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24 August 2017


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Moscow also has BRICS to consider when dealing with both China and India.


Let's see, according to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan which has aligned itself with India NOT China, Bhutan officially requested assistance from Delhi over the June 16th advance by a column of Chinese troops and construction vehicles that began moving into what Bhutan considers as its territory. Approximately 3,000 troops from both China and India are stationed near Doka La.

China is flexing its muscles into South Asia forging alliances and links with nations that India considers to be firmly within their sphere of influence.

The Bhutan area is considered the 'chicken's neck' by Delhi a thin corridor if taken by China could cut Delhi off from its northern states.


@ SmoothieX12 -

The bow was a nod to your comment. I have no military service, just missed getting drafted into the Vietnam mess. I went into the offshore oilfield business, and do have a lot of time on the water all over the planet. I meet and talk with many people in my business, and most of us in the oilfield have traveled quite a lot - we have a different perspective than others who do not travel internationally.

I know Venezuela and have friends there I talk to regularly, which is why I know what is written and broadcast here is largely hyperbole or complete fiction. I have similar experiences and relationships with Egyptians, Iranians, Kazakhs, Malaysians, Indonesians, etc.

I believe the sub guy I talked to was likely correct, simply because what he said made sense from what I know and have seen in my work. Do you find his explanation plausible?


Andrew, what are the chances that the RF will arrange a combined arms operation along the lines of 08.08.08, not to hold territory, but just to "mow the grass" west of the line of contact?

Very difficult to offer any number on that, but it has to be understood that from the get go Ukraine was not a point of territorial interest for Russia other than having her free from Western military bases. People of Donbass did take weapons and that complicated the situation greatly. No doubt, contingency plans exist for very many scenarios on Ukraine but as it was--a prime objective for Russia remains not to be involved directly, unless, of course things go haywire in Donbass. Moreover, the cultural split between Russians and "proper" Ukrainians did happen. Unlike some overly zealous Russian "patriots", I think this is a very healthy situation. Once (and if) Nord Stream-2 is launched--the game for Ukraine is over and the main task becomes to contain the instability and other social diseases coming from Ukraine. Let Poland, Hungary and Romania deal with Western Ukraine. Eastern part may require quarantine too until any decision could be made on that. They wanted it, they, not Russia, have to deal with the consequences of their choices.



1962 says hello, in Aksai-Chin/Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh/South Tibet.

Not exactly huge territories, to either countries, but large enough to fit several small European countries in them. They may not fight wars of conquests, but there are enough potential border disputes in sensitive regions.


Oilman & Smoothie -

Nine AM EDT tomorrow (8/27) CSPAN will have on Bryan McGrath to discuss the recent collisions of USN ships. McGrath formerly commanded the USS Bulkeley, which is the same Arleigh Burke class as the NcCain and Fitzgerald. It will be a call in format.


You are the resident Communist apologist . Have your say.


The issue concerning Dokhlam is much seious than a matter of strategic high ground for India. India is in Doklam as part of its treaty obligations to Bhutan. The Bhutanese had already conceded between 700 to 1000 sq km to settle their border disputes with China. Yet the dragon's appetite is insatiable. Now it is very clear that India cannot allow others to regard the sanctity of her treaty obligations to be held of little account by anyone , and most of all the Chicoms. Therefore India will fight in the absence of a 'face saving formula". For the longest time we have waited for a change in the Chinese behaviour towards us. But they have continued in their arrogant ways. Well it will just have to stop. We can no longer rely on the Russians to act as a counter to the Chinese. The Chicoms should realise that they got this far by bluff and intimidation. One telling blow and all their illusions will come crashing down.


Reply to Oilman2 #32:

Interesting article in the Navy Times, discusses the state of today's Navy. These at sea collisions could be symptoms of a bigger problem.

"Maybe today’s Navy is just not very good at driving ships."



"You are the resident Communist apologist "

I'm not an apologis, Vanya. I have nothing to apologize for. See, I feel no Red guilt ;)

As for you - how about answering the questions?

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