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13 August 2017


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The right would do well to excise any association with the hitlerite saluting, 'blood and soil' chanting Nazi wannabes and their torchlit pseudo Nuremburg rallies.

It is still the land of the free and the home of the brave, but Nazis? Nein, Danke.




Agreed. pl


"It is to silence through shaming and perhaps eventually legally anyone who does not submit..."

Shaming is pretty mild by the standards of the world. It seems as though the targets ought to be able to stand up for themselves. Especially give the quality of some of their rhetoric.


Ive seen more breast beating from the Left today then when BLM killed 5 Dallas PD, or when a Bernie Bro nearly killed a Congressman. Or when the Bernie Bro DID kill a GOP committeemember.

The freak out you see from our current oracle/priest caste relates to how their sinecures are being threatened, as well as their way of life. Can't live downtown, use Lyft to head to the cool new gastropub serving artisinal whiskey when you might encounter partisans. No no no.

Strap in folks. This has been building since the Left decided "hate whitey" was acceptable discourse. Now you got whites against the wall and they're fighting back. Communists and their foreign pets SHOULD be scared.



You are right. I had not made it strong enough. pl


This is what you get when certain groups are allowed to be 'victims' and others are demonized. The return of the repressed. I'm ashamed to admit it but deep in my heart, along with the sadness and dismay, was the feeling "It's about time that we pushed back ; fight not flight".

SR Wood

I thought we were a democracy. The Charlottesville city government voted to get rid of the Lee statue. If the right wingers or conservatives want to keep it, vote in a new city government.


I'm white, and don't at all feel my back to the wall. Just saying.


I told my wife this morning how interesting it is that many of the demonstrators (granted, mostly on the "Robert E. Lee" side) were carrying firearms, as is their right in VA -- but no reporting to highlight that there was no violence involving those weapons. The auto death was horrible, but demonstrations such as this could get much, much, more violent if the proper perspective is not applied. The media is serving mostly to churn up the public unrest, imo.

John Minnerath

Our news media has long tended to the left. They and the entertainment media (if there's a difference) feed the public propaganda daily.
But, now it's too organized, all seeming to be in lockstep, as if there is an overall plan operating or a single group orchestrating and directing all the various leftist groups.
There has to be a fairly large amount of money being funneled in. The leftist protesters show too soon in too large crowds at too many different locations. Organized and often supplied with many professional made signs and banners.

I hope this doesn't conspiracy theoryish, but I'm sure others must notice that many of the protesters don't seem to be just haphazard mobs.



Good for you. pl


SR Wood

I have no objection to that. Charlottesville is a blue island in a sea of red. elections work several ways. pl



Oh good. I guess we can all go home now that internet users "Faulkner" has weighed in.

Fellow Traveler

Well, someone else just fell off the alt-right Christmas list and joins the Kushner-Soros-Clinton-McMaster cabal:

I’ve never sat down with Steve Bannon and said, ‘Hey are you a white nationalist or a white supremacist?’ But I think the toleration of it by Steve Bannon is inexcusable,” Scaramucci said."

He also appeared to suggest Bannon was chief among the leakers in the White House.

"It's his decision, but at the end of the day, the President has a very good idea of who the leakers are inside the White House," said Scaramucci.

I'd bet John, Jake and Fariid are pretty high up on the Chief of Staff's speed dial.


fellow traveler

So, you think that Kelly is a leaker? Amusing. pl


The neo-Nazis going to Charlottesville don't represent all of the right, but neither do the antifa represent all of the left. (I don't know anyone in my social groups who support them.) I don't think we should suppress free speech by forbidding protests, or counter-protests, but violence should not be tolerated. I do think that the attempt to silence your opposition by running them over is a bit much.


Larry Kart

FWIW, I’d leave all statues of Confederate generals and the like in place — we can’t refight the Civil War or the WBS; the region and the nation’s history is what it is and can and should be given due weight, learned from, and pondered, not be shunted aside. Besides, how much pain does it cause an African-American citizen of today, or anyone else for that matter, to see an image of Robert E. Lee in a public square? His existence, deeds, and historical aura are news to anyone? And why give the White Supremacist ass----- an excuse, even though they don’t need one and no doubt will hunt for and find others? But why give them one that "overlaps," so to speak, as this one does — let them stand revealed for what they are; don’t let them hide behind a defense of Robert E. Lee.

I also note the WS crowd's chant of the night before, “Jews will not replace us.” Who knew THAT was an issue? And where did that come from? Sounds to me like an externally crafted and then passed-on meme, not something that would just bubble up in the minds of that crowd, at least not in that odd ("replace"?) form. But maybe so. (Others here may have information on this.)

Likewise, perhaps, I noted at least two would-be meme-shaping posts on Facebook yesterday:

1) Identified by name (but the name was completely wrong) the driver of the car, and said he was an anti-Fascist activist (thus the act was a false-flag operation?)

2) A post that used the now-apprehended driver's correct name but said that he was "a registered Dem."



The Left is a hydra. You can find Soros money all of the left.

robt willmann

It looks as if the comments are displayed in reverse chronological order.


Yes it does sound conspiracy theorish and ridiculous. Is it to hard for you to believe that there is a big population of people who will come out to stop neo-nazis and white supremecists from marching in their town? I just came back from a vigil in my town (Brooklyn) where hundreds of people gathered in solidarity to shut down white supremacist hatred. I can assure you it was not organized by some "singe group." I wonder if you have ever taken to the streets to exercise the rights given in this country. I have many times for years and will continue and never have we been funded and orchestrated by such well heeled groups as you imply.


Interesting you characterize lone fairly crazed individuals as representatives of BLM or Bernie Sanders. Those were horrible acts but not reflective of the organizations as you imply.

Meanwhile, many of us living in our mixed, progressive culture abhor what has been happening in white rural America as a result of policies from all the elite driven poliitcal parties. You can have your culture there while we have ours which has nothing do with eating at gastropubs, etc as you claim. It is about lving in a diverse culture where we thrive in ways I imagine you can never understand.


It's sad that today's U.S. MSM will do anything and everything to run down the U.S.. Don't they (King, Tapper, and crew) realize they're ruining the home of their own children and grandchildren in the process?

What ever happened to positive reinforcement?

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang,

I don't watch television. My wife and I stopped nearly ten years ago. We do follow the news on the web, but we tend to read Canadian and European sources.

The reason we stopped watching television was at least partly because what people now tend to view as left wing opinion is in fact nothing but the Clintons and their successor's usurpation of what was once none as the "left" by nothing more than a diversion into gender politics in order to take the public's attention away from their systematic looting of the country.

Clinton and Obama have made an appalling travesty of the real left.

A plague on both of them.




The plot is revealed! By none other than by the brave Molly McKew:


^See? EVERTYTHING bad that happens is done by the Russians! Oh, Putin the Almighty – how does he manages to do all this stuff and find some time for fishing trips? ;)

who do not wish to see a new, socialist, globalist paradigm for the US

Oh no, the US is perfectly safe from that! The paymasters of the Free and Independent Western Media (tm) will do everything in their power to prevent the ascend of the real Left-wing (i.e. pro-masses, anti-rich) politics.

ex-PFC Chuck

Blog admin question: Unlike before the "vacation," the comments are appearing in reverse chronological order - that is, most recent just beneath the "Comments" heading. Is this something new? Or perhaps has a setting been inadvertently flipped? It took me a few minutes to catch on to the fact that responses were appearing before the referenced comment.

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