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25 September 2017


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I disagree with you Sir but i try to disagree honestly. I do not have a police background. I would not take a police job because in my interaction with policemen it is clear that the job is very dangerous. I sympathize with them. I have seen videos where i disagreed with police actions (from the safety of my office!). I have disagreed with police shooting suspects who flee the scene for example.

I dont see the relevance of the actions of criminals - regardless of color. Black criminals who kill others should be prosecuted and punished. What difference would a demonstration make?

I do not understand how a protest adversely impacts those who disagree with it. If you believe it should be against the law then change the law. If it is not against the law what exactly is your complaint? That you dislike it?


"Our traditional culture". What culture is that? Do you assume to speak for all Americans? Why are you so bothered by kneeling, exactly how does it impact upon your life?


I oddly find myself agreeing, at least aspirationally, with PT. Of all the professional sports leagues, the NFL has long wrapped the military in a tight and cynical embrace. They shouldn't wonder that a large part of their fan base consists of jingoistic flag wavers.

Now the red, white and blue chickens have come home to roost. The hoopla about anthem and flag will cease when Sunday Head Trauma Theatre hopefully comes to an end. Couldn't happen to a nicer league.

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