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08 September 2017


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Well, this is the end of the post where italics started and, hopefully, this is where they end. So, magical magic ... work on it ... . Test.



I think it must be quite frustrating to the Lebanese Army that Hesbollah has and can do so many the Lebanese Army has not and cannot. The Jordanian news agency Petra just reported that Lebanon is to "protest to UN Israel's breach of its airspace." Quote begin:

"This came during a meeting of the supreme defence council headed by President Michael Aoun and attended by Prime Minister Saad Hariri."

Quote end. Source: http://petra.gov.jo/Public_News/Nws_NewsDetails.aspx?Site_Id=1&lang=2&NewsID=317078&CatID=13&Type=Home&GType=1

Wikipedia says Saad Hariri is a dual Saudi-Lebanese citizen.

I think about what happens if the UN security council doesn't take measures to curb Israels breaches of Lebanese air space. If that happens to be the case may it be possible that the Lebanese Armed Forces will go onto the market and look for some air defense system? I think so. And if that happens I think to get that Russia has some quite capable air defense systems on offer. I think that would be a much better solution than having Hezbollah organize the Lebanese air defence. What do you think about this?


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Just to end the italics.


Colonel, those quotes came from this very page, in the message #14 with poster name Ex 11B, and my message was a response to Ex 11B.

Concerning Laposte.net, is a free service provided by French postal.


this is a good argument, jdledell. But how could they manage that it doesn't look like a tunnel vision for the rest of the world?

To us ISIS looked/looks pretty organized too. ... Shouldn't one expect it to be, after all a high percentage of its early members are assumed to come from the former security apparatus in Iraq?

What would be Israel's counterargument, if we suspect: The main difference may well be the different "state sponsors" behind it?

English Outsider


I don't think this is right - "However controversial, I have learned that it all makes more sense if you stop saying Israelis and start saying "Jews."

That ignores the magnificent stand made by Finkelstein - and so many others. It ignores the recent plan by the ex-IDF senior officers to withdraw from the occupied territories. It ignores so much within Israel itself - for one instance out of many, look at the efforts made by some Israelis to get the Hezbollah graves treated with respect. To lump all these people in with such as Netanyahu is simply as inaccurate as if one were to call all Americans neo-cons.



I did not say that Russia would be bullied. I said that the Israelis are TRYING to bully Russia. Read carefully. pl


Why would the Russians want to crowd US operational territory in the east of Syria? I'm sure the Russians know the SDF/YPG would not allow any ISIS oil convoys to pass through the territory it controls into Turkey, so no need to bomb any oil convoys. Beyond the government-held zones near Qamishli and Al Hasakah, the R+6 currently have no interests there and the RuAF has enough work elsewhere to keep it busy. Or are the air ops people projecting their own thoughts onto the Russians?

Ex 11B

I will not bow to words police. I have revoked the antisemitism card for myself personally. You do realize playing the antisemitism card is nothing more than a ploy to end the conversation and I am sick of it. I question your motives.
As I said, those measures are they only way and this was brought on by their behavior. I could give a shit about the accident their birth circumstances dealt them. I have no doubt there are people that are not Jewish that work for AIPAC and I want them prosecuted. This is an organization that has crossed the line and they deserve all the retribution they have coming.

Nancy K

Not all Jews identify with Israel, far from it especially with younger and non-practicing Jews.

Red Cloud

Obama can state that he didn't bomb the ISIS oil convoys because he cared so much about those drivers and wouldn't dare hurt one of them, or that he has such a deep heartfelt love for Iraq and Syria that he wouldn't dare do anything that might hurt them (while he simultaneously bombs oil well heads in the east). Well no one seriously believes any of that nonsense.

The US clearly stood by and watched ISIS transport its oil to Turkey. Also, bombing Raqqa and Mosul after the fact doesn't change what already happened.


Red Cloud

what is your point exactly? pl


Mr Weiß, on the surface it does not seem to make much sense to respond to this. How exactly is Germany excluded from the discussion? Collectively or individually? Random pick, it doesn't seem to have begged to differ concerning the UN 2016 resolution 2334:


Does what could possibly be on your mind?

Without the USSR there wouldn't be a Jewish state in the Middle East.

what's your historical evidence (dot-connection) for selectively charging Russia in this context?


Showing emotion? Well yes, maybe:

"Does what could possibly be on your mind?"

correction: Thus, what could possibly be on your mind.

Red Cloud

I believe the original point was that Israel has no problem admitting they prefer ISIS to Assad, and so it makes sense that the US would stand by and do nothing while ISIS grew to its full potential as a destructive force (the untouched oil convoys being evidence of that).



As you have stated,

"Israeli ground forces farther into Syrian territory are opening gambits to see of the Russians can be bullied into accepting Israeli 'moral" dominance in the Middle East."

Two aspects of recent US military intervention come to mind.

