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19 September 2017


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In the absence of strategic settlement with Iran, which is not in the cards and is not even considered an option by the Western Alliance, what is left is the option of trying to intimidate Iran to give up her gains in Iraq, in Syria, and in Lebanon.

Trump, the Mukhtar of Arabs and the Captain General of the Western Fortress, is trying to soften Iranians while Marcon, his consigliere, is at the moment whispering to Iranians: "With this unstable guy in the White House, if you value JCOPA, you should make concession in Syria (foremost) as well as in Yemen and in Iraq."

When Iranians demur, Trump will abrogate JCOPA and the Europeans, reluctantly, oh so reluctantly, will be reimposing crippling financial and economic sanctions on Iran. This will go on for another decade until the next next US President changes tack again - for while.

Today, Trump called China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea on the carpet. Let us see how far he can accomplish.

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