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25 September 2017


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John Minnerath

Good stuff TTG.
When I was at Training Group in '62 some guys from the 10th passed through.
Us young kids thought they walked on water.

ex-PFC Chuck

Thanks, TTG. I just put in a request for my public library to buy the book.

I especially liked your last, one sentence paragraph, since the sentiment expressed is exactly what I was thinking as I read the paragraph above it.



I saw this book show up on Audible and was tempted to ask your opinion, but didn't know if you'd read it and did not want to come across as a goofball.(more than usual anyway.)

Thanks for posting this


Thanks TTG -

Our local library does not have it, so I put in a request for them to get a copy. But maybe I should buy my own and stop being such a cheapo.

Le Renard Subtil

Thanks for the insight. The author recently appeared in a forum on CSPAN to discuss his experiences along with details from the book. Searched in my library book-sharing database with no luck, however after this recommendation, I will be sure to purchase this one ASAP.

The Twisted Genius

Le Renard Subtil,

I linked to that CSPAN talk. Click on the phrase where I mentioned the "Daniel Morgan Academy Graduate School" or just use the link below.



thanks a lot, TTG.

Concerning the "Renard Subtil", one of my mental meandering questions while reading Murphy's article, was: Did the French have no Special Forces in Berlin?

Anyway one point, I hate to nitpick. No Berlin mayor was ever kidnapped by RAF. But yes while he wasn't a candidate and wasn't really kidnapped by RAF, but the 2 June Movement. The demand definitively was the release of RAF members. That's why hate to nitpick, but do now nevertheless.*


* vaguely having Syria in mind.


With the utmost respect I shall 'pass the salt on this one' & remember my experiences of my six tours during a real 'Dirty War' that I took part in that lasted a lifetime & took the lives of 763 of my comrades, 319 Policemen & 1841 civilians.

I guess it counts for something if you had 'skin in the game'.


The RAF or 2 June didn't exist when we did the vulnerability survey of the Mayor. The "powers that be" were worried the East German or Soviet intelligence services would take him out. They were still quite busy with active measures in West Berlin then.


the Author

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