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01 August 2017


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English Outsider

Thank you for your illuminating comment. One can only hope that your view, and "Anna's" above, are pessimistic and that things remain as "rkka" below describes them. The Baltic Russians do look like low hanging fruit, should those running our affairs for us at present feel inclined to give the screw another turn.

Sounds as if you might have been a fan of Mozgovoy. Me too. A hard-bitten idealist who epitomised the spirit of that conflict.


Kooshy, do you think there might be illegal activities that have a financial component hidden away in documents that Mueller will now subpoena and take a look-see at?

Indictments come about because prosecutors make a criminal case that crimes have been committed.

The New York real estate world can be rough and tumble and shady. I would guess the Russian real estate and banking worlds are possibly worse. This might present various low hanging fruit.

If the mortgage crisis fraudsters needed to be indicted, I would suppose so do 'highly placed' American citizens who are involved in the dark arts of the deal.


Yes, I think in his large international transaction they may find some "money laundering" issues/cases,.If president's business were involved in any kind of money laundering he will be finished, His sons may get jailed who knows. I never thought he is scared of Russian hacking, or any serious russian influencing of elections. IMO, I don't think they have found anything there in the Russian probe, but since Mr. Muller IMO is tasked to impeach ,he is going after the juicy stuff meaning international transactions, as you may know he (Muller) has every right to go after anything he dimmes related to Trump campaign which means anything he wishes, even 1st lady's underwear if he thinks was paid by Russians. it is crazy, but I don't know if he survives, he has no support from his party and his own staff in WH are leaking like hell is coming.


With our convoluted financial and tax laws that stretch into many many volumes of legalese and the tension between minimizing the payment of tax and the interpretation that one is crossing the line it is difficult in the best of times.

As the story goes Al Capone was nailed for tax evasion not murder and racketeering. So, will Mueller's grand jury find grounds to indict Trump or his cohorts on colluding with the Russians to steal the election as the MSM, Brennan, Clapper and the Democrats allege or will they dredge up some old financial transaction in Trump's past well before he became a candidate that crossed the line? If it is the latter will Sessions find the courage to establish a special counsel to investigate how Harry Reid and several members of Congress who spent their lives in that august body on that grand salary became centi-millionaires? And maybe all the financial transactions of the Clinton Foundation and the hundreds of millions that flowed through them.

In any case DJT has been under audit by the IRS many times so I am sure they have poured over his financial accounting in some detail. I'll be curious what Mueller finds that the IRS did not. The question really becomes which jurisdiction will be the proper venue if it is some past financial transgression and who the jury will be in such a trial.

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