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20 September 2017


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It's unfortunate that he chooses not to.

Christian Chuba

I was struck by how much Trump channeled GWB at his UN speech and at how much the U.S. public loved it.
Yes, N. Korea is indeed a very serious threat, they are developing nuclear ICBM's and there is a good chance that they will sell them in the future to other countries. But Iran is now the new Iraq.

1. He trotted out the 'axis of evil' (I'd like to congratulate Venezuela but somehow it feels like they are just their to round out the number to three).

2. Wild, unproven assertions are being tossed out as fact, 'we must stop Iran's nuclear weapons program' (who says they have one?). Lot's of analysts are even saying that Iran is aiding N. Korea's weapons development (next to Saddam's Anthrax bunker).

3. Threat inflation - Iraq was the center of terrorism and instability in the M.E., now it's Iran.

4. France now, as then, is the voice of reason. If we start using the term 'freedom fries' again we're done.

We the U.S. public loved it. We want every nation in the world to either look to us as their leader or shrink in terror at the prospect of facing our righteous judgment, including Venezuela, but are tired of nation building and endless war. We want to have our cake and to eat it too.

Publius Tacitus

I answered. You just did not like the answer.


Trump has no intention of wiping out N. Korea. He is squeezing China and fast. China can't turn the lights off anytime it wants to North Korea. The country is really a province of China, China utilizes it in order to get better trade deals.
Sundance at 'The Conservative Treehouse' has written about this repeatedly:


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