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09 August 2017


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"Mr. Trump’s warning this week that any further threats from North Korea 'will be met with fire and fury' was aimed in part at jolting China into doing more to enforce the sanctions."

"Worse for China’s leaders, the latest escalation comes as they are preparing for a Communist Party congress that will reapportion power across its top leadership and give President Xi Jinping his second five-year term. Mr. Xi and other leaders are believed this week to be meeting in the coastal resort town of Beidaihe [their version of Bilderberg], where top officials have gathered most summers to discuss policy and political matters in secret. This year, party leaders are likely focused on negotiating promotions and personnel arrangements, according to Chinese politics experts."



The weaker power almost always takes more risk than the stronger power. This is especially more applicable in case of NK: the threat with which they blackmail their neighbors with is that, unless they are satisfied, they will create more instability in the region, with only they being allowed to decide when and if they should be satisfied, coupled with a sense of historical aggrievement that may or may not be justified. More than anything else, NK attitude strikes me as that of Imperial Japan, circa 1940. I actually think FDR made several mistakes that made a military clash more likely, but, no matter what happened until December 6, once the proverbial manure hits the fan, there's no turning back.

scott s.


It seem like the transition China is making is from an Empire controlling East Asia that declined and was dominated by Euro, American, and Japanese powers back to the status of Empire. If that reading is correct, then expect China to treat Joseon as its vassal state.

Babak Makkinejad

How much of Seoul, Pusan, and Tokyo Bay area will be destroyed during those 3 days, do you estimate?

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