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13 October 2017


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James -

I am not a fan of regime change. I believe the coup against Mossadegh in 53 was a bad mistake. Done by the CIA at the bidding of your Commonwealth brothers in MI-6 as they had been thrown out of the country. If Mossadegh and his secular National Front had not been overthrown perhaps the Revolution of 79 would not have happened? Or perhaps it was destined regardless? Maybe Kooshy or Babak M could weigh in on that?

I'm a lefty, I like what I have read of many of Mossadegh's policies, not his political alliance with the Tudeh though. Wiki says Mossadegh remains one of the most popular figures in Iran. However his National Front was outlawed by the Ayatollahs within two years after the 79 revolution. Too secular I suppose. If Mossadegh was alive today I have to wonder if he would be in Evin prison, or at least under house arrest.


"Last weekend saw Ukraine’s biggest Nazi march of modern times. On Saturday night, up to 20,000 far-right radicals honored the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – a paramilitary group, led by Stepan Bandera and Andriy Melnyk, which actively collaborated with Hitler’s Germany. They brandished lit torches, smoke pellets, and flares as they chanted fascist slogans. And some participants openly gave Nazi salutes during the rally. The leaders of the procession included Oleg Tyahnybok, an associate of US Senators John McCain. and Chris Murphy, who has called for Ukraine to do more to halt the "criminal activities" of "organized Jewry.” Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said the actions of the UPA fighters would always remain an “inspiration” and an example for future generations. This conduct included the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia from 1943 to 1944."
Nulandistan of Kagans in Ukraine keeps up on amusing. And McCain fame keeps on with expanding.

Pacifica Advocate

Hmmm....I'm now responding to "mike" -

Can't choose a more inconsequential and irrelevant online name than that one, no? Most of us who want to hide behind a pseudonym--and do note, that's a time-honored and time-tested term-of-the-trade, going back to Shakespeare (whom we're still in debate over)--at least choose something that will be...eh...memorable?

But...mike? Fucking...mike?

But let's set that aside. For now, let's just focus on this bit:

>>>I have admired many of your comments here in the past. Excepting your politics I should have said.

I'm curious, here, about what you think "politics" means--exactly?

Would you care to elaborate on that bit of rhetoric?

Most people conflate "comments" with "political orientation"--but apparently, you think a "comment" can be adulated without regard to its political affiliation?

Am I accurate, in that estimation?

My guess is that if the Col. posts this comment, then you will likely never again appear on SST. I may be wrong in that, but then, I have lost to voices far more articulate than thee.

Pacifica Advocate

This letter seems to make your argument much better than you do.

Noticeably, it is written by a guy who worked in Bill Clinton's White House. Also, noticeably: it is written by a Neocon. Also, noticeably: it is written by a guy who has dual Israeli-American citizenship, and is an ardent "Destroy Syria, replace it with ISIS" kind-of-argument:


Notably, "James Rubin" went through a media washing where he suddenly became "Jamie Rubin" - oddly enough.

Would you care to extrapolate on why:

A) "James Rubin" felt he needed to change his name, and

B) "Jamie Rubin" felt like he needed a name change?

Regardless: you're making the same agruments as he did. Just curiously: your name is "mike"--are you James/Jamie Rubin, by any chance?


Pacifica Advocate

>>>As for Clinton's call for a no-fly-zone, Trump right now has a no-fly-zone in northern Syria. They just call it by a different name - de-escalation lines or zones instead of no-fly-zones.

I am salivating over the takedown that TTG or Patrick should give you...sadly, I am--like the over-eager dog--well-aware that my tastes will not be satisfied.


Pacifica Advocate -

Colonel Lang, our host here, calls his site a "Committee of Correspondence". He likens it to a collegial discussion of issues.

I am against regime change and have not advocated for it. It is true I prefer the the city and regional councils being set up by the PYD and their SDF allies in northern Syria to Damascus. But I also prefer county and state governments here in this country over Washington DC. But why that should chap your arse I have no idea.

Sorry my political leanings offend you. I've been insulted by Democrats when I registered as a Republican in North Carolina in the early 1960s. And insulted by Nixonites when I switched to Independent in the 70s. And then insulted by Reaganites in 84 when I refused to vote again for the great communicator and registered Democratic. But please be a little more creative if you continue to choose to throw insults. I have already heard much better zingers.

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