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12 September 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

I do not think Hollywood productions could be considered an species of soft power.

English Outsider

Babak - to my surprise I find myself disagreeing with you. Films, or movies, are the most effective background propaganda going. Take the recent Russian films that serve to link the current conflict with the Great Patriotic War. That's a message more far-reaching than any Putin or Lavrov can put across directly. It cannot but influence the thought processes of millions, especially since it chimes in with a recurrent theme in Russian history and literature.

I don't think, however, that Russian films get much circulation outside the home market. The Hollywood films do.

What message are the Hollywood productions sending out? Look at the old version of True Grit. Wonderful script, by the way, and immaculately realised. That's full-on apple pie that got projected round the world. Then take the modern Hollywood films. The message, not always but often enough, is quite different. This is "Fred's" ground but I've seen enough to know that those films - and TV productions and advertisements but they don't travel as well - are probably the most effective way of getting others, particularly the young, to painlessly absorb "Progressive" values. Much more effective than the laboured message got across by Gay Pride in Kiev or Pussy Riot in Moscow.

The Long March through the Institutions made a beeline for Hollywood, occupied it, and it's now worth a hundred NGO's or a thousand novelists. As you know, I think it's a dysfunctional culture that's now projected but as a form of soft power, eating away at the national or cultural traditions of foreign countries and doing so ceaselessly and unstoppably, it must be one of the most powerful weapons in the armoury of the Western elites and their progressive entourage.


Israel finds Hollywood a rich venue for exerting their soft power:



Stumpy -

Thanks for the links. I remember those shipments back three years ago. Baghdad was not paying civil service salaries in the Kurdish areas. To survive Erbil shipped oil both to Turkey and to a Turkish port for foreign sales. Nobody would buy it initially because Baghdad was disputing the sale. US State Department warned US refineries from buying it. So they sold it to whoever would buy it, which turned out to be Israel. Shortly after that a US court ruled that Kurdish crude oil in a tanker sitting off the coast of Texas for several months could be purchased by US buyers despite the DoS ban. Since then they have had no problem selling crude on the open market.

Exxon, Rosneft and Norwegian DNO are the oil drillers in Iraqi Kurdistan. And crude oil is a commodity. When on the open market anyone can purchase it. I doubt seriously that the Kurds are going to give Israel a special deal on their oil and end up shortchanging Exxon or Rosneft or DNO, or shortchanging themselves. They will sell to the Izzies if offered a price higher than market. Why not?

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