that the non-coastal middle and blue collar classes feel that society is collapsing around them. and that Trump's presidency and the rise of the GOP generally reflect that. She might not be invited back for a while. pl


When I was in the army in my military service I was a 'Funker' in a communications regiment that was supporting III. Korps in Koblenz.

I was told during my NBC detect and decon training by an officer that the warsaw pact had aimed thirty (or so) nukes on the town of Koblenz. It left me speechless.

Koblenz surely was a 'high value target'. There were a lot of soldiers in and around town, and a corps HQ and a lot of civilians around. But thirty nukes? That IMO was simply a grand and deadly overkill. Because it was 'doable'?

I thank the Lord that the Cold War never 'got hot'. The heat and blast aside, radioactive stuff is a bad news for anyone, and it drifts.

I remember we were advised for a couple years after Chernobyl to not collect mushrooms in the woods, and not to eat them, because they had been consistently exposed to radioactivitive crap from the plant that drifted over to central and western Europe and fell down.

That fallout, iirc caesium stuff, can still be measured - some 31 years after the accident happened.

Well, the point is, central Germany is some 1600 km away from Chernobyl, and they, well, we, just were 'in the wind direction'. Close enough for fallout.

Patrick Armstrong

I think the audience is world-wide. I'm told, for example, that the German media is even more anti-Russian than the English-speaking media. But we see people waking up all over the place. The essence of the awakening is some trigger that makes the individual realise that our masters don't have our interests at heart and are lying to us.

Antoinette Dhooghe

Jerusalem and Riyadh working together : and much longer than we suppose they did on what apperead about it in public...


I'm told, for example, that the German media is even more anti-Russian than the English-speaking media.

Well that's German hubris once again. Familiar?

Concerning the latest US sanctions as you may imagine there was unisono applause from all over the place in media. For a moment it seemed the big fear that our most important protection against the biggest enemy out there was wavering in its guarantee to protect us. Given the new emperor and his defense recollection strategy. Mind you. North - East - West - South pretty united in fact. My God, once again the Russians are coming. We finally have to pay for out own defense? Considering Russia even for the most block-headed German it was quite easy to understand one day they would seek their well-deserved revenge.

The Southern even forgot for a moment that Switzerland could turn from defensive to offensive. You know: "Die Schweitzer kommen". A well rehearsed fear in the deep South ...

Babak Makkinejad

Yup, 2 million 850,000 jobs are removed from US and 2 million 450,000 jobs were created in 3rd World countries by US corporations. Such a massive wealth tranfer will have, at first, social consequences, and later, historical ones.
Caveat Emptor

Babak Makkinejad

Germans are also deeply prejudiced against Iran.

Babak Makkinejad

The Aramco IPO, NEOM, and allowing women to drive, as well as public speeches about economic reform are addressed squarely at the greedy, gulible, and stupid faranjis - like Americans.
It is an attempt at seduction and at damage control.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, the were caught in their own spider web.


posted and followed by millions of ordinary Americans - and showing great wit and irony and genuine feeling and contempt for Clinton's virulent anti-Russian campaign, to realize that there are huge numbers of ordinary Americans who are thinking for themselves and not swallowing the warmongers propaganda.

Absolutely, 100% true. Remarkably, a huge percentage of these Americans are not urbanites from affluent and "liberal" and supposedly "educated" centers.


Nonsense, the Bolsheviks who were still running the Soviet Union wanting their world revolution with its war of conquest, whilst Hitler wanted his lebensraum in Eastern Europe. Hitler had no interest in merely reuniting German populated lands, and he was of course a genocidal maniac, two points on which many took a more hopeful position as the alternative would be disastrous. At that point in time when the Soviet Union had already racked up a death toll of millions it was quite rightly regarded as enemy number one whilst people hoped Hitler's rhetoric was just that.

There was little Britain could do stop a war, although Chemberlain et al tried. France was still traumatised by their horrendous losses in WWI, Italy was ruled by Mussolini, the US stood aloof with no interest in maintaining the post war settlement, whilst Germany and Russia were determined to undermine it and gobble up as much of Eastern Europe as possible. There were no real options to prevent a generalised war, and that is what they got.




Russia pledges investment in Saudi NEOM city


Account Deleted


Assume you were responding to my earlier post and I agree with you re MBA curricula largely substituting for political manifestos these days in the West. My point was that the all-pervasive business school market forces dogma that triumphed at The End of History effectively represents the absence of a political ideology. Guess it comes down to whether a single consensus world-view without significant opposing doctrine can still be called an ideology.


Indeed in the West these days it seems that the more you are "educated" the more credulous and downright stupid you are likely to become, and the less "educated" you have been the more rational and level-headed you are likely to be.

Bill Herschel

Thank you for directing me to this essay. It doesn't prove that "the USA and the EU are going down", but it demonstrates emphatically that Russia is a formidable nation as it has been throughout history. It is a question of leadership, and if the evidence that the USA is going down is the quality of its leadership, it's going down.

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