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20 September 2017


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sid finster

"some of the posts here make me suspect anti-Semitic motivations." Showing your hand? This sounds like attempted intimidation. pl



The "useful idiots" in British and US intelligence are just that as they and their political masters are predisposed to information that buttress their neocon agenda. That's exactly why Ahmed Chalabi could sell his nonsense while anyone who spent even an iota of effort would have known he was a fraud.



All well and good, but where is the organized resistance to AIPAC, ADL, and their constellation of think tanks and pressure groups in the broader Jewish community if opposition is so widespread?

Perhaps it is down to the same factors that confront Gentile critics of The Lobby and its single-minded devotion to Israeli policies and deeds in the Middle East, heedless of the effects of the association of the U.S. with the unquestioning support of these policies and actions; fear of consequences if one tries to make a case, consequences to careers, social acceptance, etc. which can have drastic effects on one's life and on the life of one's family.

But there is an alternative construction that can be placed on the lack of forceful engagement in resisting these odious policies and behaviors; namely, that silence springs from acceptance, silence is actually indicative of complicity. And I for one, don't like to see my own nation's policies and finances hijacked to the service of nasty policies and deeds formulated and perpetrated by another nation, period end.

Does the (hypothetical) apparent complicity do anything good for the perception of the Jewish community in the U.S.? No, it most definitely does not. For those of us goyim not motivated by worries about our international image, there is still the money bleed from the annual financial tribute paid to Israel, money that could better be used to serve the crying needs of our own nation which serves as an irritant. I could multiply examples. But then, in the inimitable words of Netanyahu, "The United States is a thing easily moved", so there is nothing to worry about, right? Arrogance, triumphalism, and outright hostility to the populace of a nation in which your minority group resides never poses a problem for that group, does it? Yet these are salient, perhaps the salient, characteristics of AIPAC, ADL, and their ilk. Sorry, but this is undeniably true. Witness the attempt to criminalize advocacy for the BDS movement. Oh, it was fine and dandy to support this against the apartheid regime in South Africa, but now not so much. In that context it was expressive of dislike of the apartheid system and second class citizenry for the indigenous population, and that was A-OK. But when a similar expression of dislike for an apartheid system and second class citizenry for an indigenous population is directed against Israel? Well, that is not only A-OK, but even further, an attempt is being made to criminalize this. CrimeThink, in other words, deprivation of the citizens of the U.S. of their rights of free speech and association. It's in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, let me remind you. But wherein lies the difference here? Do I have to lay it out for you?

When confronted with this thoroughly tribal attitude, you can expect to get one back. This advocacy for mindless, entitled Israeli chauvinism will have bad consequences over an arc of time, particularly as this nation is forced to struggle with the new, harsh realities that are ineluctably coming at us. I don't think that continuance of these attitudes is a real good idea.

As one commenter expressed it, when someone else deployed the blanket ad hominem against Mr. Giraldi of merely being an anti-Semite, he responded that the better characterization was as a counter-Semite. A refusal to have the critique suspended through this canard seems to be gaining force. And why might that be, you should ask yourself. Seriously.


Perhaps we need a "Committee to Investigate Anti-Semitic Motivations". You could lead it. I'm certainly not qualified. To me these are just ordinary people giving ordinary opinions.


It is my opinion that Mueller has found and is pursuing (an extensive) series of real estate transactions involving mostly Russians and Trump properties that will quite likely demonstrate a pattern of corrupt activity on the part of the Trump Organization in terms of laundering money from the Russians, at least.

These are honest-to-God crimes, and Mueller can't ignore them, and this is Trump's major exposure and why he's so twitchy about this investigation.

I guess for me the really interesting question is, if this is all true - how far into the rest of the high-end global real estate market does this go? My personal opinion is that a huge fraction of these incredibly (idiotically) expensive condos and so on are completely sold only to launder dirty money from somewhere.

If this is true, I REALLY hope Mueller et al. follow this trail absolutely to the dirty end.



There is some truth in what you say. The Silence of the Majority.

There are quite a lot of Grand Old Jewish Men who continue to criticize Israel - Chomsky, Finklestein, Weiss (son), the publisher of the UNZ site on which Giraldi posts. I'd add that, in Britain, I'm always moved on pro_Palestinian demonstrations - which are usually LARGE - that in the midst of them, amid the hordes of Muslims and Goy, are always small groups usually elderly and frail Jews holding up anti-Zionist posters.

But I agree - the puzzle of the Silence of the Majority. Perhaps it is down to the widely disseminated idea that jews are somehow more intelligent than gentiles. Whereas the truth is that they are just as stupid as the rest of us. How else can you explain the fact that they seem to be conciously manoeuvring themselves into the traditional role of jews held by anti-semites that they are warmongers and the secret controllers of government. It seems unbelievable folly. If The West does collapse then, once again, they will be the easiest of patsies.

I'd also add as a reason perhaps the survival of the ghetto mentality. That that those within are your friends, those outside are your enemies. That you remain shtum.

Perhaps Giraldi is right in describing them as jews and not zionists. Perhaps its time we do put up flags saying you're either with us or with Israel - you can't be loyal to both. All dialogue until now has been conducted in darkness and embarrassed silences.

As I said above I think a lot of well-informed people are already well aware of this situation. One of the positive peculiarities of Borg propaganda these days is that the more they bang on about something or other, the more the well-tuned senses of the electorate seem to be able to work out that its exact opposite is most likely to be true and then set about investigating these matters for themselves - Brexit, Trump, Corbyn (who is endlessly pelted with anti-semitic canards by the Borg that are completely ignored by the electorate).

This huge crusade against Giraldi could be yet another turning point.



Assuming that Mueller uncovers evidence of "corrupt" foreign real estate deals(whatever that is), how would that relate to Mueller's assigned mission of determining if Russia tried to "rig" our election? pl

The Twisted Genius

pl and PeterHug,

Mueller and Schneiderman (NYAG) are coordinating their investigations. I think the money laundering/real estate aspects are where the NYAG is concentrating his investigation under NYS RICO statutes. Trump has no pardon power against indictments stemming from the NYAG under state statutes. It would be a great disappointment to me if Mueller veered away from the Russian focus of the investigation.



"Trump has no pardon power against indictments stemming from the NYAG under state statutes."

So there is a limit on the supremacy clause?

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