One is the "lite" invasion policy, as in Desert Storm, whereby the force used was underwhelming. The task of cleanly assimilating the Iraqi territory failed, in my opinion, either a) because the USG was overly optimistic about the "relief from tyranny" that would have the Iraqis laying out rose petals for the benevolent Coalition. That, or b) some misguided policy of applying a conservative notion of cost-saving to the effort, although the services contractors made out pretty well.

The other is that the protracted conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan have emboldened the once-separate forces in opposition to combine against the US, transitioning from assymetric attacks to the harmonized deployment of conventional troops across the ME, albeit by proxy.

I can't tell whether and to what extent the beltway hawks are navigating a path between US tolerance for casualties and achieving a specific result.

Where Israel is headed, within this context, appears to depend on keeping big friends on a leash to support them, even if that means throwing symbolic punches at them as a threat to create a problem that inevitably leads to a big friend stepping in. The next question is how can Israel play all sides against the middle without burning bridges, with a more muscular Iranian constellation arrayed against them? This, only to find that the inevitable US contribution suffers from the "lite" syndrome, as in internal political friction, and fails to dissuade the Syrian and Lebanese neighbors from finally punching back?


My recollection of the news was that those oil fields around Mosul were being pumped by both Kurds and Sunnis (IS).

What is left of IS now? There were foreign intelligence officers and high-value foreign mercenaries who previously fought with the US in the former Soviet republics. There were the thousands of insurgents who were freed from the prison camps in Iraq. Then there are the many locals who joined IS because that was the only source of income after the revolts or because they were coerced. The bottom of the heap were the inconsequential foreign idiots and petty criminals who were enticed to go to Syria and Iraq. It would seem that was is left now are mostly locals.


Why would zionism being a non-trivial strand of Jewish culture mean that anti-zionism was anti semitic? What about the other strands of Jewish culture? Wouldn't you have to anti all jews to be anti semitic? Being anti-zionist is to opose something that someone is doing not to hate them for their ancestry, and the distinction still stands even if all jews are zionists. Anti zionists just want some Jews to stop giving the Palestinians a hard time while anti-semitics want to give all Jews a hard time. One could be used as a disguise for the other but that doesn't stop them from being different things.
All of Western Civilisation does not need to be put on probation but we won't survive if our organizing motif is to make things up and then believe them ourselves.


For a starter, even if the Lebanese army had all the money it needs and went on the market for a decent air defense capability, it will not be allowed to pass... ZOG USA and the Izzies will move mountains and will not allow that to happen. Precedents exist since the late sixties, when the Lebanese army bought some crotale missiles from France, only to discover that they were flawed and unusable.... the Lebanese army has to account to every M16 bullet they use, or hellfire missiles which they received recently... to a US army attaché at the US embassy in Lebanon..... etc etc etc, they will not be allowed to have an airforce, or decent tanks, or decent antitank weapons, or or or..... etc. Hence, Hizbullah is more than a necessity for Lebanon's defense, until hell freezes over. Recently, the actual Lebanese defense minister made a visit to Russia, and the President is about to visit Russia as well soon, we will see what comes out of all of those pilgrimages.... Iran has offered to arm the Lebanese army with anything that it says it needs...., ANYTHING... free of charge and with no conditions whatsoever attached.... the Lebanese government because of the US pressure...was never able to accept such largesse.... A visit by the President is scheduled to Iran also in the coming months.... might it change the equation???? Don't know for sure. Wait and see...., but this president is getting quite old, will he break the mold????? As for Israeli breaches of Lebanon's airspace, land incursions, sea incursions since decades, it's a daily occurrence repeatedly...and Lebanon has lodged hundreds of complaints with the crooked UN to No avail.... we count thousands of air breaches every year... thousands of overflights of all sorts.... CHOCKING to see such cowardice by the "" international community""..... 90% of Lebanese fully understand the positions and valiant stand of Hizbullah... and the Lebanese army also fully understood long ago...


Anna - so which Lebanese? Remember the rule of unintended consequences.


Sorry Anna, since the system no longer displays comments near the point, my question is not clear.

So which Lebanese would you provide weapons too? My recommendation is to maintain the missiles in Russian (covert) control.

Babak Makkinejad

Kurds are largely Sunni, excepting some Shia Kurds in Iran and then a few Yazidis and Ali-Allahis.

I think you meant "Sunni Arabs".

Sunni Arabs around Kirkuk will not permit Kurds to steal their birth-right oil.

Nor the Kurdish local government knows what to do with a million or so Arabs who now reside - as refugees - within the KRG.

Babak Makkinejad

You do not seem to grasp that the murder of Jews across multiple states in Europe during WWII was symptomatic of a malaise across all of Europe. This malaise still persists and once again we have Northern Europeans indulging in it - this time by trying to resurrect the tatters of Celtic Culture and posit is as the true antecedent European culture.

I think, looking at the Western Civilization as an outsider - eine Auslander und MorgenLander - that it lacks a center which only a religion could provide.


To all : my shame. Really sorry for this italic plague... First and last attempt to embellish text, for sure. And many thanks to Stumpy, confusedponderer, Dubhaltach, Adrestia, for correcting my error.

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