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06 September 2017


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Regarding the search of the Russian consulate, it seems that Cambodia is already ahead of the curve, even going as far as to charge the opposition candidate with treason for accepting support from foreign NGOs.




Losing in Afghanistan and military incompetence:

The U.S. distributed leaflets in Parwan district depicting a dog with the Shahada written on it. A U.S. coalition lion is hunting the dog.
(Shahada: Central Muslim creed: "There is no god but god. Muhammed is his messenger.")
The leaflet is so insensible and incompetent that it is hard to believe a trained psy-ops element could accidentally create and release it.

One might, and many will, assume that it was intended to inflame ALL Muslims against the U.S. If one wants a "generational war", as several Generals have described it, this was the way to keep it going.


"Nothing is beyond his reach (except Kiev and Vilnius.)" is an excellent line.

I would claim that the Russian investigation stuff has quieted in the media, because the convertible have been converted. You can check social media and there are a lot of people who respond to any mention of Trump with "Russian sleeper cell brainwish sextape."

It took Harvey to pause that material, and maybe they realized they could write about something else until all the special prosecutor stories need to be written.



Another one of those breathless, arm-waving 'petro-dollar" stories. Oil can be traded today for yuan or gold, through either a synthetic futures contract or directly between an oil producer and consumer. Nothing prevents Saudi Aramco from directly selling some of their oil production for yuan or gold.

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